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  1. I'll see if I can find a way to grab them and rebuild the redirect tables, I suspect it would cause the amount of them to jump from tens of thousands to several hundreds of thousands though, so I'm not sure HOW WELL or how long it'll take to generate. I'll work on the script this week.
  2. I can see about completely disabling status updates then. Apparently I can make them more viable, but it would be on the main page (see below) EDIT: So we can completely disable status updates, which I can do.
  3. Status updates are disabled by default, or at least I thought they were. I don't see anyone particularly interested in using them but we may be able to get more out of the social media aspect Sunday. I can see about maybe getting them out of everyone's views, as I said they're basically disabled for everyone unless you opt in. The calendar may be empty right now but I actually hope we can start getting something out of it soon, as one of the next phases, once the forum software is buffered out, it's the start having more community events and such. I will have to look into the details of the events, as I think the only reason anyone can create them is perhaps a permissions thing? I will need to take a closer look, but I am hoping to get more utilization out of the calendar.
  4. Slingring (and Bronypony) has been banned pending further notice, as they were actually anon122424 ban evading.
  5. I am opening a ticket with Invision community as we speak, thank you for bringing this to my attention.
  6. Can you Pm me the full url and settings of the streams that you're seeing this?
  7. My thoughts in this post are my own, and not reflective of Time of creation and accusations of roleplaying Back in the day, tulpas took hundreds of hours to create, and before you even started narration, you spent significant amounts of time on form. The end result was imposition, and possession was known as metaphysical roleplaying. Actually, a lot of people were accused of roleplaying. Back in 2011-2012 parallel processing was more or less the expectation, and you would ignore the mindvoice and only listen when they were capable of auditory hallucinations or at the very least a mindvoice with that "alien feeling." Of course, anyone who put less than hundreds of hours into tulpaforcing were accused of roleplayers, so we decided to have an experiment: we did this: The result of that meddling without any frontloading? This kind of thing: I think at that point it started being apparent that the personality aspect of a tulpa is directly related to narration ), not visualizing its form. With all the heartache those quicker tulpas dealt with for being accused of roleplaying were justified in their cries, as it was indeed possible for a tulpa to be created much quicker, since people were just bypassing the steps that take longer. I guess my opinion that "a tulpa can be created much more quickly" is popular, but this time period set a precedent of "no doubting: ever" which can persist to this day. I'm not sure that is healthy, but now you have a history lesson. Effort Now tulpas were being created even more quickly, and once people got to vocality they didn't seem interested in imposition or even working on form anymore-- they usually go straight to things like possession, switching, or just socializing. Should that be all we're aiming to get to? I feel like spending significantly more time on things like visualization can help develop the mind's eye in general--- meditation is good for the brain. Before I started tulpaforcing, I couldn't visualize for crap, but after several 3-hour sessions of sitting with my eyes closed and visualizing Chess, I was able to get to the point where my mind's eye was as vivid as a lucid dream. I also keep hearing how there's people in the community who had a tulpa 4-5 years ago and no longer have them. Does anyone know if those tulpas were imposed? I could be dead wrong but but I'm wondering if taking more time, effort, and attention would be a factor. This also goes into things like parallel processing: what is the correlation between tulpas who are able to "parallel process" and tulpas who are fully imposed? Don't get me wrong, I think it's good to see more tulpas out there, but how many are capable of talking in the ear 3d of the host audio style? Does it matter? Maybe not, but for me personally I would like to see it more. Nature of a Tulpas I don't know how popular of an opinion this is anymore, but I believe that a tulpa is a separate and parallel mind to their host. I don't think they're a part or aspect of the host, but a different person, and the only difference between a tulpa and a host is that the host was there first. I outlay most of my rationale for that from observation touched on in my Neuroscience lecture many years ago. Likewise I also believe that parallel processing is a thing. Yes, there's a clear limitation on working memory (e.g. ones individual consciousness), but that limitation definitely does not seem to be a limitation of the brain (which seems to process basically everything, even at a high level, before disregarding it and sending it to the conscious awareness). I can't prove this, so I'm not super vocal about it, but I'm pretty sure that argument can be supported with cognitive psychology if we play our cards right.
  8. I'll open a ticket with envision community about the Reddit embeds. I added custom CSS to limit the YouTube view, tell me what you think and suggest a better size if it doesn't work out. Right now I'm using: .ipsEmbeddedVideo iframe { max-height: 400px; max-width: 700px; } .ipsEmbeddedVideo.ipsEmbeddedVideo_limited > div, .ipsEmbeddedVideo:not( .ipsEmbeddedVideo_limited ){ padding-bottom: 400px; max-width: 60% !important; margin: auto; }
  9. I can either see about bulk editing the brackets out of the existing tags or add brackets to the new tags. It depends on what people would rather have.
