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  1. @lunar system My tulpas name is Cadbury (after the chocolate) if they decide they like that name. I'm really new to this, (I only started a week ago so I really do need to be more patient) @vixx thank you for replying ^_^ it's really hard not to doubt they're there at first but it's pretty hard at the start haha. I haven't been doing hour counts but the amount of hours I've done so far is 7-9 so I really need to be more patient too.
  2. Yeah my tulpa has a name c:. I guess the reason why I sorta feel crazy when forcing is because the stereotypical definition is like talking to yourself, even if it's not exactly the true defenition. I'll try using my thoughts this time instead of doing it out loud haha ;D; and yeah they have a name ^_^
  3. Whenever I'm forcing I feel kinda insane because i haven't gotten a response yet, so it feels like I'm Just talking to myself. What do I do to stop feeling crazy while forcing??
  4. Thank you so much!! This helped a lot c:
  5. As in how does your tulpa look in the real world? Are they fully opaque ? Or are they a bit transparent? I'm really interested in this part because I just started making my tulpa and I want to know what to expect.
  6. I started off by setting a timer so I knew how I long I had been able to force, and then I wrote down all my tulpas personality traits and I drew them.'after that I sat down and imagined them sitting I front of me. I talked to them and told them about myself for about ten minutes, and then went on to talking about them for twenty of twenty five mins. So I was forcing for a hour. Also a side question, can you multitask while forcing or no ?
  7. I've been researching for almost a year and a half now, about tulpas. I know they're a lifetime commitment and I wouldn't be using them for sex,replacing people and other negative things. I won't make them after a real character either. I'm 13, and I don't know if this would be a mistake or not. I've already imagined what they would look like and their wonderland would look like. So should I start or should I wait longer?