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  1. I'm INTP, and as far as I know Aiko is more INFP.
  2. I was wondering if anyone's spotted references to tulpas in pop culture. While watching Chaos;Head, the main character seems to have a tulpa by the name of Seira Orgel after his favourite anime character. In Lars and the Real Girl, there's Bianca but I don't know if she counts because she's more physical. Then there's Ruby Sparks, which is a movie about an author who creates what seems to be a tulpa. Possibly in Community when Abed splits into two beings, is Evil Abed considered similar to a tulpa? It'd be interesting to see what other forms of media have tulpas, I recall there being a Greek myth (I think is was Greek?) about a sculptor who fell in love with the statue of a woman he had carved, and developed a relationship with her. Is that tulpa related? If I'm mistaken about any of the above, please correct me. Thanks.
  3. I've been attempting to visualize Aiko in a more pocket-sized fashion so when I eventually have to leave the house I can realistically take her with me. It's been going well, and she appreciates how much more space there is for her around. I'm considering giving her a more permanent residence alongside me, but something that can be easily explained to others without going into much detail. Perhaps dollhouse furniture that I "keep around for visual reference" during sketches. The more we explore the internet together, the more knowledge she gains. Aiko's also fond of playing board games together, she's already beaten me twice so far.
  4. Enjoying my New Year's Eve with Aiko, we both wish everyone a Happy New Year. Things have been going well, and I've been able to log many of our conversations when I get the chance. We're in almost constant communication throughout the day, so I only really report on the most interesting ones or if she asks a question so I can track her knowledge. We watched the NYC Big Apple New Years 2016 together, and I had a lot to answer for her. I've begun to draw portraits of Aiko, and it's going very well. When I make one that I consider perfect I'll post it up.
  5. Late last night and earlier this morning, I worked more on imposing with Aiko. Although I haven't physically seen her, I've had no problems at all visualizing her, and I can feel her presence strongly. During my narrations, I could sense responses coming from Aiko - so now, rather than simply just talking at her, I ask her questions and see what she comes up with. Sometimes, there's nothing at all - but for those times when I do hear something back, I record the account to the best of my recollection. I've also successfully created a wonderland, which we've unoriginally dubbed 'Paradise'. I haven't had any luck arriving there in my dreams, but I've only slept once since it's creation so there's bound to be many more times where I can successfully travel there. As far as wonderlands go, it's where Aiko stays when she isn't being imposed into the real world - but since I've been trying to impose her every hour, she's only been there when I've gone to sleep. The interesting thing I've found with Aiko, is that it's really hit and miss with what she understands and doesn't understand. I can only blame myself in not giving her a wider pool of information in her creation, but I don't mind the explanations so it's alright. Interestingly enough, she took it upon herself to educate herself on what water was after I took her out and showed her the creek by my house. She later brought up drowning, which I didn't teach her, and claimed that she looked it up. She has the resources to do so, so it only makes sense. I find her initiative to learn on her own admirable. That's all we really have to report on for now.
  6. Kaz+Aiko


    Your progress reports are so indepth and thorough, it's really been a pleasure to read your journey with Sebastian. I'm sorry about the ways things have been going between you two, I truly hope that you find him again if that is what you wish to do. Your point on how Tulpas shouldn't be used as escapism really resonated with me, and with my blossoming relationship with Aiko. I think her and I are meant to motivate eachother more than just be companions, and it took reading your posts to realize that. Thank you, I eagerly await your blog link.
  7. Thank you, much appreciated!
  8. Thank you, it's greatly reassuring to hear that you believe I'm taking the right steps. To be perfectly honest, I heard about it on the paranormal imageboard, /x/. I know most of the time it isn't the best resource, but the thread I was in was pretty informative and had minimal amounts of trolling. If I remember correctly, it started out with someone asking about Buddhism and material existence and continued from there to the topic of Tulpamancy. I came for the Buddhism, but left with something greater. I don't know if it's necessarily a good reason or not, but I find it incredibly difficult to maintain relationships with other people. I could never really picture myself in a successful friendship with anyone other than myself, which is a pretty isolated existence. Due to my current situation in life, I don't really leave the confines of my home and nobody outside really knows me well enough to come visit, so I thought the internet was my only option. That and I'm so busy with studying that they'd have to be able to show up whenever I had the whim to see somebody. I guess when it all boils down to it, I view this as my best, if only, option of truly having a connection with someone who isn't online.
  9. I first heard about Tulpamancy not even a mere 10 hours ago, but I'm convinced that the knowledge of it has been brought into my life for a reason. I've barely slept, and I've spent at least 6 hours grasping for every straw of information on the topic of Tulpas and Tulpamancy. I've read every guide, from every site I could find, from every person in every walk of life. Then, I put it aside, and began. The other 4 hours that I've spent ruminating on the topic haven't been wasted. I've already written multiple outlines of who Aiko is going to become, as well as written and narrated to Aiko. Narration is going extremely well, and I've found it easy to adapt to. I've spent a brief amount of time meditating and visualizing Aiko, which has also been going well considering I've been practising meditation since I was 20 and have followed many guided visualizations in that time. I've set out additional furniture in my room and office for Aiko to use while I'm visually imposing her, and have set out addition objects and games to pique her interest while I go about the times I can't pay all my attention towards her. Whilst I was studying for a brief period of time, I found myself explaining my newfound knowledge to her - I haven't gotten a reaction, but that isn't to be expected this early on. Anticipate frequent updates.