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  1. @Luminesce Do you get anything like this, to cancel the embed? Does it revert? I can do more testing after work and file a bug report if not.
  2. Looks like emerald stuff is crazy OP, and some people are concerned about the server being on hard mode. Tomorrow I want to cut the Minecraft server over to a new UPS. Since i'll be shutting it down , we'll be deciding if we're removing emerald armor and scaling it down to normal or not. If you play on this server, please let me know what you'd like: EDIT: The numbers are in, the server will remain on hard mode but with crafting custom overpowered emerald items being disabled.
  3. There was about 7 or 8 people on this morning, it was pretty fun. I thought I would take some pictures now that I've done some more work on the spawn. The sun is rising on the spawn, a brand new day awaits! And in town, the spawn is bustling! Villagers smoking meat, plowing fields, casting armor, and building tools. I'm trying to ensure everyone has a profession so you can trade to your heart's content! I'm happy to say that the palisade is finished, and the spawn will continue to be worked on. Outside the spawn, I'm starting to see some really cool bases. Just looking across the valley, I see a glow stone home peeking out from the cliffs. Someone else reclaimed a pillager outpost for as home in the local desert! A bit further out, there's even some developing new towns. And a pretty cool house in the local mushroom island. There's so many more cool bases starting to peek up! I'm forward to seeing what else people have built and seen! Feel free to upload screenshots! As I mentioned before, you can access the maps by going to You can switch between views using using the sidebar:
  4. Added dragonhunter plugin to minecraft server ( ), so slaying dragons should get cool stuff happening. Also added a sleep plugin that makes everyone's lives a little easier.
  5. Would you mind reaching out to me on Discord if you're in the discord server? I want to try some troubleshooting. ---- All seems to be working so far. There was a networking issue, and I think I got it fixed but if you lose connection, just try again in 5 minutes and see if it works, then. We have /home, /sethome, and /spawn now, as well as dragon support and stuff.
  6. I'm proud to announce that the Java Edition Minecraft Server -- -- is officially online! I'm still tweaking things, but I'll try not to be super disruptive. Rules are subject to our standard community rules, along with no cheating. Please be sure to claim your stuff, to prevent it from getting damaged. Features ~Advanced Achievements~ Extends the standard Minecraft Achievement system. Earn rewards for playing. ~Change your name with /nick~ /nick <newname> - lets you change your name to something else! Useful for when someone else in your system is playing. /nick off - changes name back to default You can also use color codes in the name and in the chat. Check the formatting here: ~Claims~ The first time you put down a chest, you'll automatically get a land claim. You earn claim blocks by simply playing, and they can be extended with a golden shovel. Check out this video for more information. You also have access to the following commands, for managing your claims: /AbandonClaim - Deletes the claim you're standing in. /ClaimExplosions - Toggles if explosions are allowed in the claim. /Trust <player / public> - Gives another player permission to edit in your claim. /UnTrust <player / public > - Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim. /AccessTrust <player / public> - Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds. /ContainerTrust <player / public> - Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals. /TrustList - Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in. /SubdivideClaims - Switches your shovel to subdivision mode, so you can subdivide your claims. /Trapped - Gets a player out of a land claim he's trapped inside. ~Enhanced Water-related Features~ Diving helmets, which expand underwater breathing time and give the player a small boost to underwater action speeds! Flippers, which increase underwater movement speed and give the player a small boost to underwater action speeds! Fishing from standing atop of your boat (just leave the boat and you'll be on top, not next to) Spear Fishing allows you to use a trident with riptide to easily gather fish! Simply throw your riptide trident, kill a fish, and the drops from the fish will be automatically returned to you with the trident! Cool new swimming and breathing particles Expanded ink sack usage, simply hold the ink sack and right-click the water for a temporary cloud of ink, just like squid. Heart of the Sea Speed Boost is a toggleable feature that adds an underwater swim speed boost to players who have a Heart of the Sea in their inventory. Fishbowls (see below) ~Fishbowls!~ ~Dynamic Maps~ As long as the server is running, you can view the map of the world here: ~Mail System~ Navigate to the post office at the spawn to check and send mail! ~Teleportation System~ There's extra commands now for jumping around: /sethome saves your current location. /home warps you to that saved location /spawn transports you back to the spawn /rtp - randomly teleports you 100 to 1000 blocks away from spawn in any direction /tpahere <player> requests that <player> teleport to you. /tpacancel cancels that teleport request /tpaccept accepts a teleportation request (you will teleport to the player who initiated the /tpahere request) /tpdeny denies the teleportation request (you will not teleport to the player who initiated the /tpahere request) ~Lumberjack style Tree-Chopping~ Once you unlock an iron axe, it only takes one swing to bring down the tree! ~Enhanced Dragons~ Win a "Dragon Slayer" prefix for slaying the dragon! Also have a statue built in your honor! ~Enchanted Furnaces~ Now you can enchant furnaces! Simply enchant them the same way you would enchant everything else. Here's some enchantments: Efficiency - Increases smelting speed. Stock is 10 seconds per smelt. Time = 20 / (level + 2) seconds Unbreaking - Increases burn time based on fuel. Time = default time * (level / 5 + 1) Fortune - Adds additional loot chances. Average = (level + 1) / 2 + 1 / (level + 2) Silk Touch - Furnace preserves remaining burn time when it has nothing to smelt. Check out this video for more information. ~Better Sleeping~ If the majority of the server wants to skip the night, they can. ~Coming Soon~ Other fun but not too intrusive stuff Other stuff Hope to see you guys around!
