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  1. @reguile is now an Administrator.
  2. Vos has stepped down as Administrator. As before, I would like to thank them for everything they did for this community, and hope to work with them again someday.
  3. Still waiting on an upgrade, I'm hoping many of these bugs are worked out by then.
  4. To make some things a bit clearer for individuals, we renamed the following boards: Forum Questions & Comments -> Community Feedback Invision Community Q & A -> Invision Support Questions and Answers -> Tulpa Questions Redirects have also been updated for the URLs.
  5. Me: "Chess, surprise me." Chess: "No." Me: "Okay..." EDIT: I have to say, she has done the surprise before back in the day, and this tip has always been super helpful.
  6. This is your third account, the first two were perma-banned and you're on thin ice. If you would like to discuss this, feel free to make a topic in Talk To Staff and I can tell you exactly why you were banned and we can discuss steps forward.
  7. There was some discussion about this on discord-- I like the idea. On the forums, we can also utilize mentions.
  8. We now have stickers and FACEMASKS If you want to make the "T" a little less obvious, click on the pencil icon (third "photo") under the product and then "Customize": Feel free to resize/etc
  9. I'm working to add the other formatting options to mobile too, but @Ranger's way should work.
  10. I’ll play around with that, see what I can get working. I also noticed that on mobile I only have a few formatting options, if you guys want I can also change that so mobile has several formatting options like the desktop version but it would introduce multiple rows of formatting buttons.
  11. I'll leave it at 90 days tentatively for now.
  12. I may be able to set the cap to around 1920px, I'm not sure how to do it in the light theme but there's an option in the dark theme. I can play around with the values tomorrow.
  13. I set it to 90%, what do you all think?
  14. @Ranger @Luminesce How about now? Fluid width is turned off, and it's hard capped at 1340px max width (this is what the light theme has, so they should act exactly the same).
  15. I’m hoping it doesn’t get abused since you can only do it a couple times a month, we can always change that to every three months or something. I like to think of a user name is relatively static, but we definitely get requests quite a bit to have it changed. I think only mods can see name change history right now (as some want username changes for privacy history— if we really need everyone to see name changes i may be able to find a workaround)
  16. I think the light theme is hard locked, not dynamic. I’ll see what I can do between them to get them to match up, favoring the outcome of the light theme (e.g. “dark theme spoke should be configured like the light theme “)
  17. Normally you would have to post a topic in Talk To Staff if you needed a username change. Well, we've introduced the ability to change your own display name as of 5 minutes ago. You can change your name up to two times every 30 days. If you changed it two times and need it done a third for some reason (and can't wait 30 days), then just create a topic in Talk To Staff and we'll look into it. To change your username, just go into your Account Settings and click Display Name (or Change next to Display Name):
  18. Big thanks to @Luminesce on this one! You've probably been using their View Today's Posts activity Stream: Well, we now have a mirrored version of that as the default for everyone! You can find it here: You can find it in the header in the top-right corner: To access it directly, simply hover over Activity -> My Activity Streams -> View Today's Posts.
  19. late on this but updated to 75%.
  20. A discussion came up the other day regarding the forum-RSS feed, in which questions posted in Beginner Questions General was not appearing in the RSS feed, whereas questions made in actual topics popped up. This was the discussion: I don't know. If they deliberately post in the Q & A board to get more coverage, they're breaking the rules. I still have to move those posts to BQG, and I don't want to encourage rule breaking. I think this is a problem because it rewards breaking the rules and doesn't reward following them. I could drop a link whenever I see a BQG update into forum-rss, but I would need the permission to do that and there's the chance I miss something. If they use Discord, they could quickly figure it out. I don't think anyone has abused it to the point it became a problem if they abused it at all. I felt that this practice has felt backwards for awhile and I needed to speak up. @Pleeb said: One of the original purposes for Beginner Questions General was so these beginner questions didn't result in a feed update (which is what ThunderClap meant in OP by saying "it can drown out other new threads on the Twitter and Facebook pages" -- every topic made used to be tweeted and posted to facebook). Maybe it's worth working out what Beginner Questions General's purpose should be these days; is it still relevant over just asking a question in the questions board by creating new topics? Is it still just to try and cut out the repetitive questions? What are other communities doing? @reguile said: New user questions are a plague on every tulpa community out there, but it's a plague I'd be happy to be dealing with. No community I'm aware of handles it well unless it's a wiki style "you come here to supply information, not ask for it" I think having all updates/posts showing in the RSS feed on it would be good @Pleeb said: I'm not sure how we can tailor the feed not to go off every time there's a reply to beginner's questions general, because at that point we're just moderating an RSS feed. Like, at that point I wonder if it's worth just retiring Beginner Questions General and just having new threads as topics. At one point it was stuck on the moderators to keep locking topics and linking them to older ones (e.g. "This question already exist"), which I know kinda stunk and I wouldn't want to see that happening again either. At the same time, I was never quite sure about these massive "general" threads, but it seems like every big community (not just tulpas) have that kind of thing just so you're not talking about the same thing in several topics. Again, the original purpose for Beginner Questions General was to actively prevent the feed from showing beginners questions, but is that needed at this point? What do you guys want the questions board to look like? Should we keep segmenting things off to Beginner Questions General? Should we just start letting topics come up even if they're a "beginner" question? Should we create a sub board specifically for Beginner Questions? (this would allow it to show up in the feed while also logically separating things) The other question I have is, you probably have all seen the Invision Community Q & A Board, that allows for showing which questions tend to be more popular, allow a "best answer" to be selected, and other sort of things. What do you think of this format? Do you think it could work with our Questions board? If not, do you think it could work for a theoretical "Beginner Questions" board since those answers tend to be straightforward? How would you like duplicate questions handled?
  21. A several month old bump: I Haven't forgotten about this, I'm really struggling to figure out a robust way for it to work while also taking pages into consideration. I wasn't able to get it to run well. We may have to just have it jump to the OP of the topic rather than specific posts.
  22. I'm waiting for our theme to be available for the latest version of Invision Community, once it is this may be resolved in the upgrade. I'll make an announcement once the upgrade is actually done (major release with a lot of bug fixes).