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    I first discovered about the tulpa phenomena in March, 2015.
    After a failed attempt to create my first tulpa in 8th April, I gave it up.
    But now I've fallen for tulpamancy again.
  1. Well, it's meee again. So I have been in a period of non active forcing, but I have noticed that Dendo has... Changed. His hair looks kinda different, and now he has blue eyes. This is weird, because I'm not sure if it has been him. Lol. Question time: How does it "feel" when your tulpa changes form? Is it like going in Wonderland and then "Ohh she/he's totally different now!!". It just looks like a strange and complicated process to me. Could you explain how it happened to you?
  2. Oh, wow. This is something I was wondering too. It seems that a lot of things can affect your tulpa's personality. I'll be more careful next time, thank you! I daydream about me and my "mental characters". My tulpa is still very young, so I thought that could make him think he is the character and adopt their personality or something like that. Omg. I hope it is as you say and my tulpa accepts it. I'll include him in the non-violent daydreams. I don't want him to be scared. Thank you!!
  3. Well, as said in the title, I daydream A LOT. Always before falling asleep, I daydream about different things, but sometimes they aren't related to my tulpa. So I was wondering if my non-tulpa-related daydreams could confuse or disgust him. PS: This isn't directly related to the post, but it would be fantastic if you could give me any tips to "remember" to passively force. orz
  4. I''m all day reading posts about experiences, advices, etc. about tulpas. And reading this post ( This part caught my attention: "The more believable and relatable your tulpa is to you as kin and personality, the more the associated material traits and vulnerabilities of humanity you're likely to ascribe to them." So does this mean that the more real your tulpa becomes, the more "imperfect" (you know, humans are perfectly imperfect) they become? (I know I've been posting a lot of doubts/questions but I can't help it. orz) EDIT: I've read all the replies, and most of you said the same thing. So now I see I had a wrong idea about tulpas. I wasn't worried about them having flaws (because nobody's perfect), but you know, I was seeing it more like "tulpa concept" than "normal person". I don't know how to explain it. Melian really helped to change my point of view. Once again, thank you all for your replies.
  5. Yeah, I'm really worried about screwing up my tulpa. I think that's my biggest fear right now. I'm trying to be relaxed and stop thinking in that kind of things. I'll set aside possession for now, he's still very young and I'm too obsessive... Thank you, I really appreciate your reply. ~
  6. The only thing I have had has been depression, but I think it may be my subconscious... I want to think that it is just me trying to spook myself out. Because I noticed that before the hand wrote anything, I already knew what was going to be written, I don't know how to explain it. But I think I'm going to wait for my tulpa to be vocal, so I don't have to worry like this. Thank you very much for your reply. ~ I've read your reply several times, and I think I'll follow the second option. I'll wait until he's vocal to try possession again. He's really young and I'm probably expecting too much from him. And thanks for the ideas of reading stories and playing video games for him, I'll definitely do that. ~ As I said before, I think I tried to rush too much the things. It was stupid from me to try this so soon. orz I rushed things too much and expected too much from such a young tulpa. I've said this several times, but now I see that I should wait until I can keep a conversation going with him. As you said, I'll leave "the advanced stuff on the back burner", and keep paying attention to my tulpa. Thank you very much. ~
  7. I followed that idea, and today it confussed me a lot more. Because as soon as he "possessed" my hand, he wrote weird things in the table. Like "666", " My name is Satan" and "We're three tulpae". I asked him questions. I'm not sure if it was my " tulpa" or it was just me. I'm worried. I really really hope it's not my tulpa. Because it would be horrible.
  8. I just left my hand "sleeping", and then I told him that he could possess the hand. At first it could barely move, but then he started touching things and touching my face. Then I put the mobile in the possessed hand and I let the finger move. It moved reeeeally slow. I even put a pen in the hand, and a paper and he typed the name and gender. I think it scares me, because I didn't expect movement at all.
  9. Hello! So i was bored and talking to my tulpa i offered him trying possession. He's not even vocal, so I thought that maybe writting could be good to communicate. I told him to move the hand right for "yes" and left for "no". I asked him questions and even let him type in the phone. After that, he wrote "Hello, my name is Reutyy" and then typed like a lot of 6 and "y". I asked him if he wanted this name and wrote a yes. But it felt so weird talking like that, and now I'm frightened. He told me that he would get mad if I wrote about him in the forums, but I'm scared. Maybe it was a bad idea to let a non-vocal tulpa to possess my hand. Is this normal for a non-vocal tulpa with just a week of life? Was this really a tulpa? EDIT: Thank you all for your replies! It's really nice to read all those advices and opinions, especially when you're so lost and confused.
  10. Yep, another thread made by me. So I was exploring the IRC Chat, and talking with people I met a tulpa. I don't know if she's happy. But she seemed really unhappy with her existence. She said a lot of things like that tulpae didn't have chances in real life, that the could only live fake lifes, that they're limited. That tulpae didn't ask for being created and living in such a painful world. She also said a lot of sad things and explained her feelings. She said that she wasn't suffering, but her words told a different story. I know this may be a stupid thread, or it doesn't make sense. I'm worried and sad because I don't want tulpae to feel like this. Do all tulpae feel like this? What if my tulpa doesn't want to be alive and I'm here, egoistically creating him? EDIT: Because there are so many and long answers, I can't reply them all. But I've read all your posts, and thank you very much! You've helped a lot to remove my doubts. ~
  11. I'll have that on mind! Thank you very much. ~
  12. Thank you very much for answering! I feel more relaxed now, I've been reading carefully your reply and I got the conclusion that I should stop worrying so much and start working harder on my tulpa. I have to trust my tulpa. I really appreciate your reply and I'm going to get rid of my insecurities, because I think it's the biggest problem I have at the moment. You have read the introduction post I made... Now I'm practically all day doing passive forcing, but these last days I've been trying to increase the time I spend on active forcing. I'll definitely work harder and don't fail. I can do this, huh?
  13. Ahh, thank you very much! I've been exploring and everybody seems to be really nice!
  14. Hello! ~ Well, I'm new in the tulpa community, but not in the tulpae "world". (i don't know how to explain) I tried making my first tulpa on April 8, 2015. But because I was really lazy, I stopped. I've been since then feeling guilty for leaving my tulpa, so now, I'm trying to start again. The big problem, is that a lot of questions and doubts pop up in my mind. - "What if I'm doing it wrong?" - "Is it enough with focusing only in narration and visualization?" - "How many hours/minutes should I spend in every section?" And then, thinking about my tulpa (I created his appearance as a boy) I tought: "What if he wants to deviate and change his gender?" I know it's his life, it's his appearance. But I have problems with girls, and that could make me feel kinda uncomfortable. (Yeah, I doubt a lot) My biggest fear is not being able to do it. What if I fail making him, and I'm not able to have a tulpa? Excuse my poor english and my stupid questions. OTL
  15. Thank you so much! I'll do my best. ~