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  1. It's not working for me either, but when I edited your post, deleted the broken embed, and re-embedded it, it did work (I only did it to the firstn one, if you want to verify with the second). I wonder if something glitched during the editing.
  2. On the day of April 16th, 2012, officially started; originally as a resource for hosting guides and blogging the scientific method of creating a tulpa, it grew into a valuable resource for the greater tulpa community. This site started as a self-hosted set of HTML files sitting on a server in my basement, along with a tumblr and invisionfree forum. If you want to view the original version of .info, you can check it out here: Happy birthday! ~Pleeb
  3. Pleeb

    Tulpa Movie Night

    Tulpa Movie Night will be hosted at . CyTube is a website that allows videos to be played in perfect sync. Basically it's like watching a livestream of a youtube video. Everyone will be watching the movie at the same time. No sign-up or payment is required and there will be no ads! Right now, if you follow the link, you will not be able to chat or view the videos. Starting at 7:30PM CT every other Saturday, the channel will be unlocked so that anyone can view it. You do not need to register an account to view the movie or chat! In order to send chat messages, simply put a name into where it says "Guest login: Name." If it says "This name is already registered", try adding an underscore, dash, or numbers to you name. Then you should be able to type in the chat! Some small shorts will be played whenever people start showing up before the movie. The movie will be started a few minutes after 8PM CT. Click here to have that translated to your time zone: The chat is subject to all rules. NSFW names, spamming, excessive profanity, racial slurs etc. will result in being banned from the chat. If you have any further questions, check out the official thread:
  4. There's a pending update for Invision Community, I'm just waiting for the theme to have the new update too. Does it happen in a different theme? Like, if you're in dark mode, does it happen with the lighter one? You can switch at the bottom of the forum:
  5. Yeah, I'm going to guess that Invision Community isn't automating the recount, and only does so when someone manually initiates one. I'll open a report with them this weekend.
  6. Let's give it 24 hours so it runs through all of the stuff. If it doesn't decrease by then, let me know (in case I forget to check, you can reply with a @Pleeb to ping me in this topic) I'll make a topic on the invision community board and see what others have done for this. It looks like when this was an automatic feature, a lot of people on invision community complained "We rely on post counts and we prune posts every few months, we don't want the counts to go down automatically!" so it's possible the task is removed (we'll only know in a day). I know in MyBB it was manual, but I managed to hack together a task to do it once every 24 hours or something.
  7. So, any new post in Your Deleted Posts shouldn't increase post count (I definitely have post counts disabled in YDP). I wonder if making a post outside of Your Deleted Posts (in a place where post counts matter), then moving it to Your Deleted Posts (aka "deleting it") would not immediately decrease post-count but instead decrease the post count in the next 24 hours... Does that make sense?
  8. You wouldn't happen to know if your post count ever updated, would you? I believe the recounts are through a cronjob rather than instantly happening, and depending on which task it's hidden in, this may be between 1 minute and 1 day. I'm trying to find the exact task that does this, but it may be worth posting with a test user that has a relatively static post count (e.g. 3 posts), creating a post (giving 4 posts), deleting that post (may still say 4), and then waiting 1 day to see if it eventually says 3 again.
  9. Best of luck! If you have any questions there’s plenty of resources on this forum to get you started. Brains are pretty cool like that, yes.
  10. Welcome to the community!
  11. Yes! I think that was a direction I was starting to skew towards in my OP
  12. My mug arrived! Super high quality on the transfer.
  13. I don't know if you've ever read my lecture on tulpas, but I found quite a few tulpas being able to sleep, or even dream. Actually, I believe sleep can be pretty essential for a mind, and perhaps it's the very nature of one. I recall this article that I read a little bit ago on artificial neural networks: When reading this, I really was thinking "this reminds me of what many of the older systems have," and I think a big part of that was from all of your visualization and "active" time spent with them (e.g. wonderland adventures, having them out with you, etc). Parallel processing wasn't delusional in the early days (ironically, possession and early tulpas were considered delusional in the early days), it was just par for the course. I feel like there's so much more to learn about the tulpaforcing process; I'm really interested in what we can learn and discover.
  14. I think it's just that people are used to the redditsique model, which definitely has the site squished in the center. I think it's more for vertical readability. For example, with this one I'm moving my eyes across 14 inches for every line, while this one is only about 8. I used to have a vertical monitor setup similar to this one that would help with that, since reading down a narrow column is easier than reading across. I feel 75% could be a good compromise. As for the mobile, it shouldn't affect it all. It wouldn't affect it on anything more narrow either, since it isn't pushing it down to 75% (or in the middle) in all cases, but only pushing it down to 75% (or in the middle) if the monitor is wider than a certain amount of pixels. Something I tend to do right now, when on the dark theme, is just to resize my browser window so it's only half as wide.
