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  1. Really? I'm curious as to how that happened. Because I had to really put in work to make Aya independent. Do you have any guesses as to how she just suddenly came to be? Also thank you for the condolences
  2. I'm curious to the various reasons why people made their tulpa(s) so to start off I'll share my little story. (Not trying to put on a pity party, just saying what's up) So my mother died from cancer when I was 13 and due to different factors going on in my life she was the most precious person in my life, I loved her more than myself, and to say the least losing her was a trial. I had been coping well until I was 15 when I heard about all this tulpa business. I was infactation with the idea and my little adventure making my tulpa began. My intention was to skulpt a woman who was motherly in nature and whom would treat me with the nurturing love that my mother would have. After months of trying and trying, my tulpa, Aya was finally independent. I really never regretted the decision because she is a valuable asset in my life, extending that motherly love that I would say that I need. Hope you didn't fall alseep reading. So tell me your story, I'm all ears.
  3. "Well I don't really love my host romantically, I love him like a mother would love her son and my host loves me like a child would love his mother. And to be honest I feel as though that kind of connection is much more inntamate than a romantic connection. Although that's just how I feel. Have you ever wondered and asked your host why you came into existence? How did they respond?" -Aya
  4. I can't really say my favorite game, although my favorite series of games is the Tales Of series, I'm an absolute sucker for them. If we are talking about the enjoyment we got from them then Battlefront 2 is my pick. Yeah Undertale is a charming game, I like it as long as I don't think of the community surrounding it. Its good for light hearted laughs here and there but for an extremely story driven game, the story is a bit meh.