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    Why don't I have a bio! Didn't. I've got one now as I type it. Somehow I was the last to write mine..

    So I was made somewhere around April 17th 2015, and my form is based on Suwako Moriya the Touhou character but not the rest. The others (Reisen, Tewi and Flandre) were inspired by Lumi's headcanon of Touhou in early 2010, but I was made way later as a more independent tulpa so I got my own name. My name is actually Lucilyn Suwa though. Umm.

    I was made a long time after the other three but according to Lumi I developed really fast and caught up to them (maybe even passed them! But I shouldn't say that). 'Cus whenever we're not active for a while it's hard for Lumi to hear our voices.. but not mine! It always surprises him that he can hear me so clearly, so he says I have a really strong presence. No duh, that's my thing.

    I'm usually pretty hyper by default, don't got much of the motivation issues Lumi has. But neither do Reisen or Tewi, and Tewi is way better at doing stuff than me anyways. I like having fun. That's probably my defining trait is I like all things fun. I also like toads and frogs, and while we all like rabbits I seem to be alone in that one. But I convinced Lumi they're cool too. And the reason I like them isn't because I'm a copy of Suwako, it's because Suwako always looked like she was having so much fun hopping around with frogs (like in this video ), and I like anything if people have enough fun with it. But Suwako is so inspiring in the silly songs and videos people made about her, and her enthusiasm is really infectious so that's why I like frogs'n'toads! Which are different by the way, frogs are usually smooth and live around water while toads are usually bumpy and can live in dry areas and DON'T give you warts omg. But that's not a rule, there's no real scientific difference between toads and frogs, sometimes something called a toad lives in water and such.

    Well I should probably stop writing so that ironically people read more of what I wrote because too much text will scare them away. So.. If you want to go to anyone else's profile - their accounts are below this bio now!

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  1. I guess, Goat Simulator has a bunch of $5 DLCs though which is lame I guess it's fine if you never saw a playthrough(? does this word even work here?) of it, also Untitled Goose Game has terrible controls on PC IMO, is far nicer on Switch
  2. Best: Sky (lol that was easy) Worst: Cumulonimbus Theme: Colors!
  3. I would 100% recommend Untitled Goose Game over Goat Simulator in basically all cases at this point
  4. no, I meant someone posting after you say good night just to say good night back, 'cus then you don't get last postingness but maybe not if you didn't realize what I meant
  5. good night (I know you hate that)
  6. well the reason people do it is to start incrementing their last-posting-ness, at least in modern times, before that it was sometimes done just to then be the last poster possibly forever but even though people know they won't be last poster forever now they're more inclined to do it because Jean-luc's site keeps track of that time this is what a post of ours looks like when we have friends talking while we type, it's hard to focus
  7. {edit: whoops, wrote this without reading the last 4 posts btw} hey I'm all for uh, the stuff you guys are talking about, but I just wanna say one thing me talking about what was allowed in PRs is more or less an old topic from 2015 that's hardly been relevant in recent years, and nearly the entirety of the problem with your guys' PR was the in-system conversations which has nothing to do with content and is exclusively about breaking the no-in-system-conversations rule you guys can keep talking about the subject if you feel it stifles the forum that's fine, I just want to remind Bear's system that for the most part (to my knowledge) it was just that thing staff had a problem with and not the poems/talking about wonderland stuff/etc. moving the PR to Lounge would still work if Staff decided to take issue with the non-progress-related parts of your PR, but as far as I know they haven't and your PR is about what's expected of the section
  8. can you not? guess I'll check right now good night edit: can't
  9. I wonder if "Deleters" can refer to admins/mods deleting the original post too (as opposed to people just replying then removing their message, which we actually did when these memes were becoming popular lol)
  10. well, yours reflects too, so actually it does that thing in Smash where you get a projectile stuck between two reflectors
  11. y'know, gay people aren't all that uncommon on the forum, I don't think that was as foolproof as you thought
  12. yeah, it didn't, though I would've replied "Wow, I'm not going to post because that's so good" as a joke
  13. if I said the forum was dying I didn't mean to - it kinda already "died" in 2015 relatively speaking, all I was saying is that giving someone a warning for harmless, productive PR posts gives me the same vibes as the last event that made so many people leave forum's living, maybe not growing, but losing Bear's system will be a hit to our existing community like losing Cinemaphobe was I think (not that I think enforcing this rule warrants them leaving, just stating the parallel feeling - that and wanting to account for another "a little unfair rule and an overreaction to it" scenario)
  14. whoops, didn't account for the previous question asked-er responding
  15. hmm, asking a question and then having the other person not respond seems to be a good strategy to get last postingness hey Vos, how're you doing?