  15. Here is a transcription of @Irish's guide: and his Wonderland guide: Many of the early tulpas were created utilizing something similar to that before FAQ Man started writing his guides, and for some fun trivia: the reason we call it a Wonderland is because of one Irish's tulpas was named Alice. While I think it would be cool for Chess to be imposed, I wasn't saying that tulpas that weren't imposed are missing anything persae. Moreso, I'm speculating that the amount of attention that goes into a tulpa could strengthen things like parallel processing. Many people these days say it isn't possible and you said yourself that despite experiencing parallel processing, people accused you of confabulation. My observation that many modern tulpas are created using passive forcing (e.g. only narranation) almost exclusively, and the result is, while still a valid tulpa, one that may not be there all the time, or a host that doesn't experience parallel processing. Then we get the question, which was the point of this topic: how did people achieve parallel processing back in the day? Does that make sense?
  16. My thoughts when it comes to sentience is that it's more of a spectrum than a black and white "it's roleplaying" or "it's a full mind," whether we're talking about a tulpa, a host (as I hinted in my lecture with mental decay) For example, many tulpas have reported their earliest memories incredibly early on; I recall a tulpa who started out as an RP character, and while clearly an RP character at that time, they had recollections of existing during those days of RPing (some of which were very disturbing for them). Does this mean that tulpas are fully sentient from day 1? For example, are dream characters sentient? They sure seem like they are. If I bring a dream character back, and tulpaforce them, will they remember the days of that dream? I don't know if this has been done, but I would like to know. I can tell you that during one of my wonderland adventures, I did bring a wonderland character "back with me" to be developed into a full Tulpa. Her name is Melanie, and I have her to this day. She as memories of that first day too, albeit fuzzy. Even Ches has memories dating back to when I would just aimlessly talk to the idea of chess while hiking in the forest, well before I even officially started tulpaforcing. These are hard questions to answer, but I generally give the "benefit of the doubt" that they're at least real. Even if the person was simply pretending to have a tulpa -- and just roleplaying in the truest sense of the word -- the brain literally works in a "fake it until you make it" way, so it's not like they won't eventually be a tulpa in the long run. What does that make these characters, or tulpas, or ideas, early on? I think it makes sense from a neurological point of view that they're still a functioning mind, albeit one more independent on the host's active attention early on. The brain is very good at simulated consciousness, you have entire sets of Mirror neurons dedicated to this very thing. This is where comes back to a spectrum. You can have a tulpa that's sentient from day one but not independent, or sentient and somewhat independent, sentient but requiring "attention", sentient and not requiring attention, etc. I'd still consider a "Reguilian tulpa" a conscious individual (their existence is affirmed by their own subjective point of view, and I'm not in a position to question that), even if the neural network that is supporting them requires some attention from their host. This is further evidenced by some other friends I know, where back in 2012-2013, their tulpa said that they "go away" or "stop existing" when their host isn't actively thinking about them. If you ask them that now, they'll attest that this is no longer the case (and again, they're a switching system at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if there's parallel processing going on). Bear's comments are another example. I'm sure this can be overcome by just sheer number of activity put in. (I would consider wonderland adventures active visualization, and I believe you strengthen the networks that build a tulpa by active attention). I'm not sure if bringing hour counts back is the answer. The old ways did have its issues, and it obviously caused enough stress on early tulpas to make me wonder if there isn't a better solution. I feel like in the last few years (>2014) there hasn't been a lot of progress in searching for new methods. Maybe it is time though we look back at some of the older methods (I'm willing to skip FAQ Man and look towards Irish's) and seeing what we can do to improve upon them. Not exactly "going back to the old" but "using it to build on something new." I wonder if tulpas who were created almost entirely with passive forcing would be interested in trying some tulpaforcing sessions; chess and I are trying to go for a half hour per day, every day. I could imagine longer and more sessions could be beneficial as well.