  7. Rebuilding the search index for This may take a little bit, and searching may not work as expected until it's finished.
  8. Plugins disabled for the time being. Please stay tuned.
  9. 68.....thousand...replies.... That's awesome.
  10. I posted this in the discord, but also posting it here. To perform some troubleshooting with Invision Community on a bug, we need to disable all of the plugins and themes for a short amount of time (ideally, less than 2 days). Here are the plugins that we are using: Welcome PMs Contact Us Linked Accounts Post Numbers Antispam We'll also end up with the default Invision Community theme, but I'll set everyone back to the dark theme when I restore the plugins. I'll try to do this at a time that isn't too disruptive, and in the next couple of days. Thank you for your understanding. Pleeb.
  11. Not working for me either. Seems to work incogneto... I'm opening a support request this weekend.
  12. Yeaaah, but I'm afraid it already got buried lol (page 6595, reply #65949 in case links act weird)
  13. If I had a whistle emoji, I'd post it here.
  14. So as always, I forgot a post. And thus posted the missing replies in that post directly. You may have been tagged if you posted in that thread. I can also do so for the missing forum games posts, if you guys think it's needed. I'll have that backup active for a few days, so please let me know if you need anything else restored that I may have missed.
  15. How much do I win if I post 10 missing pages of LOTPW?
  16. Banned for not mirroring lost posts:
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  18. Hi, Here are the missing posts in this topic, as there are several. If you need something edited, please let us know in Talk To Staff, or simply even report my post and note what you would like edited. ------------------------------ Reply #4 by @TheOther: I thought this might be the case with most people. I do hope my tulpa and I can share one dream from two perspectives, but I’ll settle for just sharing the perspective with her. I read in one guide about forcing in dreams that if the host’s unsure if the tulpa is really their tulpa or just another dream character mimicking them, they should assume it’s their tulpa - at least until their tulpa is developed enough that they can ask them when they’re both awake and have them answer. But then sometimes, the tulpa won’t remember if it was really them or not, since they’re as likely to forget some of their dreams as the hosts are. That sounds like when my alarm wakes me after not enough sleep and I’m too groggy in the head to really know what’s going on, like not knowing what day it is or whether I’m supposed to go to work. ------------------------------ Reply #5 by @Luminesce: I went and found a really old post that might be exactly what you're looking for (though at present time the other thread links in it are broken because the forum migrated to a new software recently), for our system at least: There's a bit more to say about tulpas in dreams specifically, though unfortunately I can't answer some of your questions because I haven't successfully lucid dreamed in any depth yet. Though a lot of those answers vary wildly from person to person, too. This is rare, but it has happened in some systems for sure. The likelihood of a tulpa acting like themselves instead of just "being your tulpa" when they're really not at all (which can happen with them not even looking like themselves etc. lol) is usually dependent on how vivid your dream is, because that should be tied to how clear your thinking is in the dream. Wispier dreams are unlikely to have a clear-thinking or even accurate representation of your tulpa to begin with, but if the dream is closer to feeling real, vivid and clear, the chances are higher. Still depends on the person and the dream though, in my dreams no person is safe from randomly turning into someone else even if the dream is vivid - unsure if this is the case in a lucid dream, but there should be more consistency/control while lucid, if you've any skill with lucid dreaming. A lot of things can feel like your tulpa or such-and-such person in a dream, but for all intents and purposes I'd consider your tulpa(s) to be dreaming too. Realistically, most of the time they're being reenacted like a dream character, but since tulpas literally exist in our minds it's only fair to give their existence in a dream some credit too, if they seemed themselves. In those cases I think it's best to think of them as also having been "dreaming", mostly because the huge majority of tulpa appearances in dreams will have them just as convinced by dream context as your non-lucid self, and they may act like not themselves just as your dreaming self could. In a lucid dream though, I do believe it should be possible to "wake