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  1. Hi. Okay I have had my tulpa for 10 months. I have worked on her lots, but no progress. I have read many posts, websites, and things on how to work on tulpas. But still nothing. I thought she wanted me to name her Bethany, so thats what I called her. I have decided to say goodbye to her. To get rid of her (that sounds harsh). It's not just because of her not responding, it's other things but I really wouldnt like to go into detail. I read that to get rid of a tulpa you have to ignore it, and it will go away. But the thing is, I still care for Bethany. It seems so cruel to just ignore her till she leaves! Is there any other way? Also, just because I want to remove Bethany doesnt mean I dont want a tulpa. My friend suggested I could erase who bethany was, and change her. But I would still see her as bethany. What do I do? Has anyone ever had to do this before? Thanks.
  2. Thanks! I have trouble visualizing so I will try on of those face editors, or find a picture I like and change some things. This was really helpful!
  3. Hello! I have had my tulpa for a while, and if you saw my last post, I worked on my tulpa more and I can feel we are doing better! Now to my question. I would like to start creating what my tulpa looks like.. But the issue is I have no creativity in creating looks. I would like to have her anime look, but I don't know how well that would look when I see her in front of me. Also, I'm afraid to make her looks myself because she might not like how she looks! (Plus I have no ideas) I was planning on having her create herself so then she would love what she looks like. But I feel she's having as much trouble as I am. Yesterday I talked to her and listed off things she could do, for example brown hair, long or short, curly or straight etc. all the way through from facial to size. But I think she is still having trouble! I considered looking at pictures of anime girls to help Bethany (her name) so she could choose one of them but I don't know how well that will turn out. Long story short, how do I design her look? Can she do it? Am I just rushing her? Does she need me to help her? How did you do it, is there an easier way or did you let your tulpa design it themselves? Thank you for reading! And I hope you have an answer to my situation : )
  4. thank you for your answer! I will try to force more and stop comparing, I just get impatient sometimes lol. I will try to create a schedule with specific times for her. The letter method (since I deeply enjoy writing) sounds interesting. Could you explain to me how it works? Is it just me writing to her and she sees me doing it?
  5. Hi, I have had my tulpa for 5 months now. Now I will admit I don't talk to her every day but I normally do it at night for 10-20 minutes. I'm getting impatient, I know I'm not supposed to doubt her and I know I'm not supposed to blame her, but I have gotten nothing. I feel insane and at some moment like I'm doing it wrong. Only once have I gotten a happy feeling throughout my body but I'm not sure if it was her. Can someone please help? I would like to talk to her and move the process along. I want to complete some progress with her, I mean 5 months is a long time and I have seen most get theirs talking in 2-3 months.