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    Why don't I have a bio! Didn't. I've got one now as I type it. Somehow I was the last to write mine..

    So I was made somewhere around April 17th 2015, and my form is based on Suwako Moriya the Touhou character but not the rest. The others (Reisen, Tewi and Flandre) were inspired by Lumi's headcanon of Touhou in early 2010, but I was made way later as a more independent tulpa so I got my own name. My name is actually Lucilyn Suwa though. Umm.

    I was made a long time after the other three but according to Lumi I developed really fast and caught up to them (maybe even passed them! But I shouldn't say that). 'Cus whenever we're not active for a while it's hard for Lumi to hear our voices.. but not mine! It always surprises him that he can hear me so clearly, so he says I have a really strong presence. No duh, that's my thing.

    I'm usually pretty hyper by default, don't got much of the motivation issues Lumi has. But neither do Reisen or Tewi, and Tewi is way better at doing stuff than me anyways. I like having fun. That's probably my defining trait is I like all things fun. I also like toads and frogs, and while we all like rabbits I seem to be alone in that one. But I convinced Lumi they're cool too. And the reason I like them isn't because I'm a copy of Suwako, it's because Suwako always looked like she was having so much fun hopping around with frogs (like in this video ), and I like anything if people have enough fun with it. But Suwako is so inspiring in the silly songs and videos people made about her, and her enthusiasm is really infectious so that's why I like frogs'n'toads! Which are different by the way, frogs are usually smooth and live around water while toads are usually bumpy and can live in dry areas and DON'T give you warts omg. But that's not a rule, there's no real scientific difference between toads and frogs, sometimes something called a toad lives in water and such.

    Well I should probably stop writing so that ironically people read more of what I wrote because too much text will scare them away. So.. If you want to go to anyone else's profile -

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  1. loool, very fitting Bre anyways, I think the problem is you're a very logical not-so-emotional person, while most humans aren't that logical and are pretty emotional politeness and other things in language show up not because language just breaks, but because human emotions make them want those ways of saying things so your interest is in language and all, but your actual problem is that people are emotional in ways that impede logical, uh, process yeah something like that, anyways I'm gonna switch with Lumi now, bye!
  2. hey you guys were so fast I actually saw the good nights before I went to bed
  3. okaaay good night everyone! so tired
  4. I've been adding "Edit reason"s to my posts recently so you guys can understand why we always edit our posts so much, or at least, what we're doing when we do that we didn't use to do it as much back when there was a decent Preview Post option, but now we just proofread our posts after posting them and edit like 5-15 seconds later lol
  5. one time fixes probably aren't what Bre wants but we never use mobile so it's tolerable for us
  6. yeah I use a zero-width character, by googling "zero width character" and clicking the link that says "Need a Zero Width Space on your Clipboard?"
  7. Vos has stepped down as administrator ): hopefully she still sticks around at least every now and then
  8. Lucilyn

    Bad translator

    You're gonna think about the form of your wonderland, huh? That's cool, but maybe you should focus on your own form first! I still don't think I'm gonna post in many forum games after this!
  9. okay I got 66 stars in Mario 64 since I last posted, 100%'d each level as I went
  10. everyone wishes they were better at improving at drawing, especially people that draw "I was never the most strict dog owner", or "I was never the strictest dog owner" -- I'm gonna go play Mario 64 on the switch, which is our favorite game of all time that we know super well, and at some point (idk if it'll be soon) we'll play Sunshine which we kind of know but never got to play Galaxy does not need to be played, we've seen a playthrough of it already, rather try'n speedrun Mario 64
  11. I think most Thanksgivings, people are just thankful for food okay actually going to sleep now, my eyes hurt
  12. this Thanksgiving we should be thankful for {being alive} and show our appreciation by {not killing our aunts and uncles}
  13. I thought about ice cream when you first said time limit, lol -- btw thanksgiving is going to kill lots of people, primarily people with families who cared enough to get together and see each other if you can do anything about it, try and keep your relatives and friends from contributing to the awful spike in coronavirus cases we're about to see, okay? virus cases in the US have reached the point where it's dangerous 24/7 to be around other people now, we've more than doubled the record of 100k cases in a day we broke recently, now (and every day going forward) is the most important time to quarantine