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  1. My understanding was that it's just a long running joke that it's a magic bullet for tulpamancy
  2. I don't see it getting off the ground. A lot of people won't want tulpas linked to their irl identity. Best of luck regardless
  3. Everyone treating this guy like he's not a troll....
  4. As beings of thought, there's no physical nerves sending signals of pain to them. Anything they feel is all in their heads so to speak, they're capable of pain, but also entirely capable of turning it off if they believe they can.
  5. Hmm, I'm pretty bi I guess. The rest of my tups generally follow suit, but Sera seems asexual/hetero-romantic, and the bi-ness seems to have different leanings for each of us
  6. It's entirely possible for a tulpa to experience your PoV. Mine do frequently.
  7. Yeah, you guys were being over sensitive. Nobody thinks all teens are bad hosts, but I do indeed believe increased age is going to correlate with maturity and being a less shitty host in general. Less experience and raging hormones are working against them. This shouldn't be a controversial idea
  8. If you make a tulpa and you take it as seriously as you should, you're making yourself an abberant individual. You're creating a huge responsibility that most other people can't properly relate to. A voice in your head is a deal breaker to a lot of potential life partners, and not telling them about someone as close to you as your tulpa should be is a major omission that (in my opinion anyway) is a horribly shitty thing to do to a partner. Basically what I'm saying is, you'll gain a shit load of weird points, they're usually disguisable in public, but not always. If you're charismatic enou
  9. If calling them imaginary friends means you don't think they're entities with any real will, sentience, or whatever, all the good stuff humans have, I can't argue. Maybe they are, maybe not. But if they might be, the moral thing to do is to treat them as if they are.
  10. >but considering the fact that I'm a teenager, too, don't you think that's a bit biased? What? >There are plenty of responsible teens on the forums who have healthy Tulpae. Furthermore, I'm sure some adults have done the same things you describe to their Tulpae before. As unfortunate as it is, age is not always a factor when dealing with irresponsible hosts. Okay, clearly children aren't the only shitty hosts, and some of them are perfectly good at creating life long partners in life for a mutually nurturing relationship. The fact that they tend to be a demographic much more lik
  11. Being around the community for over two years now, children under about 17 or so are the most likely to do really shitty things to them, get sick of them and let them die, abuse them in horrible ways. Please don't tell children about this. They're literally the worst. Don't let them have absolute power over another entity.
  12. My tulpa seems to have two diffferent mindvoices. One being a very generic feminine voice, the other being very unique and and expressive, inflected in her own special way. We both prefer the latter, but half the time I hear her in the former. Any advice? inb4 its actually two tuppers
  13. A. She usually gets involved in one way or another, Pleasing myself is never really a solo experience anymore. Q. How has your tulpa responded to your fapping?
  14. A. Physics>Bio>Chem Q. Is OP a fag?
  15. A. Maybe. Q. Do what again?
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