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  1. Oooooooooh! For what it's worth, the drop-down on mobile shouldn't conflict with the header.
  2. Yeah, emails were apparently broken, now they're not (for the moment). If you happen to stop receiving emails, let me know because it means probably suspended our account :D
  3. Well, up until a few hours ago, I had this drop-down by quick reply -- see attached screenshot. However, uh, I think it's stopped working since I put the dropdown up by the header xD
  4. We're working on the account switcher issue. It seems to work in the actual MyBB theme, but not in our default modern themes (dark or light). In the meantime, you should still be able to switch to the account by going to any topic, scrolling down to the drop-down by the reply, and switching the account that way. Hitting refresh should automatically refresh with the new account. I'll look into why the profiles aren't showing the names. EDIT: I just added the drop-down that's on the welcome list to the header, instead of the jquery popup. This should be working again, sorry about that. Emails were a bit messed up. It should be working now.
  5. tulpa001 has been removed for the time being as they're currently on extended leave We've also added Two-Factor Authentication support, but I recommend waiting until we have some documentation up before activating it; otherwise, you may get locked out of your account.
  6. We've finished the upgrade. Lots and lots of issues that may have been there before may be gone now, and maybe we'll get less spam bots too. Please let us know if you find any bugs.
  7. Welcome to the community, everyone!
  8. Upgrading the server, forum software, and plugins tonight at: 12:00 midnight UTC Sunday, February 18, 2018 (click link for your specific timezone). I'm hoping everything goes smoothly, but themes have broken in the past so this may take more or less time to complete. While I am going to shut the forums down before I get it started, updates will be posted on the IRC channel "#tulpa.mods" You can visit our chat room by clicking the following link:
  9. Welcome kindaback! And welcome to other newcomers too.
  10. Here's the result of that plugin in the last 6 hours. Edit: Muhahaha
  11. Okay, I've added an anti-spam plugin that auto-bans anyone who posts suspicious looking threads as their very first post. So if you sign up, and make a topic with a website in the title, or with certain keywords that spammers are using, you'll be auto-banned. The banned message will link you to the contact box (which banned people can post in) to appeal the ban, for any possible false-positives.
  12. Good ideas, I'll also add a link to our Contact Box on the security questions page this weekend, for those having issues signing up. Here's what I have for that question so far. EDIT: A note, (I believe, from my limited testing) our security questions are case-insensitive.
  13. The plugin is weird or not working properly. So far we've added a couple more security questions, instead of the default "2+2=" we asked what this community is about (tulpas!) and some things about the alphabet. I'm also going to add a plugin that auto-bans anyone who makes their first 1-2 posts with certain key words that the spammers tend to use. Also our captcha broke. Probably another reason they're getting in en masse. I'll be working to fix it this weekend.
  14. Done. May take afew minutes before it's fully in effect.
  15. Yep, we can change it. Easiest way to do that is to post a topic in Talk to Staff asking us. Or in this case, you can just ask us here. What do you want it changed to?
  16. The forums tend to be a little slower these days, especially on subjects like this. I don't think we have enough science yet coming out yet to give an informed enough answer, though Tulpas are already starting to be published in scientific journals. I believe that a tulpa having a thought could produce a different pattern compared to a host thinking that same thought, just because they're different minds running on the same brain (for lack of a better term). They've done studies in the past for people with DID, and have found the brain in a different state depending on the personality, compared to control (actors pretending to be different people). The brain isn't black and white though, but I still feel like a good way to help support tulpas would be to use something like -- have the host just sit there and do nothing, while the tulpa trains the mouse to move. It should, in theory, move the mouse to the tulpa's thoughts instead of the hosts.
  17. We're adding two new plugins to the forums: * A plugin that prevents posting URLs until you reach at least 5 posts * A plugin that prevents you from adding a website and sig to your profile before 5 posts Why I'm unsure if this will stop the spammers, we're hoping it'll slow them down significantly.
  18. Winter has been added as a Chat Moderator.
  19. 3d, that's a pretty cool idea. I moved this over to the Tulpa Art section -- keep up the modeling!
  20. We've done dungeon-crawler like stuff, fighting zombies, and random things like that before. Sparred a few times too. It helps that we're invincible because wonderland.
  21. I've created a new prefix for the Research board, catering to Surveys:
  22. What's this about? I'm seeing more and more often, people are conducting research for their academic papers through surveys, and have been posting to .info (and other outlets) in search of respondents. One of my goals for .info was to promote research and science, and I feel like we have a good opportunity to contribute here. In the name of research, I've created a prefix for the Research board: [survey], just to have those types pop out a little more. I encourage members to answer the surveys if you would like to. I'm sure this is obvious, but please only post surveys that have to do with tulpas. Where else can I gather information? There's plenty of other tulpa-related communities that may be able to help: /r/tulpas,, Tulpa Discord community, and IRC are all good sources (thanks jean-luc for pointing some of these out). How do I cite surveys in my papers? Assuming APA formatting, Purdue OWL gives a pretty good explaination on this subject:
  23. Hey everyone! We have a Patreon now! You can check it out at