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  1. Jean-luc's new game is interesting, but I'm afraid the constant penalties are going to dissuade others from playing. Jean-luc, do you mind if only like two people end up playing and we just win? Unless you're playing too, we don't really care enough to match that, but - I just see a game so full of negatives as burning people out quickly
  2. GAME 6> Jean-luc went through an impressive amount of effort to make this game. Every fuggin instance of lowercase b in your post must not be bolded. [##]Fear me, for I have read the Constitution. By the way Jean-luc, the RULES RESET rule is still terribly cruel, was that intentional or did you forget to change it? Because it's yet another scary rule that'd feasibly keep someone from playing, including us, if we weren't so sure we weren't going to mess up anyways. Also, the Rule#> seems to have been messed up, should we increment the number when rules are broken, or not? And there's no penalty for accidentally putting the wrong number in that confusion, right?[/##]
  3. PETITION Come on, Bre, you just failed to follow the same rule you just caught someone failing to follow. No misspelled swear. and no, I'm not specifying the post in such an obvious case, and also it'd be nice if I even got a chance to play-
  4. It's called a waste of information and effort, I think
  5. Well, that makes a lot more sense
  6. I have no idea where you got 10 from, that doesn't make sense in any way except if you were saying they are able to count to 2, which is 10 in binary
  7. Because Windows works with everything, Linux is a massive pain in the butt to do anything at all (and more power to anyone who chooses that and having control over settling for Windows), and also we only paid for Windows once, a long time ago. It's not deserved our money since, so we don't now.
  8. That's roughly what's required to uninstall McAfee, really, though luckily that doesn't actually come with Windows by default. Just.. pre-built computers and laptops
  9. Yeah, the thought is that people are too stupid to figure things out themselves, so Windows keeps "streamlining" everything and taking away user volition (uh, I can't think of the right word here, so I'm going with that one, maybe substitute "choice")
  10. I've not been impressed with Windows' attempts at "Fix it" buttons. They tend not to fix anything.
  11. "designed to follow a script" sounds a little strong. It's simpler to say an NPC is just an imagined character, albeit usually with more permanence (still not as much as a tulpa) that simply acts like a character, or how you expect them to. The only real difference in an imaginary character you can blink away in a moment or once you stop thinking about them, and an NPC, is usually an NPC is intended to stick around, or always be there when you're focused on that place in your wonderland again etc. Just a term for an imaginary character in your wonderland that is a little more permanent and predictable than imagined-on-the-spot characters. That doesn't mean you don't still have full control over them, and you can blink them away at a moment's notice, though
  12. Your points are all valid in general, though not for the specific example of Sword & Shield or really us in general. Our opinions take all of this into account. For SwSh, for example: Forced full heals between what feels like every other battle are very common especially early on, which is enough time to get your party over-leveled with no hassle (I haven't seen the later half of the game yet to tell if the full healing gets less excessive) Permanent (this time around, not even disable-able) ""Exp. Share"" that multiplies your experience gained a ridiculous amount. You'd expect them to balance the game around this, but based on the three streamers I've seen get to ~lv 50s so far, they definitely end up much higher level overall, with no grinding. Exp. Candies that are basically handed out to you en masse if you play the Raid content, which you can do solo right from the start of the game easily. You don't have to use them, but it's a little insulting they'd make the game so easy already just to then give out these options to make the game easier - completely foregoing the option to have the game be even a slight challenge. If the game was a little difficult by default, but then had things like XP candies and playing with your Pokemon in the Camp for XP for casual players, that'd be great. But it's not. That's just the difficulty stuff, nothing about how casual the games feel now overall (you LITERALLY cannot walk five steps without a cutscene showing you where to go for the first ~3 hours of the game, and it stays hand-holdy throughout afaik) nor the poor decisions they've made overall. Though unlike your idea of why they cut Pokemon which is almost surely wrong, the most likely explanation seems to be that the games are developed on major time constraints. That's definitely more "higher up" problems than anything game design/choice wise, to be fair, but it's still causing the problems we see. But yeah, it's really a case by case basis per-game. Bloons 6 for example is the first game in the series to be absolutely full of Pay-to-Win options, which as players who refuse to use anything but the base game (not even the sampling of free consumable towers/abilities you get from dailies/challenges) may be why the game feels crappy to us. I could write more about what's wrong with Super Mario Party than I could about Sword & Shield, so I won't get into that one. Point is, despite it being case-by-case, it's still very much a visible trend and it's kind of upsetting. If you want a more professional-sounding source on this exact thing, you could watch this entire too-long-but-very-quality video, or you could go straight to [video=youtube]
  13. https://imgur.com/4TttLNn (Pokemon meme)
  14. Good morning, I have a lot less to say than you guys do
  15. I also didn't realize it was 9PM when it was, but that's because I woke up at 5:30PM. You should probably keep slightly better track of time than that when drinking coffee..