  10. Until I figure out how to make this optional, I disabled visibility for birthdays on all profiles (only staff and yourself can view your birthday)
  11. With MyBB, the posts per page was tied to the user profile. Unfortunately, due to the URL structure of Invision Community's software, they don't seem to support individual posts per page. The rationale comes from Invision Community's community forums: (Source) I'm going to see if there any any plugins to perhaps turn posts per page into a per forum value, so maybe boards like Forum Games will allow it, but if I cannot, I figured the best option is to ask the community how many posts per page they would like to have. Currently it's set to 10 which was the mybb default (I actually favor 10 anyway, it's a nice base number so page 4 will have posts 40+)
  12. Tags are now limited to the prefixes that we had before, and you can now select the thread prefixes in addition to tags.
  13. Avatars should be fixed now. I had a rule to convert the URL into lowercase (which was required to get links like "" in MyBB to redirect correctly), but since the URLs to the avatars are hashed and case sensitive.... you can figure how that was going to go. So I changed: RewriteMap lowercase int:tolower RewriteCond $1 [A-Z] RewriteRule ^/?(.*)$ /${lowercase:$1} [R=301] To: RewriteMap lowercase int:tolower RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} "^[fF]orum|[uU]ser|[tT]hread" RewriteCond $1 [A-Z] RewriteRule ^/?(.*)$ /${lowercase:$1} [R=301] In order to see your avatars again you'll have to clear your cache, as it's a 301 redirect. In Chrome this is usually as simple as holding the shift key and clicking on refresh.
  14. Don't try to change your avatar, just hang tight we'll see what we can do also can people please create a new thread for each individual issue? It's easier for us to track it thank you
  15. Fixed! Some redirects are 301'd so you may have to clear your cache, but it is working now:
  16. @Within thought of you for some reason
  17. Story time! As I mentioned, I was going to have our MyBB forum hosted at so people can reference it (mostly if something happened to not make it over). Except I noticed that MyBB was now out of date. Well, this was an update that we would have had to do anyway if we didn't do the forum migration, so I went ahead and ran the MyBB update script... It broke our MyBB install. It broke the entire MyBB install. I then tried doing a full upgrade instead of a "changed files" upgrade (which is what MyBB was recommending) just to find that it was still broken. After doing a little research, I found that a lot of people had weird issues with this update, even losing access to the Admin Control Panel. In the end, I had to delete our entire MyBB install and restore the database-- all plugins gone. Highscores? Gone... and it still glitches out sometimes (I cannot create new forums for example... not that it matters). The irony is that if we didn't migrate to Invision Community last week, we would be facing this issue on Argh. I did eventually manage to get working. It is not indexed and only viewable by those who have already registered, and registration is disabled. This is in case there's something that you need to grab it's there. Since the database is irreversibly broken, I'm only going to keep it up until the next MyBB update comes out -- whenever that may be. On another note, Invision Community actually came out with a new release yesterday, so I upgraded today and used the forum's auto-upgrader to run the update. It brought the forums offline for about 2 minutes or less with a message telling users that the site is unavailable while an update is in progress. During that time, one user submitted a long post they were working on, and ran into the error. Sure enough, it saved their post! Also I don't know if @Vos fixed the signatures in the new theme while I was gone or if Invision Community heard my pleas, but I'm content with this new software so far.
  18. Signature appear to be working now on all themes, can you see them too?
  19. Got transparent PNGs now; apparently and Off-Topic is visible again under Your Deleted Posts. The latter was just a slip up in the permissions. To get to number of threads, you need to first click on your name in the top right and select Profile: From there, clock on "See My Activity": And look for "Topics" in the side area: The same goes for other members, when you click "See their activity" Could you post an example? Does it happen if you paste without formatting? Could you post a screenshot? That isn't a feature I knew that MyBB did; let me see what I can find out. Let me look into this.
  20. It was a plugin, we're up to 2 now lol
  21. Working on the transparent avatar thing. I see it working in other Invision Community forums, so I'm sure it's a setting. Posts now have numbers.
  22. The autoplay button was a plugin, it isn't specifically meant for InvisionCommunity but rather the rtf editor that we're using. I might just remove it if it becomes glitchy.
  23. I agree. We probably want to forward the true IPs to the server anyway, just for security reasons if nothing else. EDIT: Should be fixed now!