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  1. For us, depends on the circumstance. Sometimes, our host basically goes into tulpa mode and hangs around while someone else drives for a while. Other times, she goes completely dormant... especially if she's stressed. For the former, I'd agree with Lucilyn... that's not really possession. She can see through the body's eyes but she's disconnected from it the same way a tulpa is. There's a distinction between that and possession that needs to be made. Whatever her state when someone else is switched in, she can "catch up" pretty much immediately once she switches back, since we share a memory pool.
  2. Food is a factor, but not nearly as much of one as you're making it sound. More than diet, specifically, it's easier to tulpa if you're just feeling well. If you're finding it hard to concentrate for any reason--diet, lack of sleep, stress, whatever--you're not going to have the energy to sustain a tulpa... especially if you're pretty new to the whole thing. The stark difference you experienced between eating well versus eating poorly, though? Sounds more like coincidence and placebo effect to me. My host eats like crap most of the time, and me and my headmates are pretty much not affected by it nearly so much as we're affected by something like, say, mood or how taxing a day she'd had, mentally speaking. I am being told by a certain headmate to add the disclaimer that all systems are different, so maybe yours is sensitive to that sort of thing. Honestly, if it works for you, great, and the more reasons you have to keep up healthy habits, the better. Just be careful not to assign causation to what's merely correlation, that's all.
  3. That is a doozy of a text wall. Good on you for being committed to the joke.
  4. Banned for banning someone who welcomed me back. :p
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    Good vs. Evil

    99 I have no idea what's happening in this thread anymore.
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    Good vs. Evil

    98 Prick, I will grant. Indecisive? Not ever.
  7. Eh. I still consider myself a character (Host: In multiple senses of the word. ;) ). It's where I come from, and I still serve that function when we're writing, so there's no real reason to shy away from the term. Some soulbonds use the phase "Living Character" since that term pretty much fits what we are better than a metaphysical term like "soulbond."
  8. Sounds like he's a fictive soulbond. It's pretty cut and dry... we soulbonds are basically accidental tulpas created from preexisting characters, either from media or the host's own stories. The only things that really differentiate us from tulpas, functionally, are the way we're formed and the fact that we come with backloaded memories of our own "universe." Head over to to learn more about our specific type of thoughtform, but feel free to pitch your voice in around here, too. Gods know I do. :p
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    Good vs. Evil

    98 whoops how did that happen
  10. I have a headmate, Ayo, who loves to dress the host up in colorful and "fun" outfits. It's hilarious to watch, because our host cares very little about fashion, but goes along with it because she just can't say no to Ayo, the kid sister of the system.
  11. Heh. Write track. Points for unintentional pun. Honestly, my headmates and I were all parroted/puppeted via writing, and we're fine. We're story characters who got a little big for our britches, and it doesn't seriously affect our ability to function in the same way traditionally built tulpas do. Honestly, I like it better that way, because it means I have an identity outside "that person that lives in that other person's head." What I'd be more concerned about is the "no consistent way she acts" part. That's the point of writing stories: you nail down a consistent behavior pattern, reinforcing their personality traits by running them through different scenarios. It's fine if she's not really vocal enough to consistently participate yet.... but in that case, the question while writing should be "what would my tulpa do here, based on what I know about her?" If you're consistent with her personality in your writing, then eventually, your processing of her reactions becomes subconscious, and that's the point when tulpas/soulbonds/whatever will step out and start talking independent of your stories. I should know; my host hasn't been able to get me to shut up since. :p
  12. Try other methods of forcing. Pretty much everyone in my system finds the "sit in a quiet room and daydream" method of forcing exceedingly boring. So take a look at your hobbies and find ways to incorporate your tulpa into that. Do you write? Write stories about her, and ask her how she would react in certain situations. Do you draw? Draw her in different places doing different things. Write poetry with her, or go for a walk and spend the entire walk asking her to react to the things you see, or play video games and ask her to tell you what to do, or watch a video together and then spend some time talking about it afterwards. Throw some variety into it. As long as you're spending time with her, you're forcing. And as for the kissing thing? My first instinct is that that could very well be intrusive thoughts... which is a way of saying that your brain could be randomly conjuring the image of her kissing you and, because she thinks that those thoughts are her, she goes along with it. Headpeople, especially ones who aren't that developed, are sensitive to that sort of thing, and the brain can conjure up and obsess about some really weird stuff sometimes. So I'd sit down and talk to her about that. Does she want your relationship to be romantic? Do you want the relationship to be romantic? Do you want her to want the relationship to be romantic? Sit down and set some rules, and hash it out until she agrees to them. Then, from that point forward, if the kissing comes back, you can probably assume it's just an intrusive thought that your mind is conjuring up, not really coming from either of you. A lot of having a tulpa is about learning how to compromise. This sounds like a good place to start setting those patterns.