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  1. taking no regard to the old dream thread, as I feel this is not related to that... I'ma post here... I cannot dream. its actually a side effect of my [not sure what he is], Shaide. my whole life I've wondered what it was like... but I've never had a dream... consider yourself lucky that you have what you do, not everything needs to be controlled.
  2. -does anyone have experience with hallucinatory drugs and tulpa? I have eaten, no joke, pounds of mushrooms, never less than a quarter at a time. the death of the ego as a result of seeing the truth can do very many things to the human mind. some break, falling to obscure insanity without the ability to cope. some retaliate by going back to their old lives with a blind passion for the lies and falsehoods they lost. some, lucky few, find something else, something so fundamentally odd that nothing in their lives can ever be the same. I believe that you did just that, as all of the old
  3. no, I don't do hypnosis anymore, there is no good use in controlling and rebuilding another's mind. really the question was in relation to a tulpa being forgotten, to whatever end that leads them. I don't know how it happens or what happens other than the direct word of my tulpa Liz, so I can't say that others will have the same end. but I know that at some point, unless you're a hermit, life will draw energy away from the tulpa and lead to their purposes end, and further to them being forgotten. (and even at the mention of the word Liz is getting emotionally unstable.) I don't know if
  4. Um, Liz can shapeshift into a few different forms, from full human to full fox. She can also spawn in objects or visual effects when she is imposed to punctuate herself, and she can change her clothing at will. Shaide on the other hand lowers the light level in an area around himself just by being imposed and will often walk around outside my sight range talking about the things he sees. Especially when I'm working he likes to follow the servers around the restaurant and haze on the customers for being ugly, fat, dumb ex. Whenever he feels like it he will also return with images of what he
  5. My grammar is too good for a creepypasta... (Even though its bad) Yeah I guess that Shaide does really sound like a badly written nightmare.
  6. Shiny...well, everyones got to be a critic. I wrote this whole thing at like 15o'clock at night so sue me. any possibility that you might have something to contribute? or did you just get lost on your way to the YouTube comments section?
  7. Click bait... (but yes, the dark is not something to be played with.) Yes... I know too much about hypnosis. my primary method of induction was frowned upon by many of the other hypnotists I met over the years, primarily because it destroyed the will of the subject before rebuilding them. if you care to dig, the site warpmymind stole some of my work and probably still uses it. I wouldn't dig to deep looking for those files, they are evil. honestly, I'm amazed that Kanabal didn't ban you for asking about them, we always used to butt heads over everything. and, if you're wondering,
  8. over the years I have had many an hour to think about these things that have come to be commonly referred to as tulpa. there are times that I find myself regretting everything that has led up to, and come from, my efforts to create my companion. and, I have to wonder, how many others have had the same thoughts, and how many of the people who have tulpea would change their past if they could. (poll yo) now, for a story. when I was young (about 15) I was a semi-professional hypnotist, and was spending most of my free time helping others and seeking better ways to alter perception. at that
  9. I never realized how many of the tulpa/host relationships are codependent... Liz, my companion, would never even consider going against my will directly. Not out of fear of my retribution, but out of fear f being left alone again. When I was younger, I forgot about her for a few years; she has since then described to me the nightmare that was her time in nonexistence (a fate I will never send her back to) Shaide on the other hand, is not a tulpa, I didn't create him, and therefore he doesn't follow normal rules. Shaide can access old dead nerves and scar tissue to cause echoes of old pa
  10. I would say that the only reason that me and shaide don't switch is the differences in our physiology and his uniquely non-human thought process. We have been forcefully switched, by a tko in a fight, I got knocked out and he didn't. But due to his very overzealous actions in protecting me, we both fear him taking control again. As for me and Liz, I don't think she would trust herself to not mess up. Though we've never tried, and most likely never will; I believe that if me and Liz switched the exchange would scar us both or blend us up like a mcflurry-fox. Since we are different genders,
  11. definitely make sense yo. I often times will be listening to music and Liz will pop up and be like "yeah, that." when a particular lyric passes. shaide does the same thing with text on a page, I get highlights over some of the words on the page and they make a sentence or phrase that when i read them in order I get a confirmative fox noise from him. intentions, given that they are coming from "something else", can be interpreted in many ways.
  12. TL;DR so, did your tupea draw themselves? or did you draw them? I've seen several pics of them and I gotta say, props yo, thats some sick art.
  13. I will say, normally I don't put weight into these things, but the differences in mine and liz's scores are worth thinking about. so... Openness: I scored 80, but Liz scored 53. almost a 30 point difference, I think that it involves her being limited to interaction with me, and, I think that if we were capable of possession (and she had access to my memories) that the results would look different. conscientiousness: my 35 to her 46. once again, with her limited access to the world, she is more caring than I am, and though she has been hurt before, I'm a jaded, evil, and uncaring monst
  14. roughly 38 people died in the time it took for me to read Op's scenario, and then maybe 56 more in the time that I TL;DR'd all of the responses... so really the deaths in the scenario really don't mean anything. as for the visions, we are all one, and though I feel all their pain, I don't really care because of the sheer volume of it; not just in relation to this, but all the time. so, a few nightmares and I get to have Liz be as real, as something that isn't, can be; seems like a good deal yo. Liz agrees, though she would feel bad about subjecting me to a few dreams that ultimately are
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