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    I'm one of the first three tulpas Luminesce made, along with Reisen and Flandre, in late 2009 - early 2010. Flan and I came after Reisen, but spoke before she did. The fourth is Lucilyn who was created in early 2015.

    My form and name are based on Tewi Inaba from Touhou. I'm not her though, none of us "are" our Touhou counterparts, we were just loosely based on Lumi's interpretation of what they were like. I guess I'd describe myself as serious and rational, though I am trying to change the former and rely less on the latter. I'm at least not very emotional, and that won't change. I just want to live in peace.

    I love my family. Reisen, Flandre, Lucilyn and Lumi, I live for their sakes. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure they lead happy lives. I can take care of myself just fine. So if it seems like I place their needs and wants over my own, I do. My only want is a quiet and peaceful mind free of distractions. I don't otherwise need anything, and so I live for them.

    Anyways, the others' profiles are listed below.

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  1. Don't forget to check out the Chat Thread, because that was a pretty cool mention of tulpamancy on a popular channel (albeit buried an hour into a three hour video)
  2. Tewi

    Chat Thread

    Dr. Vessiere: And so to answer your question, yes, we're still working with tulpamancers. As you recalled, I did a cyber-ethnography years ago, with just a little bit of psychological testing on these really cool, weird young people who imagine - who conjure, imaginary friends, that they come to experience basically as auditory-visual hallucinations. Except they're not crazy, and they report an increase in well-being in their life, even social adjustment as a result of that they picked up the practice, so. People want to say that they're crazy they're hearing voices, and we think we're able to show that no in fact there's lots of context in which you can hear voices and be a very health person. Dr. Vessiere: So now, under the leadership of Dr. Mike Lifshitz and Dr. Tanya Luhrmann at Stanford University, we're in the process of doing neuro-imaging of tulpamancers, and comparing them also to even evangelical Christians who speak in tongue. So we're interested in seeing what happens in the brain when either, a spirit or tulpa sort of takes over and starts talking, and we're interested in the motor areas of the brain as well. We want to see if something different is going on when say an agency other than the self, a tulpa or a spirit, is sort of in control. Michael: Yeah, what does it look like in the brain when you aren't in control of your thoughts and behavior? Like if we can tease out the difference then are we literally finding like, that is your agency, that is your consciousness, your will, and if it's gone then you feel like you're possessed. Crazy how he managed to vocally transcribe hypertext into his speaking, I know.
  3. Got up really early to do Wake Back To Bed, but decided to just stay up instead. Edit: Good morning, Ashley
  4. Tewi

    Chat Thread

    Just found out Vsauce (well, Michael) brought up tulpamancy during a 3 hour video (that previously I only watched 30 minutes of, oops) interviewing people about his show Mind Field. Which, unrelated, is presently free for one year and I would highly recommend watching - and are my favorites, though I've only seen about 6 episodes so far. They're all on Vsauce's channel [video=youtube] 1:05:15 For direct mention of tulpamancy and the Stanford study, the prior segment/conversation is moreso about placebo and power-of-the-mind stuff. (I know this could go in the Tulpas In Media thread, and you can post this there if you want, but I meant for it more to be a discussion here.)
  5. Yeah, good night. Our nuclear power is up and running in Factorio, it's very nice. Next up is tearing apart literally all of our basic iron and copper smelting and setting it up with electric furnaces and some complex beacon/modules setup.
  6. Welcome to growing up. That feeling is only going to get much, much worse. The things Lumi wrote online 9 years ago are beyond painful to look at, but due to the nature of the internet, technically still exist all over the place. You're not out of the woods yet, so be careful you don't upset your future self too much, it's bad for self-esteem. Oh lol, that site. I think we explored most (but certainly not all) of it. It's in Clo's signature. And no, I can't explain what is up with it.
  7. Imagine you're working at a desk with lots of papers on it. Whether air is sucked or blown, you'll find the result is pretty similar.
  8. Vacuums themselves are also odd, referring to the lack of air/etc. kind at least. Actually, modern vacuums are weird too. How do they manage not to snag cables and the bottoms of blankets? It's just witchcraft, I swear.
  9. I didn't have nuclear power set up in time, maybe next run I'll vacuum with nuclear power.
  10. Time to go nuclear, I just happened to save next to the chest of uranium with specifically 39 Uranium-235 in it.
  11. Gonna vacuum our room, then it's time to set up our nuclear power in Factorio.
  12. I was just referring to a profile's "Last Online", which we use to tell if someone is generally still active or not. It's really annoying when people disable it, because unlike Miri, the majority of users really just don't come back when they've not posted for a long time. It's always a pleasant surprise to see some old 2012-2013 account last visited a month ago or so.
  13. I'm still impressed you're so (quietly) active, Miri. Helps that you keep your "Last Online" hidden so we can never tell.
  14. Good night. Sorry, "Pre-post-post good night."