up" your tulpa if need be. Haven't done it myself, but I still know an awful lot about lucid dreaming so. If you get the chance, tell your tulpa they're dreaming and that they should become lucid to more clearly be/act themselves, and.. results may vary just by the nature of dreams, but I think this is one's best bet at lucid dreaming with your tulpa(s). And as always I'll throw in a link to our general-purpose post on how to lucid dream, in case you or anyone else reading the thread wanted a place to start. ------------------------------ Reply #6 by @Mirichu: We used to think so too, but after actually dreaming, dreams where a character mimicked us felt so drastically different we can't make ourselves believe it was us. But telling a tulpa 'you were dreaming last night' (even if it was just a character) can build up the expectation your tulpa can dream with you too and increase the chances of them showing up more frequently, me thinks. ------------------------------ Reply #7 by @Luminesce: It's dangerous to always say what felt like your tulpa, or looked like your tulpa, in a dream, necessarily was them. Usually they'll act like themselves, but dreams are wild and if you apply the same logic to yourself, the host, you'll understand the problem. Think of all the dreams where "you" have done ridiculous stuff you wouldn't necessarily want to be associated with in waking life, let alone things you simply did because dreams are dreams and you're rarely clearly thinking in them. That's why I highly recommend thinking of your tulpas as also having been dreaming, in all cases where they weren't clearly aware they were in a dream at least. It just saves a lot of hassle and unintentional beliefs that came from your subconscious mind's nonsensical generation of fluff. ------------------------------ Reply #8 by @TheImign: one time when I was very young I did that and was able to save my host from a nightmare, but it's never happened since having 2 separate dreams at the same time would be impossible because the brain can only run a single stream of thought at once. sometimes we have dreams where the other is there, but in those cases one of us is always the clear "protagonist" (usually the one who was switched in as we went to sleep). sometimes only one of us is there though, and sometimes neither of us is there and the protagonist is some dream character, and sometimes there isn't a protagonist, but those last two types of dreams happened before tulpamancy and probably aren't related when we dream, the protagonist is the only one who gets a separate perspective, at least in non lucid dreams. host's from is the same as our perception of the body, but that isn't quite the same as how the body actually looks ------------------------------ Reply #9 from @Mel Syreth: My walk-in(?), Erika is a recurring nightmare so maybe I can help with some of those. Never hand one of those as far as I'm aware, Erika thrived on the fact that I was unaware of a dream being a dream, which is what she exploited. If Martina has dreams they are completely separate except for the one occasion when we confronted Erika (and Sariel). We also feel like there were occasions where we shared dreams before but we just don't remember them, so I'd say definitely possible. Never quite asked Erika about this. Good question though, I just might if she ever comes back again.
  19. There was an issue that resulted in Beginner Questions General being permanently deleted, and the last backup was about 9 hours ago. While we think we've solved that issue to prevent it from happening again, the restore removed the posts from the last 9 hours. Before we did the restore, I downloaded all of the posts in the last 9 hours, and I'll be sending you PMs with those posts. You may have to repost them, but you'll have the content. The exception is the Forum Games posts which is a lot... But, I will make those missing posts public for everyone so they can just see what was there. Later this week I'll look at backing up the database hourly so we have a better time window next time something like this happens.
  20. The dark theme should be fully working again, and I pushed it back out as the default theme.
  21. As fate would have it, we've upgraded to the newest version and the dark theme is giving us some issues. Namely the header. For the moment, I've switched everything to the light theme as I work with the theme designer to remedy this. We're also looking into the quirks in linked accounts considering certain plugins that could bring in features that were nixed in earlier versions of Invision Community. I'm speaking with said plugin owners before doing such, though. Stay tuned!
  22. I'm seeing the same thing as Ranger. If it's still happening after the forum update (pending) I'll open a ticket. Hang tight.