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  1. Please ban my account for 1 month. (For the curious like me, health reasons need to be addressed and .info is a distraction.)
  2. .....can I hug you for this. Doesn't matter. I'm gonna anyway! On topic thought. I'm assuming when you're tulpa interacts with you, you acknowledge her. The idea behind my, "ignore them" bit was more like completely ignoring them. Once a thought form is developed, yeah you don't need to actively feed them attention anymore, but there does still need to be some interaction.
  3. Not as hinged on it, but I have yet to see anyone express that, "oh yeah, you can just ignore your tulpa and they'll stick around". There is always some sort of attention or recognition, everywhere you look on this forum "tulpa feed on attention", it's undeniable that this factor is a key part in tulpa existence. It should go without saying that if something becomes dangerous that it should be stopped, whether it's an activity or a life. However, if in the case of a tulpa, which is supposed to be a sentient life form with cognitive abilities then responsibility does fall on the host (being the older, more experienced of the two) for the inability to reach a peaceful resolution. I don't chalk up dreaming to be anything, science does. Tulpa could carry over into dreams, but that would be because they're already on your mind a lot. It's pre-loaded to insert your tulpa (or an impression you have of them) into your dream. That's what makes them similar situations as opposed to identical ones. Technically everything in the brain is inward and uses similar processes. Is my love of cheddar but hate of cream cheese also a double standard? They both use the same senses and processes. I never said the host maintained dominion over the body. I said they were hard wired into the brain, and thus couldn't dissipate. Anyone who's had a tulpa take control by force will tell you that the host doesn't always have ultimate control. If a host were to choose to give up the front, I suspect their ability to control the body would atrophy just like any other unused skill. Correct, that is what I'm saying. In a developed system a host can keep things from their tulpa, and the tulpa can keep things from their host. They share grey matter but are still for all intents and purposes are separate individuals. Deviations are common among this forum, is it really such a stretch to think that a tulpa may have a preference, quirk, or other deviation the host doesn't know about? They don't have to be otherworldly for there to be unique elements to them the host may not know about. People learn new things about themselves every day...themselves. If people can not know things about themselves it's absurd to think they can know everything about someone else, even if they do share a brain.
  4. Ok, at a computer now, so I'm relatively sure I won't be losing my response this time (unless windows 10 is a bigger d**k than I thought. >_>) I'll be answering the questions, since it's easier to keep my mind on track and form responses in shorter forms. To start off though I had to address this. While not as violent or dramatic as a shooting or stabbing or many other things, dying of starvation is still dying. This depends entirely on how evolved/developed a tulpa is. There is no solid benchmark for this but I think we can all agree that there is a point in their development in which a tulpa becomes more than just a thought to the host, and takes on that life of it's own. Earlier on, it would just be a loss of novelty. Some newbie decides to quit when they realize tulpa forcing involves actual work; nothing is lost here, it's just another fad hopper who got bored and moved on. I'm not as familiar with stasis as I could be, but it's really all about the intent. Someone who's put a tulpa in stasis then questions waking them up, to me it's like dissipating without calling it what it is. Instead of committing to it, you're letting the tulpa die of starvation in the cryo pod so you don't have to own up to it. I'm afraid I don't understand this question. It sounds like you're asking "why is the above even a thing?" In which case I have no clue. Personal issues, lack of maturity, lack of responsibility, there could be many reasons. I believe tulpa can believe they feel pain (if they were taught/given that experience). So is the phantom pain of an amputee real? I think the amputee would say yes, in which case, tulpa pain would also be real. I don't know if they would feel pain, it might depend on the method or visualization used for dissipation, but I think it's possible out of a fear reaction. Regarding the analogies though, I use them not to imply pain in dissipation but to emphasize the lack of responsibility on the part of the host (parent). You can't choose not to wake up, you can however choose to make a tulpa. The former is created by random firings of the brain based on what it needs to process and what you've been feeding it lately. The latter involves time, attention, and conscious effort (even accidental tulpa, the host put effort into making them as a person, they just didn't intend them to come alive). There is no double standard, the two aren't the same. I don't think the analogies are "too extreme". I think the severity of them actually helps more than hurts in that it steers most people away from the idea of copping out of the responsibility they took on when they created a living being. I also don't think it's ever wrong to be more considerate out of caution than to risk actually hurting another being. Whether tulpa feel pain or not, I don't know for sure, but I think it's better to act on the assumption that they do than to be wrong, in this case. I don't think the host mind can "die", the brain is their hardware, they are hard coded into it. I do think they could do a sort of permanent switch with their tulpa, and live in the headspace while the tulpa run's the body. This one I think I can speak with some experience on, having dissipated a tulpa in the past, and had traits try to resurface in my current one. It's either guilt making them subconsciously compensate for their old tulpa, or the fact that they spent enough time with said old tulpa that those patterns left an impression on the brain, so it just goes there. It could be one or both of these things. I'm going to quote AGGuy to supplement my answer to this one.
