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  1. I checked the code, and sadly there isn't a way to move it down.
  2. They have been defeated, Sire!
  3. I vote abolish (I can do it, if you want, I know how).
  4. Welcome to the forums; it seems you're on the right track, at least in my eyes.
  5. I just wrote this new blog post on personality today, due to popular demand for my images on there. Let me be the first to say that I have no idea if I'm doing it right, nor am I trying to make a guide about this; the last thing I'd want to do, is lead people in the wrong direction; it's why I'm not sure if I should release examples/tables/etc on how I did this, at least not until after I've had full results. Anyway, here's the post: ------------------------------------- Some people have been requesting the 'snippets' of my personality thing that I've sent FAQ Man and posted on the IRC, so I figure I'd post them up here (inb4 "your handwriting is terrible, why religious, etc, etc.). Basically, what I did, was go to This Website and start copying every trait I liked into a raw list. I ended up with about 75 or so traits. Afterwards, I organized each trait into one of the Big Five Personality Factors. Here's a picture of the completed list (yes, resolution sucks, the pic is to show you the structure, not the traits themselves): Next, I went to This Page and started writing down/organizing every emotion I thought would be good to include in the personality; I was left with this: And finally, I went over attributes; likes, dislikes, hobbies, topics of interest, and tabled them: Now, when I work on personality, I basically sit down in a chair and tell the tulpa about itself. I go through trait-by-trait, and rationalize the following: In case you can't see the last two entries, they say: "How would the tulpa handle each emotion, based on the trait?" and "«Go over each emotion and apply each trait to it." The narration is pretty much just free-form through most of it. I'm pretty much like, "Since you're blah and blah blah, you're often blah. This makes you thing that you're blah, and you handle some situations like blahblah." or "Since you're imaginative, you enjoy listening to classical music. You can close your eyes and picture what's going on during the songs and imagine, etc," at least until I get to emotions. For each emotion, I try to visualize/feel the entire essence of the emotion and the trait simultaneously, then I talk to the tulpa about how it handles each emotion based on the trait; if it's too hard to talk about, I just abstractly think about that particular emotion. I probably spend about 20-30 minutes per trait. I'm totaling about 60 traits, I've finished with about 9 traits so far. P.S. I can provide a more detailed explanation of the process I used/am using, with examples, downloadable tables, etc, if anyone wanted them, but I'm not sure if I should; mainly because I don't want to release a method that hasn't been fully tested yet, and I don't want to lead people the wrong way, know what I mean? ------------------------------------- That's all; any questions, comments etc? EDIT: I should also note, I have no form, no name, no gender, or anything yet for the tulpa; I plan on deciding on a form after the personality is complete, sentient tulpa or not.
  6. I'm actually doing something similar to what you're doing, and I'll probably post a 'guide' in the forums today with exactly what I'm doing. I'm certainly not an authority on this -- I won't try to be -- but I don't think you're parroting but rather defining the personality. I would check out FAQ's Personality Template if you haven't yet, that covers a good amount of things to deal with on a per-trait basis.
  7. I sent you a PM about it. I'm going to go ahead and close this topic, but if your tulpa is interested and able, shoot FAQ or I a PM about it.
  8. In regards to the new/unread posts, it (or a version of it) should be working now.
  9. I'll see if I can add something like that in; no promises, though.
  10. I can tell you right now that others wouldn't be able to see it in the picture; someone is going to have to test if you'll see in the developed pictures.
  11. I'm not hosting locally because my server can't afford it. Heck, it doesn't even have PHP/MySQL, nor do I intend to add it. I went with IF because they're reputable/reliable (in regards to server usage, etc) and allows free DNS handling (so I can have I could get a copy of the database if I wanted to convert/move to somewhere else in the future, though the community is small enough right now that using invisionfree isn't much of an issue for that. I'd probably upgrade to some sort of paid/dedicated host for a forum if the site got big enough to require one.
  12. I've noticed this as well, actually (I don't use View New Posts, though, so I can't comment on that). I'm writing it off as invisionfree being shitty software :lol: Seriously though, I'll look into it.
  13. Sorry FAQ for the weak protection. I am going to find a better software/algorithm to protect it from copy-pasting (i used an adobe professional software to secure it). Don't worry about it. FAQ and I decided we're going to host the guides on the website as text, this way he'll have control over the content/release of the text-based distributions.
  14. >that feel when you're using Evince as your PDF reader, and you can just copy and past the data like it wasn't protected Page 18, raw copy-paste: So, in the personality guide I outlined a method using a number of broad traits and then defining how each trait fits within your tulpa's personality as a whole. This wasn't enough direction for some people, so I'm making this little template.
  15. Pleeb


    I've had a site shutdown by their host in the past for reposing copyrighted articles, it's really not that hard to do, tbh.
  16. Pleeb


    The thing about images, is that they're not search-engine friendly. If I google "how to create a tulpa" I get occult websites and this. However, since we have an established site now, we can probably get away with converting the guides to text, hosted on the site, then slap a copyright to Dane, and posting that these guides can not be reposed outside, unless in image format. This allows people to be able to search for the guides, but still, from a legal standpoint, prevents them from copying them.
  17. So we've got Kat (possibly Alice?) and Vinyl interested; anyone else, or would that be a good starting point?
  18. Pleeb


    I can actually make an HTML document with the glossary and host that on the site. Will finally give me something to put in that "Coming Soon" navbar. (can use the image too, for spreading on the imageboards, though)
  19. With my idea, where I could tweak the permissions per-user, nobody outside FAQman, that user, and I would know that he has access to this board. We could even make the board hidden from guests and even normal members. That way, it could just be a place where tulpae -- and only tulpae -- can chat with each other.
  20. Most people I know with a complete tulpa are working on their second tulpa.
  21. I split the topic to its own topic, so we can continue to discuss this. I'll be able to set up the permissions so only hand-picked members can post and stuff; these members will be approved by FAQ and I. Who other tulpae can we bring on for this?