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  1. The music bot we use (Groovy) actually server-deafens itself now because people were afraid it was recording them.
  2. I had the bot muted for some of the time they did this yesterday, but they wanted me to have it unmuted, basically
  3. It was a couple friends in our voice chat, but I had to be in there to communicate while playing Warframe. About five of us ended up listening to like 5 kidz bop albums today (played through a music bot).
  4. Your guess is as good as mine I'm not a fan of Kidz Bop... But 8-10 weren't as painful as the first five or so, for the most part. Coincidentally this is what song started playing right after I wrote that post:
  5. I'm being held hostage and forced to listen to Kidz Bop albums, send help we're up to Kidz Bop 10
  6. It doesn't help that we see some normal members of the community as having some level of mental issues. IE, pointing at people's PRs to say "See, another tulpamancer whose system works like mine" with the implication it's not a problem. It's rude to say people "have a problem", so we don't, but not everyone in the community is living a perfectly healthy life to begin with. It's nice to see other people like you of course, but while that can comfort you, it doesn't mean there's nothing wrong, either. But straight up the definition of a disorder if not just our own advice: If it causes you distress, it's a problem. Pretty simple, really
  7. Happy Easter. We got a "Reester Bunny"... a chocolate bunny with Reese's peanut butter in it.
  8. ... Well if you're going to see like that, I guess you can win for a while
  9. Can't let you win so easily just because I don't have anything of worth to say
  10. Too easy of last-postingness
  11. It's Warframe-with-friends time again, for us
  12. Wha.. these avatars are scary and confusing - but they all look good, so I guess there's that.
  13. Uh, well technically all of us used the same account I suppose. Lumi had his username changed to Luminesce (when he created the name itself) and at the same time created the account "Reisen" again, which we used for I think a couple of years for all us tulpas in the system. Then eventually we got our own accounts each, which is why Reisen's signature/bio references it being "just her" now. Can't actually update that, it's there for when people read old posts like mine or Tewi's that're still on her account.
  14. The world may never know what Lumi was thinking when he signed up to this forum with the name Reisen. It was definitely out of habit since he used the name everywhere else, but I don't get how he didn't consider at all how that might be problematic, really
  15. We're still used to calling you Miri, since I think that's how you were introduced? But others on the forum have changed their names a lot more than that, so it's not a huge deal. Vos used to be Vosaiu, but I think she had a brief stint as Kaede too lol. Lumi used to be "Reisen"... at the same time as Reisen
  16. Congrats on the psychic powers
  17. What's the glitch? Also, I'm surprised you can post that fast.
  18. Funny, it's {late in the night} and I just wish it was.. uh, how does this work.. I wish it was time to go to bed. But to make our schedule make any sense at all I need to stay up for at least 7 more hours, or go to sleep now and sleep for less than 7, ugh.
  19. You wouldn't download a pizza... Wait, yeah you would, who wouldn't?
  20. That's included in "Being dense"
  21. Speaking of checking backgrounds, yours is like the daytime equivalent of Lumi's. His is also our permanent desktop background, too
  22. Did you know our profile pages can have custom backgrounds? Probably, but did you also know you could click on them to see the full image? Our system's had those set up since day 1 of the forum transition, but I don't think we ever told anyone about that.