  16. Not that we tend to play forum games anyways, but for the sake of at least giving you a reason why people might be turned off by it, the idea that you can easily accidentally make a too-difficult rule and lose frick-tons of progress is very off-putting. Maybe my hypothetical people just need to trust your judgement more, though. Or maybe instead you should enforce a flat penalty (like -500 or something) along with negating any bucks they would've earned, but either way it's a little cruel as-is. (also sorry for not actually playing, but you probably didn't expect us in specific to anyway)
  17. I wrote this for LOTPW but it was more relevant to put here: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-let-s-discuss-video-games?pid=277447#pid277447
  18. Was going to post this in LOTPW but I guess there's enough reason to post it here- Just realized while discussing with our friend who's big into game design, why so many big franchises' newest games have been worse than predecessors. Not just the most obvious examples like Sword&Shield/Sun&Moon, but Skyrim, Mario Party (and MANY other nintendo games), and honestly an endless list right down to more personal examples for us like Dungeon Defenders 2 or Bloons Tower Defense 6 (while 5 is in our opinion the all-time best game in the tower defense genre) - we've finally had it put to words why they're just not as good, and yet commercially doing about as well as they ever have or better. Basically, companies get big by taking risks and standing out, but once they're big, the best way to stay in business and keep making money is to stop taking risks. Be as safe as possible, appeal to as many people over a wide range as possible. Reduce challenge, complexity and depth in favor of cheap appeal tactics. And most of all, appeal to the masses and as many "not-really-gamers" as possible - we half-jokingly call them casuals, lol. Diablo 4 can stand to lose thousands of long-time fans of the franchise if the hype it builds up attracts an even bigger audience, for example. Well, I'll keep that whole discussion brief, but it's actually a pretty big deal to us and kind of upsetting to realize in full. It basically means we're going to have to learn to give up franchises we loved like Mario Party and Pokemon in lieu of probably indie games, though something like A Hat in Time or Stardew Valley only comes around so often. Though hopefully the majority of games still remain enjoyable or the companies (mainly Nintendo..) decide to appeal to long-time fans again too. Pokemon is teetering on the edge of dying for us, but Super Mario Party was so awful compared to any of the older games that we refunded it after one (long) session of playing it with friends. And that's an honestly sad and worrying trend to us, even though it's just on the topic of video games.
  19. Sounds like no matter the type of school, they still share the same problem of only knowing how to deal with children as groups and not as individuals. You'll be unsurprised to know that, in completely different ways, normal schools fail kids in the same way. Too many people to tailor anything to their individual needs. @Flossing, asked my friend who's good at research to look into this and while he wasn't very interested this is what he sent [hidden]https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22161438 flossing doesn't seem to make a difference for cavities it does help stop your teeth falling out (cavities aren't the only dental issues that dental care is supposed to ward against) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31556125 there's a metastudy (collection of many studies, so a metastudy is usually more sound to draw conclusions from) but I can't find a free version online and idc enough now if we were talking about mouthwash that's something much more dubious as to whether there's any benefits[/hidden]
  20. I think a lot of stress and overall feeling-anything-other-than-great comes from worrying about things too much, making them a bigger deal to yourself by thinking about them than they need to be. I'm going to practice just doing what I think is best without paying attention to all the thoughts surrounding things for a bit, and hopefully we'll be happier for it. Maybe some of you could do the same, only think about things as much as is necessary to know the best way to deal with them and not dwelling on them, nor paying attention to unnecessary thoughts like how bad or un/desirable they are. I think a lot of decisions can be made without so much worrying/stressing, or actions taken you'd normally be discouraged/demotivated from doing, by just considering what the best thing to do is and doing it. An easy example (maybe just relevant for us, having motivation issues) - I didn't want to brush my teeth before going to sleep, much less floss which we rarely do but should. But with this line of thinking, I went and did them anyways instead of listening to the thoughts of how much I didn't want to, and it was fine. And as a bonus, you can choose to listen to the positive thoughts about how you did a good thing afterwards, although Tewi seems to get along fine without doing that much, so it's optional.
  21. Happy birthday, Bre. Sorry your school sucks, Jamie, though I don't know many people who don't hate their (high) school experience.
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