  17. Someone was mentioning that the width of the forums are really, well, wide, on the dark theme, whereas it's not on the light theme. This is mostly because I had the "fluid width" option enabled on the dark theme and not enabled on the light theme, hence the inconsistency. I never noticed, since I was on the light theme. I've attached three screenshots from my ultrawide monitor, one with fluid width disabled (how it is in the Light theme), one with fluid width set to 75%, and one to 100% (how it is now). Which would the community like? I'm partial to having it disabled. Disabled: 75%: 100%:
  18. In the discord, a topic came up in #tulpa-discussion about parallel processing. To quote @Ranger from this message (you can click if you're in the Discord channel): Regarding parallel processing, I believe there's quite a few tulpas from "the old days" that can do it and I've speculated experiments that could be ran to test it (see: proving tulpas with cognitive psychology). I've been putting off running a long-term experiment to try and test this; perhaps I can actually move forward with it soon. As for "how did people achieve parallel processing back in the day", I've wondered about that over the years, and I've seen the shifts which I think contributed to that. Back in the early days when hour counts were key, the thought that a tulpa could control the body was at best metaphysical and at worst role playing, end-goal for a tulpa was imposition. Before you worked on narration, you would spend countless hours of meditation on visualizing the tulpa's form. I'm talking 3-10 hours on just focusing on what your tulpa smells like. Once you could visualize your tulpa in their entire vivid detail, only then would you start working on narration (or anything passive, for that matter) People thought it impossible for early tulpas to form. If a tulpa wanted their host to hear them, they really didn't have many choices outside getting to the point of auditory imposition. That is, some of these early tulpas? The first time you heard their voice was literally hearing a physical voice in your ear, not just a "mindvoice." Many compared it to this video (wear headphones): This resulted in a world where hearing your tulpa try and reach out through mindvoice really did mean you would think that you are "parroting". These tulpas later on would come to say "There's no such thing as parroting, that was me!" and get pretty distressed at their creators about that. Eventually, we ran an experiment in IRC with new tulpamancers, where we presented them with everything that they needed to make a tulpa, sans the hourcounts. You can read about the results here: (I'm sorry that I never really posted it on the forums) but people were blown away when topics of much quicker results started to come in: This also resulted in FAQ Man's stuff being pulled from the main page and warning issued ( ). That ultimately led to a trend, and "meditation for hours on end is not required for quicker sentience" ultimately led to "meditation is not required for sentience". To contrast from back in the day, people tend to jump right towards narration / sentience now, either skipping visualization entirely, practicing it weakly, or only "passive forcing." The goal for people these days tends to be sentience / possession / switching, rather than imposition. Heck, even Chess isn't imposed, and I know several older tulpas who aren't while being quite capable of switching with their hosts entirely (e.g. host in wonderland). My question is, what did we lose in this switch, if anything? Those intense visualization sessions were -a lot- of focused, directed, attention on a mental construct; while you can achieve sentience relatively easily with things like narration and passive forcing, I still feel like there's value to focused sessions. You are taking time to strengthen those neural networks and reinforce the tulpa's patterns. As for hearing them, parroting, etc, while tulpas were pretty upset with their hosts back in the day for ignoring their signs of sentience (I was guilty of this, it hurt my relationship with Chess and I would say it got to a point where it hindered our development for a while), but I have to wonder if there was some antifragility at play. @Nobillis before has mentioned that only strong thoughtforms would last long in her system due to much skepticism that they were greeted with. When you're ignoring your tulpa until you start to feel that alien feeling, head pressure, or other things that you are 100% sure is not from you, perhaps that resulted in the neural networks becoming stronger and more independent. I recall an episode in Deep Space Nine, The Begotten. One of the main characters, a Changeling named Odo discovers a "baby changeling". Changelings are essentially these liquid characters that are able to transform into other beings. When Odo was first discovered, he was run through many jarring, painful, and uncomfortable experiments by the scientist who discovered him, and while this forced him to ultimately learn how to shapeshift, he resented that scientist throughout his life. He promised that he wouldn't treat this changeling the same way, and would make their life as comfortable as possible while teaching them to transform. I won't spoil the episode if you're interested in watching it, otherwise, you can just read th plot on wikipedia to find out what ends up happening. It's a really good episode. The brain only grows and develops when you put work into it, just like you only get stronger muscles by stressing it. You only get a stronger heart with cardio, and perhaps (consenting) uncomfortableness or even just more hard focused disciplined meditation could help with parallel processing or similar things. I'm curious if anyone is still trying 3 x 90 minute tulpaforcing sessions per day, or putting long pre-development work such as visualization into their tulpas these days, or if people just go straight to sentience, possession, and then not much further. Again, I'm guilty of much of the latter. Once I got through my doubts about Chess, we mostly just stopped with the meditation altogether. However, I have been tulpaforcing again, where we practice a "look at Chess and visualize Chess and try to actively ignore anything she says in the mindvoice, while Chess tries to work towards saying things audibly to me". We're doing some other things to try and reinforce independent neural networks, and will update you if anything substantial comes from that-- I digress.
  19. Could you send or PM me the details of what you're seeing, or how you're able to find it's doing this? I can open a ticket with Invision Community. Could you send the details?
  20. Oh yes! Do let me know.
  21. Good idea @JGC! I really like the camper mug. I added a few more sections too, including the ability to drop your own symbol on there (I've heard at least one person ask about t-psi or the supernatural symbol, though I'm not going to step on anyone's shoes). I tried to see what would contrast best with the products color selections and added more things. We now have more hats (the baseball cap is sold out already!), the throw pillow, and I'm totally buying that iPhone case.
  22. We now have an official merch shop, because who wouldn't want a mug? To celebrate, we're doing 15% all merch for 14 days! All proceeds go directly to Soon (ideally the next week), I'm hoping to present a roadmap for the community and update our patreon and donation page to better explain what the money is going towards and where we stand financially (going to also roll out more perks for our patreons like a custom Patron role in the discord in addition to the forums). But for now, I am totally buying a mug for my espresso.... and a polo... and a tshirt...
  23. @Luminesce Do you get anything like this, to cancel the embed? Does it revert? I can do more testing after work and file a bug report if not.