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    Surprisingly, I have a Tulpa. But since they don't particularly care to interact with y'all ugly mugs, then it really begs the question of why am I here. Truth be told, I really don't have an answer.
  1. Metatron

    Discord Group

    It was meant to be more of a friends group, though figured may as well keep it as an open-invitation. To each their own and all that.
  2. Metatron

    Discord Group

    Just putting together a discord group for people that want another platform for interaction. The link: https://discord.gg/h7y5wzZ It should be set to never expire, though if you have difficulties, feel free to reply and I will rectify it.
  3. Just keep grinding at it. There are bound to be ups and downs, just gotta look at the long term. And your tulpa could always just be messing with you.
  4. Mine is a vague knock-off of Lovecraft's Azathoth. Which almost by definition, is an alien.
  5. There are many different kinds of meditation, ranging from focusing on one topic for an extended period of time or just trying to clear your mind. Or a nice mix of the two where you just let your stream of consciousness go where it may. They all have their own uses and benefits, and it all depends on what you want out of it. Too many people get caught up in trying to do it "right" that they neglect to realize that it is just another personal tool. You get what you need.
  6. Banned for not being able to properly project the seriousness.
  7. As we try not to take a metaphysical stance on tulpas, the fear that it could be a demon is quite unfounded. It is simply another product of the mind, much like the personalities you and I hold. As such, the allegation of being called a witch is simply absurd, and so there is no basis for the reflexive hatred of the project as a whole. However, that does not automatically revoke the conditioning and incorporated distaste for it. All I can really council about is to just try and reflect and deconstruct why you feel conditioned to hate it, and just sort of try to unravel that. You might find tha
  8. I think it would be good to say that discussion on drug use should stay cogent to the topic at hand, that is, OP's question on how it pertains to the creation process. Arguing the moralities/ethics of drug use is tangential at best, and completely off-topic at worst. Now, onto the matter. As far as personal experience goes, I've had negative results with cannabis in terms of the forcing process. I already had my tulpa at that point, so I cannot speak to creation. However, that was mostly from over-indulging on edibles, so basically Indica, which is notorious for making people lazy and have
  9. Sneks have two, uh... things to get up.
  10. It depends on the purposes, and also what you consider "wrong", in a much more vague, ethical sense. As a general rule of thumb, Golden Rule tends to apply quite well to tulpa matters, though being your head and all it is still entirely up to you to implement and carry out, for better or for worse. I imagine that the links above give a much less cursory overview of a deeply complex matter, so I will leave it to them to answer more fully.
  11. As pointed out by Hierophant, this is a long-term "project" (really, a lifetime, hopefully), so in that case life isn't going to be perfectly serene. In the beginning, it helps to have a quiet place to get started, but then you will have to get accustomed to a variety of circumstances, some of them harder and less conducive to tulpa interactions. That's just how it is, though it's all about juggling the different aspects. As for imposition, seeing something does not change the fabric of reality behind it. Yes, you'll be able to see your tulpa and hypothetically speaking, were it to go bonke
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