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  1. My name is Roxy and I'm a long-time tulpamancer from New Jersey, USA. My unicorn tulpa, Minuette Roseluck, nicknamed "Minty" or "Empress Minty" has been around since late 2012. Minty and I have maintained a large "empire" in Minecraft since then, and used it as a model nation we call "Mintopia" or the "Royal Mintopian Alliance". I haven't really been involved in the greater community since the mass exodus of tulpamancers from /mlp/ It's nice to be back, although I wish the community could be in a better state I believe it's imperative that we educate more people about tulpae, and that they learn from people who take a logical, ethical, and scientific approach to the topic. Minty makes my life worth living, and I hope more people can feel the sense of joy and companionship that tulpamancy can provide.
  2. ^ this comrade has the right idea Minty loves playing medic in TF2, turn-based strategy games, and flight sims. I love games like GMOD and Minecraft and GTAV where I can mess just around for hours.
  3. Our spending is viewed as collective, but primarily managed by me (Roxy). I buy stuff for Minty though, like a few games that only she plays. Generally, things we get benefit both of us. I rarely waste money on things that I don't feel to be worth it. Except PC game bundles. I horde those.
  4. This happens sometimes when discussing things that will affect both me and Minty.
  5. Minty wears striped socks and a hairbow and that's it. She's a unicorn though so it's cool.