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    I'm one of the first three tulpas Luminesce made, along with Reisen and Flandre, in late 2009 - early 2010. Flan and I came after Reisen, but spoke before she did. The fourth is Lucilyn who was created in early 2015.

    My form and name are based on Tewi Inaba from Touhou. I'm not her though, none of us "are" our Touhou counterparts, we were just loosely based on Lumi's interpretation of what they were like. I guess I'd describe myself as serious and rational, though I am trying to change the former and rely less on the latter. I'm at least not very emotional, and that won't change. I just want to live in peace.

    I love my family. Reisen, Flandre, Lucilyn and Lumi, I live for their sakes. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure they lead happy lives. I can take care of myself just fine. So if it seems like I place their needs and wants over my own, I do. My only want is a quiet and peaceful mind free of distractions. I don't otherwise need anything, and so I live for them.

    Anyways, the others' profiles are listed below.

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  1. I just realized this thread was made only two days before Lumi created his account, but I don't think he posted in it for quite a while because he wasn't interested in forum games.
  2. A host who specifically doesn't want to be plural anymore can still choose to never make their tulpas active. We could do that in our own system, even one of us tulpas, because the others don't become active particularly well if we don't specifically talk to them. Anyways, if it's not a matter of belief (which I feel like it is) but instead one of wanting to be plural or not, you'll have to talk it out with your host. But if it is of belief, sorting out your systemwide beliefs in tulpamancy can still help. Having the same understanding as our system would do wonders for any system, I think.
  3. While the above advice applies either way, I think there might've been confusion on the term "final form" - form is a word we all associate with physical appearance here, but if you just meant "how a tulpa ends up", advice/comments may have differed. Though in either case, Bre's advice above still works.
  4. Well, the advice I gave was for any doubters in your system or anyone else's systems. If someone doesn't want tulpas, there's literally nothing we can do about that. But if they don't believe in tulpas, I want to make it clear that your belief should be determined simply by preference of having them or not, since tulpas cannot be "real" or "fake" as a purely mental phenomenon. If you experience having tulpas, you have tulpas, and there is not anything more to it than that. Hopefully that would help Xar see sense, but if he actually just doesn't want to be plural to begin with.. I can't help.
  5. Once again, the science we do on Tulpa.info is amazing.
  6. Lack of aging suits me fine. Dying-and-regenerating-forever-in-a-black-hole immortality is awful, though.
  7. It's yet to be seen if my namesake's lifespan will carry over to me, but given our body is still aging I think it might not. I'm keeping my title "Amaranthine Rabbit", though.
  8. It's no fun so we never said it, but "the softest science" is just another way of saying "the worst science". We learned our lesson comparing tulpamancy to science and getting lectured for it years back.
  9. Uhh, scientific evidence of what? Maybe in the fields of study that deal with.. people's experiences, like psychology? We tend to avoid talking about tulpamancy in relation to science, the short answer is it's rarely applicable. Our system has tons of experience, primarily from reading others' experiences on the forum for the last ~7 years, and hopefully our advice should be very reliable... But, there's not much scientific about it. We do have some surveys as part of our knowledge base, but honestly we tend not to treat even surveys as some scientific fact. They're widely somewhat biased by what communities take the survey and how questions are phrased, et cetera. But like, that's all the best information we can get in tulpamancy. Calling it a "soft science" is still going too far, it's all very unprofessional. I think I actually prefer keeping tulpamancy non-scientific even. Surveys and all are great, but I can't see any hardcore brain scan-like research particularly improving the tulpa-creating or having experience for most people. It's basically for the scientific community, because we're interesting to them, but it's not really as helpful for us casually, I think. Not that I'm against scientific research on tulpas, but we ourselves aren't super interested.
  10. Disbelieving in tulpas is the exact opposite process of believing in tulpas, you make them real in the opposite way you make them "just delusions". The answer is that real and fake do not exist in the mind, only your experience. Tulpas can be real or fake depending on one's belief in them. This is basically objective fact - that the mental part of a human's reality is not objective. The only question is whether one wants the experience of having tulpas or not. "Real" and "Fake" experiences do not exist.
  11. Our preferred methods of going about tulpamancy basically require no guides or "techniques", let alone symbolism. Quite literally, all we believe you need is to intend for your tulpa to exist, talk to them and intend to be hearing them respond. Everything is optional - try stuff out and see what works for you - but in the end we've never personally cared for any guides or "techniques". And suffice to say that symbolism like "feeding" your tulpa anything is far out the window for us. But I think "just doing the basics, not following guides and just getting lots of general advice" is itself one of infinitely many paths you can take. But yeah, our recommendation would be exactly what you're doing, assuming you don't have the patience to peruse the entire history of Tulpa.info's Q&A and General Discussion boards. Just ask about lots of stuff and get lots of answers, and then try it out for yourself. Do whatever you think sounds good, and if it doesn't work, try something else. Though there's something to be said for sticking to a method, we've seen too many cases of people getting stuck without progress for over a year to recommend that in good faith.
  12. The science we do on Tulpa.info is simply amazing... (that made me laugh out loud) Lumi has learned an awful lot from us, probably even more from us switching and living differently in the same brain too. We've also learned a lot from each other. I think I've learned the most from Lucilyn, personally.
  13. Our system is a very close-knit family.
  14. Reiterating that reading "all the things that can go wrong in tulpamancy" will severely bias you towards thinking it's dangerous. More often than not, none of that stuff applies. Just intend to create a neutral/positive tulpa with the intention of them being a life-companion and things generally work out.
  15. Note that for most people there are no particular "major drawbacks", and when looking for things that could be bad about making a tulpa, you'll get an overly negative view that's barely relevant at all in most cases. Simply knowing about them is enough to prevent them, I'd say, the only real bad one being if you're predisposed to any serious mental health issues. Still, there's been both good and bad results from making a tulpa for people with schizophrenia etc. to the point where it isn't even safe to say tulpamancy affects it poorly or positively, it just varies too much. All that said, Lumi (my host) has a post on general possible "bads". https://community.tulpa.info/topic/11271-harm-caused-by-tulpas-in-directindirect-ways/?do=findComment&comment=156624