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  1. And, finished! There are probably going to be some bugs, and I know there are already some visual issues with the menu, but hang in there and we should get them ironed out. As always, feel free to report bugs here: EDIT: I know the theme is a bit messed up, we'll be working on it over the weekend.
  2. It's that time again! On June 21st around 10-11pm UTC, the fourms will be closing down for a little bit to do a scheduled software maintence. This can take anywhere from an hour to a couple hours, depending on how the upgrade goes. We will be shutting down again on the 27th around 10-11pm UTC for some hardware maintence. This could take up to 2 hours but could be much quicker.
  3. Vos has returned as an Administrator!
  4. Both Ranger and Cat_ShadowGriffin are Forum Moderators now.
  5. I removed the community meetings board for the time being, it hasn't been used since 2016 and even then, it hasn't really been used since 2015. I replaced it with a link to our wiki because we have a wiki.
  6. Regarding being secure: If you manually change the http to https, it should be secure. Clicking on the link to the home page in the top-left should also redirect it to https. We can't redirect http to https automatically because of the way we have SSL working, in cloudflare; unfortunately it just gets stuck in a refresh loop. https-everywhere is a good way to help, but I know that plugin can't be used on mobile chrome. We'll hoping to find solutions.
  7. So I decided to check out how we're doing in google analytics, and also make a pretty scatterplot on r-studio: Generally speaking, we're pretty much staying the same but in recent months there's been an upward trend.
  8. Applications for the initial team are going to close, but you can continue applying. However, after the 15th, we're going to be putting together the initial GAT team, whom will take care of new applicants as opposed to the staff.
  9. There have been some questions on the status of the Guide Approval Team, so I just wanted to post this topic to give you a quick update and encourage people to keep applying. We are currently accepting new applications to rebuild the GAT. Please go here to apply: Applications for the initial GAT team will close around the end of the day on February 15th, 2019 PST. People who frequent the forums and active members of will be prioritized, but that doesn't mean you won't be selected if you aren't. We'll be taking in everyone's comments into consideration, so please feel free to leave your comments. Once initial applications have closed, we're going to spend the next 1-2 weeks (depending on the amount of applicants) in deliberation, then we'll have an announcement with what happens next. Thanks again everyone, and just a reminder to go ahead and apply if you're interested! Regards, Pleeb.
  10. We could probably have a GAT category on the official discord, with all of the GAT related channels in there, including one that pings when a new guide is posted.
  11. Harleen has rejoined as chat moderator
  12. Coming from someone whose studied Esperanto, I like the concept. I have to mirror what others have said though; tulpanto just doesn't have a ring to me.... Doesn't have that connection in English... maybe it's because I'm just used to using "tulpaforcing / forcer", and even "tulpamancer" -- just rolls off the tongue better for me... But maybe I'm just used to the others. Tulpado kind of sounds like torpedo to me. I think this is a good time to look at new terms though, but I found in these kinds of situations, things that evolve naturally usually end up holding more substance than something we decide we should start using... Even English has unintendedly become that "widely-accepted universal language" that Esperanto was meant to be... As much as we forced the plural "tulpae" in the early days, I'm probably the only one using that derivative in this thread.
  13. For what it's worth, Microsoft is moving Edge's rendering engine to chrome's, so maybe that'll solve things. I'll try to test it this week when I'm on Windows and see if there's something weird going on.
  14. Vos has decided to step down as administrator on For the past four years, she’s been one of the most active staff members, first as a moderator, then a global moderator, and finally -- starting last Spring -- as an administrator. Coming from personal experience, taking on an administrator role is very taxing; it's a lot of work, eats up a lot of your time, and carries a significant amount of responsibility. Vos has stepped up when things needed to be done and would always fill a role that kept things going. I wish her the best of luck moving forward, and thank you for everything you've done for this community.
  15. I know someone who had those EEG cat ear headsets, that are supposed to wiggle the ears based on their emotions. Whenever their tulpa was around and active, the ears kind of went in random directions, and didn't respond to them specifically. When their tulpa was sleeping or otherwise not around, the ears worked normally.
  16. So, this was about 6+ years ago. When Chess took this, she couldn't talk much, and was just nodding or shaking her head. I thought it was interesting to note that late last year, we decided to randomly take the test again -- I had totally forgotten what the answers were for both chess and I. Well, we both scored INTJ and ESTJ. To my surprise, this was the exact same scores we had in 2012. Talk about temporal reliability!
  17. This thread is a good read- I feel like things have been moving in a better direction since that was made; hey, we have a welcome PM rolled out now! Since we actually have a better/more stable wiki now, it may be worth linking to it again in a more visible location. We do have prefixes that can be added to threads, such as [Visualization], [Forcing], etc- I would not be against adding more though. We used to have a way to filter topics by prefix, but I'm afraid that broke with later versions of MyBB. Were you looking to search hashtags that were made in threads, or ones made as topics, or both? If we just use google's search along with in-thread hashtags, there's some promising possibilities.
  18. Excuse the silly question but which theme/page is this appearing on? Garamond and Georgia are both nice fonts. Such weird spacing that I'm going to notice everywhere now.
  19. I set https as the default a couple years ago, and was surprised to find that it's not redirecting everything (if you click the logo, or Forums, it'll direct you to https, but clicking on other links don't). I'll look at getting that fixed through the weekend.
  20. So the dedicated server that we're on changed their plan. For the same price that we're paying, we got more bandwidth, speed, and storage space, but I had to shut down the server to migrate everything. Should be good to go now. We went from: Storage: 40GB Transfer: 3TiB/month Transfer Speed: 1Gib/s To: Storage: 80GB Transfer: 4TiB/month Transfer Speed: 4Gib/s