  5. I loved Triela... The similarity may just be a case of six face syndrome. Anime in particular has a huge problem with characters all looking more or less the same. XP
  6. (*cries* I had a very thought out post that took forever to write, then my mobile restarted and I lost it all. I'll rewrite it tomorrow when I can use my computer. T.T)
  7. Proto-tulpa... This makes me want to see Melian in Protoman cosplay. >.> I had a small feeling you'd be back. You're a bit like me, a creature of habit, and this is your stalking ground. X3
  8. I will be indoors where it's cold. All summer. I would say I don't like heat but that's an understatement, I end up being reduced to a pitiful sprawl on the floor once the temperature hits 80 fahrenheit. I can't say I have any specific tulpa related goals, not for summer anyway. Just more narrating and encouraging vocalization. I guess I have the tentative goal of trying to get parallel processing started at least by the end of summer.
  9. Meditation has gotten an image of zen and quiet minds, which is really not what it is at all. Our brains have been trained to think and be active for as long as we've been alive. Thinking is what it does. Meditation is more about recognizing that these thoughts happen, but then move on. A focus is a must. Most people use the breath, watching it go in and out, how it feels in the nostrils or your belly as it rises and falls. But you can really use any of your five senses as a focus. Lighting a candle and training your attention on it, or having a stone or some beads you can feel with your hands to ground you, a focus can be almost anything as long as it's a constant in the present, and will bring you into the moment. Here's a document about 22 different kinds of meditation, what they specialize in, and how to do them. I use my meditation as a supplement to my active forcing, using my tulpa (and an object that represents her) as my focus. The mind will wander, there's no avoiding it, so don't beat yourself up for your brain doing what it was made to do. :3
  10. Passive forcing is probably the bane of my existence. I can't be inside and outside of my head at the same time. Narration and forming works takes conscious effort for me, it's not my native (mind) language. I think I've tried just about every memory trick I can find. Putting Isa as my phone's lock screen, so I see it often, tying things to myself like a ribbon on my wrist as a reminder, I set my lucid dreaming reality check reminder tone to the voice that inspired Isa's mind voice so it even sounds kind of like her, but it all results in only brief spurts of attempted passive forcing. You can tell when I'm "passive" forcing because I turn into a zombie on the outside. XP When forcing in general I try to use voice so we can both get more accustomed to using it, but I prefer imagery and visualization. Always in the literal, my husband came up with a phrase that perfectly expressing how I feel about abstract. He said "abstract is politically correct for really f***ed up." Some things do remind me of Isa, like her base fur colour (mint green) is not a permanent association by brain makes with her. I've tried to do scent conditioning, where a smell will bring her to mind. I was using a peppermint eucalyptus blend, but allergy season is a bad time to try anything scent related. I have yet to have success with true passive forcing, but using associated objects/senses seems to help my active forcing a little. Forcing is always easier too when I communicate in what we (the forum/community) call tulpish. Oddly enough the "native" tulpa language is also mine too. ^^;
  11. The tricky part with this is that tulpamancy isn't small or starting out as an online community anymore. It's spread across the net, so even if one forum decides to change the terminology they use, you're not going to get a consensus. It would take a LOT of cross community ambassador work and communication, so that it wasn't just one forum's lingo confusing everyone else, but an actual change in definitions. (Otherkin has the same problem, but over 25 years instead of just 5-10. Just changing the word we use is no where near as easy as it sounds. :P)
  12. I have actively tried not to see it that way, but like you, Zaya, I grew up in a heavily religious family, so it still carries the darker connotations from growing up in that religious culture. There aren't really any substitute type words either. It all comes down to that you're letting another being control your body, malevolent or not. :P
  13. I'm not as familiar with eclipsing, but fronting seems like a very apt word for what it's used for. Out of curiosity what would you rename these to if you could?
