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    I'm a sci-fi/fantasy fan, a writer, and a fan of philosophy and metaphysics.
  1. ^I admit the above-mentioned dream had me chuckle a bit. XD Had a dream last night where I was playing/experiencing a virtual reality mix of Half-Life, Portal, and Splatoon. Darn you Honest Game Trailer videos! XD
  2. Banned for using three different variations of "explain".
  3. Banned for offense at not being considered "normal" when normal can be relative.
  4. Usually I don't, just a bit lately. The Inside Out and video games part is pretty dang accurate though. XD
  5. I had a dream the other night I didn't get a chance to put down, and a dream last night... Okay, so the dream I had two nights ago, at least what I remember of it, involved me being in this sort of weird food deli shop thing, that was mainly made of good. For some reason there was a GameBoy there on the floor, which I picked up to investigate. Turned out it somehow had the capability to act as a Gamecube and N64 controller so I could play some older games on it, so I felt totally ecstatic about that and started playing Super Mario 64. Then I looked up and the shop thing was a lot more s
  6. Aww. :). And did you get the sense that she was rolling her eyes at you, even though you couldn't physically see her do it?
  7. Banoneed because I'm wondering why.
  8. Banned for using an awesome Zelda reference. :)
  9. 478 Imagination is great, it helps bring tulpas to life, after all! :)
  10. Woah, SomethingDire, that's a freaky dream. :o. You going down the well reminded me of the Bottom of the Well in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. O_o And Melisn, your and Misgod's dream was awesome too, sculpting dreams sounds amazing! Also Melian, Inside Out did more than just make an impact on me: it led me here. You see, I've been working on this one Inside Out fanfic called Intercom http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/Intercom and earlier this month one of my readers pointed out to me it reminded them of tulpas. I had no idea what a tulpa was. So they told me, direc
  11. Challanging, okay. Well I haven't been following the thread, no wonder, haha. :) Thanks for the explanation!
  12. Banned for having me think of some sort of case of Tulpas vs. Non-Tulpas (I am not for discrimination against tulpas assuming that tulpas have a sentience and will of their own)
  13. Got a look at the front page, and nope, it says the next thing has to start with the last character of the last person's post, not the last word. :). Unless the rules switched halfway through or something.
  14. Right, in my opinion. :). Are you planning on naming a tulpa that?
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