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  1. Punch

    Chat Thread

    RE7 is a complete departure from the old games fwiw. It's the first first-person game in the series other than that one on the PS1 that used the guncon. Looks like they took most of the gameplay cues from games like Outlast and Alien Isolation. It also seems to have dropped the spy-movie crap for a more grounded tone. It might be worth giving the demo a whirl if you haven't already.
  2. Punch

    Chat Thread

    It's pretty easy to disable Secure Boot on the SP3, but the real problem is driver support. Last time I checked, wifi was dicey and the Type Cover and touchscreen had all sorts of issues. Apparently there's an unofficial kernel available now that streamlines the process of getting everything working (at least with Ubuntu), which didn't exist last time I looked into putting Linux on it. I might give it a try again.
  3. Punch

    Chat Thread

    I'm not talking about getting Linux working in general, I'm talking about getting it working on a Surface Pro 3, which is apparently a major headache. I've been using Linux off and on for years, since the installers were a lot less friendly, so actually getting it installed isn't the issue.
  4. Punch

    Chat Thread

    I currently have a Surface Pro 3, which is Microsoft-branded hardware, and the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has basically killed my battery life and made it so my wifi becomes unusably slow randomly, along with a host of minor annoyances. You'd think that Microsoft Rootkit 10 would work better on hardware they designed to run it, but you'd be wrong. I could install Linux on it, but it's supposedly a pretty painful experience to get everything mostly working. It's sad, but I miss my Chromebook a little more every day. Not that Google is less evil than Microsoft, but at least it worked consi
  5. Punch


    I'd just like to chime in to point out that OP posted some song lyrics and a poorly-worded statement about how "half the forum guides should be cancelled" and somehow that spiralled into a 4 page argument. Also OP has a post history of 0 and hasn't even replied to this thread. Edit: Which is to say, OP is clearly a troll and not worth all of these rustled jimmies.
  6. Punch

    Chat Thread

    Flandre available NOW for A LIMITED TIME ONLY. Last time these rare Flandre's sold out in the first five minutes, folks. You don't want to miss out because we don't know when they'll be back in stock. Order now, while supplies last! Also, uh.. hi there.
  7. The OP specifically said: So, yes, you are derailing the thread.
  8. This is all well and good, but Mysterious Lad made this thread to advertise his Discord group, not to argue about how to save the forum. Maybe you guys could take this someplace else?
  9. I'm almost certain that Mysterious Lad created this Discord server as a result of my thread, or at least partially. In any case, it's the only server that I know of that's related to the thread, so you can scratch that off your list. Also the Focus Group is for "advanced" techniques, and I was specifically told I wasn't eligible to join, which was the purpose of my original thread. I don't see the problem with multiple servers for people with different needs.
  10. Punch

    Chat Thread

    I have a pony bodypillow, but it's not sexual at all. Also I'm asexual so the chance of me bringing a girl into my bedroom is exactly 0.00%. On another note, anybody do any DIY electronics stuff? I've mostly been doing mods on old game consoles, since it's a good way to make a little extra money by exploiting people's nostalgia (original Gameboy stuff is especially popular thanks to Pokemon GO), but I'm planning on making a Gameboy Zero (it's Raspberry Pi Zero crammed into a modified original Gameboy housing) at some point. I'm confident enough in my soldering/circuit diagram reading skills
  11. Punch

    Chat Thread

    Meh, I have this poster on the wall in my house, and have had pony wallpaper on my laptop and phone for ages. I also have a bunch of chibi ponies on my desk. My family thinks it's fine, and my coworkers don't mention it, although I suspect they all think I'm gay, which is fine. I spent most of my highschool years trying to pretend to like shit I didn't to fit in with a bunch of people I didn't like and haven't seen since. Now I figure I'll just like what I like and be who I am.
  12. Never met anyone with a Judy Hopps tupper but I doubt it would be awkward. Even if you base a Tulpa on a fictional character, each one is an individual and their forms are more of an aesthetic choice than an unchangeable part of their being like our physical bodies. I'd imagine if we met another Judy Hopps Tulpa, it'd be a bit like meeting someone wearing the same outfit; kind of a neat coincidence, but nothing really significant.
  13. Which scientists? Saying "the majority of scientists agree with me" doesn't mean any more than saying "The majority of rabbits agree with me." If you don't provide studies that back you up. You're just creating an appeal to authority.
  14. Okay, that's an egregious use of argumentum ad popularum. Whether or not the world at large believes tulpas are real or imaginary is totally irrelevant, and doesn't prove anything. At some time in history the vast majority of people believed that the sun revolved around the earth, but that didn't make it any more true. Saying "plenty of scientists would agree with me." is just an argument from authority and doesn't prove anything either. Which scientists? Where? Calling other people's arguments "pathetic and dumb" is kind of stupid when your post reads like a textbook example of "how no
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