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  1. ^I admit the above-mentioned dream had me chuckle a bit. XD Had a dream last night where I was playing/experiencing a virtual reality mix of Half-Life, Portal, and Splatoon. Darn you Honest Game Trailer videos! XD
  2. Banned for using three different variations of "explain".
  3. Banned for offense at not being considered "normal" when normal can be relative.
  4. Usually I don't, just a bit lately. The Inside Out and video games part is pretty dang accurate though. XD
  5. I had a dream the other night I didn't get a chance to put down, and a dream last night... Okay, so the dream I had two nights ago, at least what I remember of it, involved me being in this sort of weird food deli shop thing, that was mainly made of good. For some reason there was a GameBoy there on the floor, which I picked up to investigate. Turned out it somehow had the capability to act as a Gamecube and N64 controller so I could play some older games on it, so I felt totally ecstatic about that and started playing Super Mario 64. Then I looked up and the shop thing was a lot more sparse, and the only food there looked like some sort of moldy cactus thing. Then the moldy stuff opened up somehow to reveal large sticks of strong cheese, something started to chase after me, and then I woke up. Last night's dream, however, involved me climbing across these different rooftops Mario-style (I blame having watched a video about the beta of Super Mario Sunshine), and in the bell-alcove of the roof of each one of them, there were pandas, kind of like the young pandas in the trailer for Kung Fu Panda 3. I didn't really talk to them much, I just kept running into them, and then there was this guy who was chasing after me. I trapped him in a box somehow, and then started running through this mall thing and down some stairs, and every so often I'd leave these little metal note things on the doors like I was supposed to be some kind of secret agent or something. I went down a hallway and into another room and the guy from before was following me. He got blocked off and I was hiding from him, and then Joy from Inside Out showed up and revealed that she was hiding from him. I noticed that my Joy costume from Halloween was there and mentioned that Joy could borrow it, then she said thanks and ran off, and then I woke up.
  6. Aww. :). And did you get the sense that she was rolling her eyes at you, even though you couldn't physically see her do it?
  7. Banoneed because I'm wondering why.
  8. Banned for using an awesome Zelda reference. :)
  9. 478 Imagination is great, it helps bring tulpas to life, after all! :)
  10. Woah, SomethingDire, that's a freaky dream. :o. You going down the well reminded me of the Bottom of the Well in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. O_o And Melisn, your and Misgod's dream was awesome too, sculpting dreams sounds amazing! Also Melian, Inside Out did more than just make an impact on me: it led me here. You see, I've been working on this one Inside Out fanfic called Intercom and earlier this month one of my readers pointed out to me it reminded them of tulpas. I had no idea what a tulpa was. So they told me, directed me here and, well, here I am! :)
  11. Challanging, okay. Well I haven't been following the thread, no wonder, haha. :) Thanks for the explanation!
  12. Banned for having me think of some sort of case of Tulpas vs. Non-Tulpas (I am not for discrimination against tulpas assuming that tulpas have a sentience and will of their own)
  13. Got a look at the front page, and nope, it says the next thing has to start with the last character of the last person's post, not the last word. :). Unless the rules switched halfway through or something.
  14. Right, in my opinion. :). Are you planning on naming a tulpa that?
  15. Banned for defending tulpas against discrimination. :)
  16. Games can derail that way. :p Speaking of, seems Joss has heard of TV Tropes. :)
  17. 474 I'll talk of a different kind of "numbers"—imaginary numbers in math, technically aren't they not imaginary since you can do legitimate math work with them?
  18. Banned for talking to a tulpa.
  19. I'm hoping that recording my dreams will help me end up lucid dreaming better. :) So I had another Inside Out-related dream that was also tulpa-related. I was in this city that was mostly a kind of dull gray in color, except this one place that was like part candy shop, part restaurant, part hotel. Well, the initial front entrance check-in area was like a hotel, but the rest of it had a few square tables like it was a restaurant in a mall, and there were a few bright and colorful candy displays, though what walls there were in the area with the tables were made of glass. I was by myself for a bit, just kind of thinking while sitting at one of the tables, and then Bing Bong, who's Riley's imaginary friend in Inside Out, showed up. He stood beside me and noticed that I was kind of unsure about something, so he asked me what was wrong. I then got a candy from some random person, and it was a Super Tootsie Roll in a mainly blue wrapper with the emotions from Inside Out on it, and as I unwrapped the Tootsie Roll (which was swirly and purple for some reason), I told Bing Bong what was wrong: I felt concerned about the whole tulpa thing. I told him that I wanted to make a tulpa, and it sounded cool and amazing, but I was really concerned that it would irreversibly damage my mind, or I'd become crazy, or it would be like having schizophrenia, or making the tulpa wouldn't work, or I'd screw something up and the tulpa wouldn't like me, or if I became an actress or whatever the tulpa might be distracting on set and I'd feel bad about thinking like that, and all these concerns were swirling around in my mind there at once. Bing Bong then tried to comfort me and said, "Hey, don't worry. Tulpas can't exactly hurt ya or anything, and they're meant to be your friends. I mean look at me, I turned out alright, right?" I laughed a little and said. "Yeah." "Besides," Bing Bong went on, "the mind's an amazing thing. I mean, you've been interested in that kind of psychic ability stuff all your life, and how the mind does things in general. Making a tulpa's just like that, it's easy as thinking! And it's all a natural part of what the mind can do!". He then put a hand on my shoulder. "You don't gotta shy away from some amazing thing your brain can do naturally." he shrugged. "It's not like you're taking drugs for it or anything, just training your brain to do something amazing. You don't have to be afraid it's evil or crazy just because it's different. It's not dangerous." Then the dream got a bit weird because the purple swirling Tootsie Roll almost seemed like it was going to open up into a rabbit-hole-type portal somewhere, and then there was a guy who came after us with a blowtorch for whatever reason (it might have been the same guy who gave me the Tootsie Roll in the first place but I don't quite remember). "Uh, but that is!" Bing Bong exclaimed on he he saw the blowtorch. "Wh-What's he doing with a blowtorch?!" I asked, getting up. "I don't know!" Bing Bong exclaimed, hurrying after me as the guy started chasing us out of the store/hotel. So then Bing Bong and I were running, and I asked him what was going on. He admitted he had no idea, but to remember what he said about the whole tulpa thing, it'll be fine. Then there was this one lady on the porch of one of the houses who was dressed as Sadness for some reason, and she had a young girl in a green shirt with her that I assumed was her daughter. Bing Bong went over to say hi, the lady dressed as Sadness was all, "WHAT?!". And then I woke up. Bing Bong had me feel a little better. :)
  20. I LOVE Spirited Away! It's my favorite Miazaki film, with Kiki's Delivery Service being a very very close second.:D Also I totally ship Chihiro and Haku. XD
  21. *hugs* I really hope things get better for him.
  22. Banned for joining the same month as me.