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  1. I did... I'd still rather not get scary letters saying that I'm being taken to court in Europe for €20,000,000 (the minimum fine for violating this, for I can see it being a mess, and feel like someday it could come to bite me (this is worse-case scenario ofc -- but the university that I work for is in full legal crazy mode over this.... and I always have the worst of luck). Still, some suspect strings could be pulled. I remember reading somewhere that punishments could result in de-indexing your website from search engines (in europe?), though that sounds far fetched. EDIT: I can't say if this is a big deal or not, and I hope you're right. It's yet to be determined if anything will even come of this, but I would rather be safe than sorry.
  2. I wholeheartedly agree -- mybb is the ones that came up with the solution to those new cookies terms awhile back, and I'm surprised that they haven't come up with anything yet. There's a pretty big discussion going on here, as well as a plugin that's in the works (currently being tested): It basically applies to anyone that handles EU citizen data, even those outside the EU. So if it does apply to community forums, it'll apply to unless we bar anyone from the EU from joining.
  3. I'm not sure if this warrants an announcement yet, and we're not even sure to what extent it applies to us. However, we're actively investigating this, and will likely have an answer/announcement/something over the weekend.
  4. Vos is now an Administrator
  5. We'll get around to updating to include the discord server this weekend. If there's channels that you'll actually use, suggest them up in our server discussion channel, there. I'm still learning to discord so please be patient. Please note: This is not replacing our IRC server, but rather it's an additional resource.
  6. I know someone who had those ears; when their tulpa was off sleeping or something, the ears would move to their mood -- when the tulpa was active/awake, the ears would just kind of move at random with no real pattern. I believe the tulpa's activity was influencing the ears... I'd like to hear the results. Also, related, for anyone interested:
  7. I second Vampire's comments. I'm afraid that before we posted the auto banning plugin... 7/10 new members that signed up were spam bots. We've changed a few things to raise awareness of how someone can avoid or alert us on autoban. Whenever someone signs up to, they'll receive the following Welcome PM: If someone is triggered by the auto-ban, they'll now receive the following message:
  8. solarchariot has been added as a Forum Moderator
  9. Whoops I'll fix that too later today- I just noticed on my phone as well
  10. Test EDIT: Thanks for finding that bug.... Fixed!
  11. Oooooooh. okay, I'll move it back up to the top then :idea:
  12. Maybe we should have put it to a vote... by quick reply, or up in the top-right. I'm afraid both doesn't work; what's easier for everyone?
  13. So, I moved it from the top AND the quick reply to the bottom of the forum page. It's next to the theme switcher now (more or less)
  14. Okay, so two-factor authentication actually breaks the profile switching system. Speaking of which, there's a change made to the account switcher. The drop-down is now moved to the bottom of the page instead of the top. This makes it still accessible from non-post pages as well as the main page. Actually, it's at the top-right again. See attached image.
  15. The workaround for this right now is to use the drop-down at the top-right of the website.
  16. The descriptive URLs and Profiles are part of an SEO plugin we have - I think it broke in the update, I'll have to see if there's an updated plugin for it, or if there's a setting I'm missing.
  17. Oooooooooh! For what it's worth, the drop-down on mobile shouldn't conflict with the header.
  18. Yeah, emails were apparently broken, now they're not (for the moment). If you happen to stop receiving emails, let me know because it means probably suspended our account :D
  19. Well, up until a few hours ago, I had this drop-down by quick reply -- see attached screenshot. However, uh, I think it's stopped working since I put the dropdown up by the header xD
  20. We're working on the account switcher issue. It seems to work in the actual MyBB theme, but not in our default modern themes (dark or light). In the meantime, you should still be able to switch to the account by going to any topic, scrolling down to the drop-down by the reply, and switching the account that way. Hitting refresh should automatically refresh with the new account. I'll look into why the profiles aren't showing the names. EDIT: I just added the drop-down that's on the welcome list to the header, instead of the jquery popup. This should be working again, sorry about that. Emails were a bit messed up. It should be working now.
  21. tulpa001 has been removed for the time being as they're currently on extended leave We've also added Two-Factor Authentication support, but I recommend waiting until we have some documentation up before activating it; otherwise, you may get locked out of your account.