  14. Even "tulpaforce" isn't much better. It sounds like you either just smooshed the words "tulpa" and "force" together (which has the same problem as "forcing"), or you're talking about some kind of tulpa sentai team. >.> [hidden]Tulpa Sentai, ASSEMBLE!! [/hidden] I like your phrase "personality work", that's more or less how I've referred to it when I'm not speaking to others in the community. I only go back go "forcing" for ease of communication with the community. :P It might be regional, and based on social circles. Among my friends (both classical book fans, and anime otaku) it sets off bells that make them think of the sources I mentioned above. I tend to prefer the plurality terms instead of strictly tulpa community ones, like headspace, and inner world. I adopted my own phrase for it: mind world.
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    What's Going On?

    It is though. This is how conversation works. You have the seed topic, eating ice cream with your tulpa, and it evolves and gets branching conversations. There could be a LOT of content and discussion in threads like this. Sure it's not an intellectual discussion, but I agree with you, if intellectual and philosophical is all this forum is, it will drive more people away than it will draw in, and slowly die. Small talk is necessary for forming community and bonding, which is what ultimately what keeps people coming back. It's why World of Warcraft won't die, because "everyone's friends are there".
  16. Forcing. I HATE the term. It implies to be pushy, which ironically is the exact opposite of the general feel this forum in particular gives towards tulpa development.* The term works for tulpamancy just fine, I just don't think the word as a whole sounds good. I'm also not fond of Wonderland. This one is personal preference though, it's a perfectly good word for what it's used for. The problem I have with it is it fights with preconceived definitions of the word that are more widely associated. Like Alice in Wonderland or Deadman Wonderland both very messed up, and rather unpleasant places to be. *The favoured approach I've seen on this forum towards tulpa development is to do minimal establishment of the tulpa's form and personality by the host, and let the tulpa do this on it's own.
  17. It makes information more available but I wouldn't say it's fostering plurality. Facilitating more acceptance and openness because we know we aren't rogue freaks among a sea of normalcy, for sure. I think the internet does facilitate dissociative personalities and behaviours but not in the way of sharing a mind with another person, more in the little sociopath kind of way. Not grasping reality as real, and real consequences for actions If not for the internet I would certainly know less, and would be in a worse place, but it wouldn't stop what is and happened to not happen. There's no denying forums and readily available information has made my life, for the most part, better., but that's because I learned personal acceptance from it.
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    What's Going On?

    I honestly think a big post deterrent in this forum is all of the text walls. As an adult type person, I just don't have time to participate. I actually read all of the new posts a few days back and it took hours! XP By all means, put content to your posts, but when it gets to essay to short novel length that's just way too much for a conversation post.
  19. A combination of laziness and the status quo of society. Lumi's line here, "Though many may have tulpa-like thoughtforms, the idea of another separate person in their head usually doesn't cross their mind." is pretty spot on. It's the exact reason I didn't "have a tulpa" (in quotes because in reality I did, but my lack of knowledge and acceptance of the phenomena made it weird) when I was younger and had Xira in my head. And then to clarify on the laziness...well I really shouldn't need to clarify on laziness. The word is pretty straight forward. It takes some conscious effort to make a tulpa, and then even after you've created them, you can't really just slip back into an easy chair, you have to continue interacting with them and giving them attention or they'll fizzle out.
  20. The only side effect that I can sufficiently link to tulpa forcing is headaches. I do experience a number of other things, tinnitus, muscle twitches, and decreased focus (increase in my monkey-mind), but these happen when I'm doing regular meditation not just tulpa forcing, so I don't think I can link them to it. Headaches occurs during most active forcing sessions, the longer the session the more likely and intense the headache.
  21. I used "dehumanizing" because of it's connotations, and that it's what the word Reisen used. My tulpa isn't human, and my own identity is trans-species, so I don't normally use anthropocentric words like this, but opted to because it doesn't quite carry the same meaning as "depersonalization" which I prefer to use. I am unsure of whether the community considers tulpa "human" or not, but given my somewhat unusual position it matters little to me since "human" is not a wholly desirable or superior state of being. Any comment I make on this particular topic would be from that outside perspective, so I don't offer it or expect anyone to share my view. Yes, this is how I was using the word. While the intentions may not have been negative more thought and consideration should have been given. It's like saying "no offense" and then going on to say something offensive. It doesn't excuse it. (a side note, the phrase is "moot point" not "mute point")
  22. I think a post of distress to such an extent that Reisen made DOES further the thread. It brings up a point that's become more apparent to me over time, and that this thread perfectly embodies. The total lack of consideration for the subject in question (tulpas). @Linkzelda you said you like to toss topics like this around "for the sake of knowing", but someone as smart as you has to admit that you CAN'T know this. At least for now there is no way, so who does it benefit running around in mental circles with no answer. "For the sake of knowing" is only good if there is something knowable. The manner in which this topic has been picked and picked at clearly comes off (if not outright is) inconsiderate, and dehumanizing to tulpas. There are no topics that debate human (host) sentience, only ever tulpas, why is that? You say your tulpa have little interest in the community, and while I don't claim to know you or them, if I were in a thought form's position I wouldn't care for a community that reduces my existence to the most basic principles, and then constantly questions even those. Take every word form the original post and replace it with human, or person, and tell me that it isn't bordering on downright offensive.
