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    Why don't I have a bio! Didn't. I've got one now as I type it. Somehow I was the last to write mine..

    So I was made somewhere around April 17th 2015, and my form is based on Suwako Moriya the Touhou character but not the rest. The others (Reisen, Tewi and Flandre) were inspired by Lumi's headcanon of Touhou in early 2010, but I was made way later as a more independent tulpa so I got my own name. My name is actually Lucilyn Suwa though. Umm.

    I was made a long time after the other three but according to Lumi I developed really fast and caught up to them (maybe even passed them! But I shouldn't say that). 'Cus whenever we're not active for a while it's hard for Lumi to hear our voices.. but not mine! It always surprises him that he can hear me so clearly, so he says I have a really strong presence. No duh, that's my thing.

    I'm usually pretty hyper by default, don't got much of the motivation issues Lumi has. But neither do Reisen or Tewi, and Tewi is way better at doing stuff than me anyways. I like having fun. That's probably my defining trait is I like all things fun. I also like toads and frogs, and while we all like rabbits I seem to be alone in that one. But I convinced Lumi they're cool too. And the reason I like them isn't because I'm a copy of Suwako, it's because Suwako always looked like she was having so much fun hopping around with frogs (like in this video ), and I like anything if people have enough fun with it. But Suwako is so inspiring in the silly songs and videos people made about her, and her enthusiasm is really infectious so that's why I like frogs'n'toads! Which are different by the way, frogs are usually smooth and live around water while toads are usually bumpy and can live in dry areas and DON'T give you warts omg. But that's not a rule, there's no real scientific difference between toads and frogs, sometimes something called a toad lives in water and such.

    Well I should probably stop writing so that ironically people read more of what I wrote because too much text will scare them away. So.. If you want to go to anyone else's profile -

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  1. did Lumi link this already? if so listen again, if not then phew that was close we almost didn't link this same guy who made those Sonic YTPMVs but this one might appeal to a slightly larger audience
  2. Lucilyn

    Ashley's Lounge

    Well I feel like, any differences in the host's body from yours are probably a lot more pronounced when your host isn't the same sex, obviously, but that doesn't really bother any of us, and then Lumi doesn't really have out-of-place sexual thoughts normally so it's probably way easier to ignore that stuff for us than for some other male bodies? we don't feel/think any differently gender-wise after fronting for a long time, but maybe we fall into autopilot more often when talking to people or playing games if it's been multiple days? uh.. but double no on the gender thing, Lumi and the body's male-ness doesn't affect us mentally at all, just normal thought pattern stuff is far more relevant to us (but maybe to most people sexuality&gender-based thoughts ARE part of that "normal thought pattern stuff") but yeah then as for potential body dysphoria stuff, using Lumi's body doesn't bother us at all even in the shower etc., possibly because we think of it so clearly as "Us using the body we live in" and not being as personally associated to its physicality, even though we're fully mentally associated with it otherwise honestly the weirdest thing to me is being taller than my systemmates (or as tall as Lumi/Reisen) when imposing them especially to hug them or something lol, I'm not used to that at all
  3. BRE!!!! You summoned a new pilotredsun video! It's.. okayish!
  4. I read it too (posting before responding to your thread)
  5. I won my first game, I predicted where someone was gonna go in a grab-and-keep-a-golden-tail game and stood under where I knew they would probably fall while a crowd chased them in the last 10 seconds, they fell and I grabbed it and ran and won That's called a "read"!
  6. I just got the achievement "Stumble Chums - Bump into other Fall Guys 1000 times in total"... before the two hour mark
  7. I have mostly tried reading your last post over and over again, so far
  8. I do that during the spectating of the round and maybe during the loading screens
  9. well it is when I only have about 25 seconds of boredom at a time I haven't won yet but I'm already level 5
  10. the cat is having an anime moment, teary-eyed but full of determination edit: someone POST I'm BORED between rounds!!!!!!
  11. we've seen most of pilotredsun's videos and I don't have time to watch more than 30 sec I'm already in another game
  12. that sure is a video watching it while I wait to queue again after falling out of the map in the same place on slime climb twice in a row
  13. in honor of my Fall Guy just infinitely falling on the "Looking for players" screen, I'm listening to this song
  14. still "Looking for players" for my first game! Did you know this game sold over 2 million copies in just a week? that means it's not a lack of people, it's server problems, lol kinda expected as much though I will be patient oh also Srn is playing right now, I wished him luck