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    I'm one of the first three tulpas Luminesce made, along with Reisen and Flandre, in late 2009 - early 2010. Flan and I came after Reisen, but spoke before she did. The fourth is Lucilyn who was created in early 2015.

    My form and name are based on Tewi Inaba from Touhou. I'm not her though, none of us "are" our Touhou counterparts, we were just loosely based on Lumi's interpretation of what they were like. I guess I'd describe myself as serious and rational, though I am trying to change the former and rely less on the latter. I'm at least not very emotional, and that won't change. I just want to live in peace.

    I love my family. Reisen, Flandre, Lucilyn and Lumi, I live for their sakes. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure they lead happy lives. I can take care of myself just fine. So if it seems like I place their needs and wants over my own, I do. My only want is a quiet and peaceful mind free of distractions. I don't otherwise need anything, and so I live for them.

    Anyways, the others' profiles are listed below.

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  1. Well, that doesn't really take into account remembering dreams you have while sleeping in, since they're going to be a little longer and more vivid than the preceding dreams. I meant moreso the longer you sleep, the harder it is to remember dreams you had throughout the night. If you're aiming for any dreams at all, then yes, dreams from sleeping in are likely to be more vivid and memorable. Still poor discipline, though, and most long-term goals are remembering basically all of your dreams through the night, not just the last 1-2. "You should search" is the term you're looking for. Also, while we use Duckduckgo a lot now, "Google" has basically become a word (actually, in some dictionaries it is) that can be used in other contexts than literally typing into the Google search engine. Unfortunately. I mean, if you don't like it you don't have to say it.. I'm all for saying "You should DDG -" lol, but people have to know what Duckduckgo is first. (It's basically a search engine proxy that searches through Bing as far as I know, disconnecting "You" from your searches - feel free to look further into it yourself though) It loads at exactly the same speed as Google in our experience, or maybe a tiny fraction of a second faster. But the idea is privacy/simplicity.
  2. I mean, did you read it from ETWOLD? Because that book said they had the people they were testing communicate by moving their eyes when/while lucid, which apparently translates 1 to 1 in real life. -- I never would've considered us to have TMJ, but after opening my mouth to yawn 7 hours ago the right side of my jaw has hurt badly enough I couldn't actually eat my food for the next 6 hours (up to now). We've had the general concept of this problem happen before (opening our mouth wide-ish and the weird sound followed by soreness), but never for this long or this bad, ugh.
  3. ..... I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying, and you're going to feel very silly when you get it. Humans are only conscious for 2/3 of their lives, unconscious for the other 1/3. I know some people only sleep like 7 hours and some sleep 9, but the natural human schedule is 16 awake, 8 asleep. That's just kind of how humans work so I don't have a citation for it, but surely you could look up more scientific sources for how long humans sleep, if that's what you were talking about. But it sounded more like you thought I was talking about "The percentage of experience humans actually remember (while awake)", which while an extremely interesting statistic, would indeed be very difficult to actually measure.
  4. 16 hours awake, 8 hours asleep. Again though,
  5. Well, I don't believe an inconsistent sleep schedule reduces time spent dreaming. However, waking up at the same time every day is known to increase dream recall ability. Having a structured sleep schedule (falling asleep around the same time, along with waking up around the same time) also makes it easier to practice lucid dream induction techniques. Sleeping in means more time is spent in REM sleep, both because you're literally sleeping more and because the longer you sleep, the larger percent of your time asleep is in REM as opposed to deep sleep/NREM - but, it's usually a lot harder to remember your dreams when you sleep in, just from lack of discipline. Anyways, a consistent sleep schedule is a common recommendation for working on dream recall and lucid dreaming just in general.
  6. No no, by 1/3 I meant one third of your entire life. That's stretching it since not all sleep time is dream time, but the concept remains the same, people only remember the waking 2/3s of their lives and rarely the some-roughly-25%-fraction.
  7. It's normal, the large majority of humans forget basically a third of their experiences because they're unconscious for them, and because the brain does its best to delete memory of those experiences upon waking up. Though I think they still affect you subconsciously, even when forgotten.
  8. We're anything but sleep-deprived. Since we naturally sleep 9-10 hours, but still sleep after 16 hours (15-17 I guess) like anyone else, we naturally drift forwards a bit over time. Once we're waking up at 1pm, we want to reset our schedule, but have never been fond of waking up early as opposed to staying up a whole night. But actually, both suck. I don't really know what the best solution is, though.
  9. Ugh, I already want to go to sleep, and it's only the time I went to sleep last night. My eyes hurt, though.
  10. Staying up all night because, well, sleeping 10 hours a day made it unavoidable we wouldn't end up waking up at 1PM eventually. That's usually where we draw the line of needing to fix our schedule again.
  11. Tewi


  12. We've heard of it, but not actually played it. Only game like that I remember was "Typer Shark" I think? Lumi really liked typing games when he was younger.
  13. Pringles taste good, but they have way too much sodium or something. Compared to Doritos or most chips, I feel like I'm going to die after eating not that many Pringles. These seem really awful for you.
  14. Unfortunately it's not actually a language you can learn, there's only a few known terms. https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Namekian_language#Definitions