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  1. I haven't told anyone about my tulpas yet and I've been considering telling my therapist about them. I don't want her to think it's unhealthy. I'm pretty antisocial and don't really have any friends and I'm afraid she'll think I'm using them as a replacement for human interaction. I'm also afraid she'll tell my family and they already think I'm crazy.
  2. Yesterday we decided to try out the tulpa challenge from February. The challenge was to build a cabin in our Wonderland. Since we already have a cabin we built a shed instead. It was a lot of fun. Me and Cole would work on one wall while Elijah and JoJo worked on the other. Axel wasn't able to do much. He mostly watched and would occasionally bring us tools. It was a bit difficult for me because I would always jump around in the building process.
  3. I haven't told anyone about them yet but I've been considering telling my therapist.
  4. I decided to make a new tulpa today. For now I will be calling him Azazel unless he decides to change it. I started by thinking of his form. I tried to draw it out real quick but couldn't. I brought him to a place seperate from our Wonderland and talked with him. I told him who I was and his personality traits and such. I made sure to tell him that he could change anything about his form or name whenever he wanted. After a while, I brought him to the Wonderland. I introduced him to everyone and showed him around. I'm still working on visuallizing him better.
  5. Elijah: Unfortunately none of us can posses or impose yet. I've been working with Charlie on it but we're still having trouble. I'm probably the best with speaking but I'm not quite at complete sentences
  6. Sorry if people have gotten a bit tired of these but we got bored. This thread is for you to ask me and my tulpas any questions that you want. We will try to answer as best we can. First I will introduce myself. I'm Charlie, the host, I am a 16 year old girl and I am a total nerd. I love comics, anime, drawing, and violin. I have been tulpamancing for about eight months now. Elijah was my first tulpa. He is almost eight months old now. He looks to be 19.He has beautiful green eyes and light brown wavy hair that goes down to his shoulders. He loves to read and is an exceptional writer. He is really supportive and caring. Axel was my second tulpa. He was made only a few days after Elijah. Axel is a bit difficult for me to describe. He is a giant bird monster; he has bare white bone going over the top half of his face. His feathers are a dark grey and his feet and rat-like tail are black. He is a bit goofy and clumsy. He is more like a pet. Cole is my third tulpa. He is about four and a half months old. Physically he looks 19 too. Cole is a witch. He is able to use the energy around him as well as his own to condense it into a purple ball of electricity. He has pale skin, unaturally light blonde hair that he keeps long, and wears mostly black. When you first meet him he can seem a bit cold and detached but he is really sweet once you get to know him. Finally is JoJo. She too, is four and a half months old. JoJo is an acrobatic little clown. She looks to be about 15. She likes to wear a poofy red outfit with white polka dots and white frill on the arm and leg openings. Her make up is full white with red cheeks, a blue line going up and down across each eye, and a red dot on her nose. She is super energetic and loves to make people laugh.
  7. Just out of curiosity, what are your guys' Wonderlands like? What does it look like? Are you able to do things there that you normally can't? My Wonderland is a big clearing in a forest with a big, beautiful log cabin with giant windows. Each tulpa has their own room there and can make it however they like. JoJo's room is huge and has lots of stuff for her to practice her acrobatics on. Cole's is a pretty dark room. He had his stuff for magic; books, alters, and ingredient. He also has a cage for his bat familiar, Devalla but he usually just lets her fly around freely. Elijah has a pretty normal bedroom. There are lots of bookshelves filled to the top and a big desk for him to write at. Axel, Im not really sure about. He spends a lot of his time in Elijah's room. The forest is infinite so we are able to go exploring and find new things. We can also create anything we want out of thin air. Well, that's my Wonderland, let me know what yours is like.
  8. I just chose 'other' since I have four tulpas. Elijah has beautiful green eyes. JoJo's are a medium blue. Cole's are a dark yellow and Axel doesn't have any eyes.
  9. I have other tulpas; Elijah and Axle I made soon after joining the forum. But for a few months I was really bad at keeping up with tulpamancing and I was just being lazy. Recently I decided to pick it back up and created two more tulpas, Cole and JoJo. Now I try and do at least 30 minutes of active forcing every day.
  10. This will be a progress log for my tulpas. I'll start with Cole. First off, basic information. Name: Cole Age: 19 Gender: Male Creation Date: 4/21/16 Interests: Practicing magic (currently working on conjuring), looking around online forums, looking after his familiar, Devalla. Bio: Cole is a very powerful witch. Mainly he uses the energy around him as well as his own to condense it into a purple ball of electricity. He normally wears black and has unaturally light blonde hair that he likes to keep long. When you first meet him he can seem a bit cold and detached, but once you get to know him, he is one of the sweetest guys you will ever know. So far, we have been working mainly on passive and active forcing. I will update this as we progress.
  11. Not really sure, I haven't gotten very far on creating him. I've mostly just been working on my first tulpa.
  12. This is my idea for one of my tulpas. He's a giant bird monster named Axle.
  13. Hello, I'm Kodi. I am pretty new to the tulpa community. For the past couple of weeks I have been working on making my first tulpa, Elijah. I only have some basic features and his voice down so far. I've mostly just been working on passive forcing. Well, I hope to talk to some people as well as learn more about tulpas while here. I'm really shy and somewhat antisocial so I'm sorry if I don't post all that often.