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    I've played to many video games to have a life story.

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  1. Also adding on that this was made in 2012 and should not have even been considered for the more modern guides as this was acceptable in 2012, not 2014.
  2. Wow this is still a thing since the forums update and all that fancy guides sorting thing.
  3. Me and my tulpae use a program called Lackeyccg with the magic plugin, we just use a rule for no powergaming, no acting on what eachother knows, but I'd love to do team games
  4. I use to do the same thing, I think that the "parroting" isnt actually you, trust it is your tulpa, sometimes a way for them to think is thought hi-jacking, it starts of with your thought and lets them put their meanings in it. Long story short, trust its them.
  5. At most, I'd think you would have an easier time focusing on them longer, so if you're cool with it, do it.
  6. I dont think a conscious can be killed unless you have some severe problems or believe you can. It can be undone, unlike the death of a body.
  7. I supose its possible, although, my guess is that when tulpae "merge" in that manner, you're really creating one, and the other two sleep as that one exists. I don't see why you'd want to concider that regardless
  8. Allyra "Its not lonely when you have eleven headmates plus a host :D" Edit: accidental quote
  9. First of all, their perspective would be from the object but still be linked to you. You'd nly be giving the object to another person, any tulpa they got from the object would be created by them.
  10. Seeing your tulpa move is a part of hearing in a way, it took me long to see them move than it did to hear speach
  11. I aint stopping my bacon, steak and pork (all in one) sandwiches just to think clearer!
  12. No. How about we call them what they have been turned into. Plastic storage bins.