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    A writer whose characters keep setting up long-term real estate in the headspace. We have dozens of people in here, but here are the ones you're most likely to see around:

    Sparrow: The writer/host. Thought she was a singlet until last year, when she came upon multiplicity and realized all the people in her head were alive, and had been for YEARS. Silly Sparrow.

    Temar: The system's big brother. Created 17 years ago, but didn't realize he was sentient until last year. He's taken to it surprisingly well.

    Joss: The temperamental one. The loudest and most active in the system, but has limited interest in these boards. Except, surprisingly, the Games board?

    Ayo: The system's little sister. The newest addition (just created last fall), as well as the youngest in form (she takes that of a 14-year-old). Spreads joy, fun, and adorableness wherever she goes.
  1. Hi Tulpa. I don’t think we’ve directly spoken, but I’m Sparrow, host of Joss and Temar (among others). I’m not on the guide team, but I do work as a professional technical editor, so my soulbonds and I decided to give this a tackle, since you said you were hoping to really get it polished up. It… uh… turned into a bit of a lengthy system discussion. See the hidden tags. Standard disclaimer: This is the opinion of one system. We think a guide like this (one that’s recent and reflects tulpamancy in its current form) would be great to have, and so would like to help guide you on how to make
  2. 8, and very fluent. And really, I think most of my score is because of things I would never attribute to DID. I daydream a lot, which can mean zoning out during lectures or car rides, and I have a poor memory. It's definitely not traumagenic.
  3. Temar poked me out of hiding for this, so I clicked the "too persistent and noisy" option. :p I know from experience that a few of my tulpas can persist beyond my belief in their autonomy, because that was their default state before I discovered tulpamancy/soulbonding/etc. Several of them consistently interjected commentary about my life without my consciously willing it (Temar and Joss most commonly), and I'm pretty sure they'd continue to do so (those two in particular XP) even if I stopped believing in the tulpa phenomenon. They'd probably revert back to a different state, because the ve
  4. Balthazier: Related, perhaps, in that it raises questions regarding what constitutes identity and self-awareness. However, tulpae and related phenomena do not seem to be differentiated along right-vs-left-brain lines, so I would not posit that a headmate is necessarily the "silent" right hemisphere described by the creator of the video. For one thing, the video describes a physical phenomenon related to what the right and left brain are capable of perceiving and processing--e.g., the right brain is explicitly tied to the left side of the body and vice versa, and splitting the hemisph
  5. That's the same thing as the "proxying" I was talking about, I think, just sort of... less direct? It's a matter of not thinking so much between when she tells you what to write/say and you writing/saying it, until you're not thinking at all. If you're still the one doing it, I'd say it's still proxying, but her connection to the body is a bit more direct. Like shortening the strings of a marionette. Maybe some exercises just building that connection could help. :) Give her a ten minute period where she can ask you to say or do anything and you won't question it, and let her play around with
  6. I had a lot of trouble with dissociation, too. I still do sometimes. One thing that really clicked for me is that, when you're switching, you're not giving up awareness of the body... you're passing that awareness to someone else. So it's less that you fade away from the body or anything like that and more like the one experiencing the awareness changes. It's a lot like proxying, actually. Where you listen to Rina and channel her to type on the forums and whatever else you guys do. You let her direct you and don't question it. Switching is like that, except it's a matter of giving her
  7. Ayo: Ooh, ooh, ME! I LOVE going shopping with Mom. :D I'm good at projection (or imposition, whatever it's called here!!), so I can pull her around the store and point out things she should try on. And, trust me, she NEEDS the help. She doesn't care about fashion or looking cute at all, so she lets me pick out anything for her that I want! Without my help, she picks out all this drab ratty blah stuff. I make sure she has some color and fun in her wardrobe. :)
  8. Aaargh. We deliberated over this one longer than we should have, because we could literally make an argument for every one of these choices (except #5, just because we don't have enough knowledge of plurality as a whole to speak on that one way or another). Picked 3, because that's the one I'm personally feeling most strongly recently, but pretty much all of them make sense from a different point of view. (Including some held by my bonds). It's such a subjective topic that it's hard to nail down a single description that works for everyone.
  9. Let's say that you never found out about tulpamancy. This is actually two questions for me. If I'd never found out about it, it would have been more of the same of what I've been doing for most of my life. They'd still be there, still talking to me and pushing me to do things. But I'd still be dismissing them, as many authors do, as just "my characters talking to me." There is still love in that state, but it is a love that does not respect their individuality or autonomy. I'm much happier to acknowledge who they are. If I'd never done it in the first place? Well, I'd probably have ne
  10. Temar (Blargh. Posted this on my host's account): That is a fair concern, J. Iscariot, and I will admit that I am coming from the bias of a very well-established autonomous entity. However, it is clear here that the OP is just not capable of dealing with a tulpa on top of other stresses right now. I've dealt with a host with anxiety problems my entire existence, and this has pretty much all the benchmarks. And when you're dealing with anxiety, you have to manage the amount of stressors in the environment, because when you're in anxiety DEFCON mode, even something like hanging out with y
  11. Different system members are better at different tulpamancy techniques. Joss can pretty much switch in at will but rarely imposes clearly, while Ayo imposes extremely vividly but has no interest whatsoever in possession or switching. Everyone basically has a different tulpamancy skill set.
  12. Felicity: As is the case with much about tulpamancy, this is a question of definitions. For example, when my headmates and I use the term "essence," we mean something different than "presence" (that which allows our host to feel us, as well as us to feel one another) and empathic connections (which is one of our ways of communicating emotions nonverbally). For us, an "essence" is that ironically indefinable trait that makes a person "that person." It is the idea of who we are, in the most holistic sense. Specific traits are considered more ancillary than necessary to it; perhaps the essanc
  13. ^ Ditto to this. Ayo, in particular, seems to have a mischievous streak. When I'm out with friends, she'll impose nearby and make faces behind their backs to try to get me to react. XD
  14. 157 Guess there's not much fun to this thread if everyone's good. If this thread dies because no one's evil, does that mean good wins?
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