  23. What in the world? What video were you watching? O.o Glad you found the forum, it's good to know it's not all spooky stories and fiction when you search for tulpa info.
  24. Just making sure you weren't getting this from my post. Keep it Simple, Stupid, aka the KISS method, like a lay-person's occam's razor. >.> Not that there's no use discussing it, it's an interesting topic/concept, but that these kinds of phenomena have little to do with the topic of sentience. So I see no reason to involve them in this particular topic. Copied from a topic on tulpa.io. "documentation of psychosomatic shifts, documentation of different brainwave patterns in plural systems, documentation of the underlying dissociative processes of multitaking, and even the recent proposed redefinitions of what consciousness is and how much sway it has over the brain as a whole. In fact, to deny said observations is in itself a staple of delusion, in that it is ignoring the reality of plurality that has been observed in favour of insisting that none of it has any import." Anecdotal evidence is in the majority, but you can see that empirical evidence is not nonexistent. In many cases there's grey, but I've found that when it comes to belief logically grey isn't possible. On the one hand you believe something. We'll call this the black, and white is you don't. A phrase like "I want to believe" or "I don't want to believe", is our right saying you are black or white but don't want to be. This doesn't make grey, just a dissatisfied black or white. Belief with the openness to being wrong, you still believe, you've just prepared yourself not to have a total breakdown if evidence comes along to debunk your belief. P-zombie is a new term for me. I'm not gonna lie my mind instant went to Resident Evil to try and figure it out. ^^; There's a point where pondering things for the sake of knowing becomes like continually walking into a wall to see if you can walk through it. It's admirable in things that are knowable, but I believe in instances where there is and can be no answer (due to technological or whatever other limitation) running in mental circles is a waste of time. The wall isn't going to budge and it would be more prudent to just leave it alone until you can come back with a blow torch. :P
  25. No. The only limitation is our own preconceptions and conditioning to thinking of tulpa as an imaginary/constructed entity. I don't think sentience and being treated as sentient could be applied to interactive concepts (switching, imposition, ect) any more than persinality or other traits. Meaning to say that it can be applied as it's part of the tulpa phenomena but either have little to no bearing on each other. Yes, but such is the nature of philosophy to question what can't be answered. It doesn't mean it's a useful endeavor. Yes. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Hope is a matter of personal belief and opinion, but as long as there is no proof either way, it's reasonable to believe in the metaphysical side of things. If you don't want to believe a tulpa is sentient why even treat them so in the first place? And if you choose to believe in sentience why does this even matter? Because there's no way to even quantify, let alone prove, sentience it comes down entirely to personal belief. Either you believe tulpa are sentient, so that's how you treat them, or you don't. The word is steeped in negative context and even by definition is a negative thing. Vehement belief contrary to hard evidence. What needs to be done is bring the term back to it's meaning, and cut out the juvenile misconception that anything not "normal" is a delusion. Saying you can jump off a building and fly is a delusion, we can prove that is false without any doubt. Saying I have another person I share my mind with, cannot be disproved, and in fact has some evidence emerging to support the idea. So it's certainly not a delusion. No more than believing you or I are sentient is a way of coping with this flesh prison, and trying to cope with our experiences and meaning to life. I think it's a step back. Keep it Simple, Stupid*. A moderate amount of discernment is good, but if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, I'm not going to philosophize over whether or not it is a duck. I'm not sure what you're getting at here. If you have confirmation of sentience, why would you move on to hem and haw over something else? Why would you go looking for more details to puzzle over? * Keep it Simple, Stupid. - Also known as the KISS principle is a phrase similar to Occam's Razor. It means that things often work best when they are kept simple/not over-complicated. Updated to add a note about what the KISS Principle is, since it seems less well known than I thought.