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  1. Been awhile since I've been on the forums, but figure I'd go ahead and post here. For those who feel like it would be a pain to locate the original artist of things they use, there are several dandy websites that can easily help you out with that! SauceNAO is my preferred one, it even has an extension for Firefox and Chrome if you need to use it often! Google Images has a handy drag-and-drop feature that allows you to search for similar images and even use keywords to help you find the source! They even have an option to search for the oldest one available, so its pretty handy TinEye is another, but it's not as reliable and I usually only use it if SauceNAO or Google Images doesn't work There is also IQDB and ASCII2D which both give you places to paste URLS to search. These tools are really easy to use, and as someone who's art gets stolen and claimed by others often, it really does mean a lot to us when people source their art! Just because you're not claiming that you made it doesn't mean others will think you didn't! Please remember that and thank you~
  2. I don't think you can "work" on sentience. It's the product of all the work combined, isn't it?
  3. This is a really, really hard one. Like really hard. Say Anything is Xaine's favorite band, but a few of our favorites are And then there are these two: , which means a lot to us because he sung it as a message to me once. It made me...well. All choked up. And then this beauty, He's sung it once or twice, but for the most part it'll play in my head when I'm upset, or just at random and he'll hum along. It's amazing. ... Music is important to me, okay.
  4. Tulpacoupe, Jaden is adorable. Updated version of Xaine, since last time I posted a picture of him he was still 'Vital.' He's changed a lot, I think. Note: He doesn't actually have cat ears. They're just horribly cute. EDIT: And here's another, while I have the inspiration Granted, we all need to keep in mind that Xaine has a habit of changing hair color/style as well as age/gender just to mess with me, but this is his main appearance.
  5. Yo, Glitch, chill. It's his first post. If you would click his name, you'd see his tumblr attached to his account. If you're looking for the backstory, here it is.
  6. Xaine know's its there and sometimes talks about things he's seen, but for the most part he seems horribly uninterested. "Livin' in the future," he said.
  7. What do you call a bear without teeth?
  8. If I were masturbating with boiling water, I'd screech like a pterodactyl. I don't think that's much of an extreme. Sounds more like a strange type of torture.
  9. This. I have severe ADHD, and this is really the only thing working for me. Though I do have a wonderland, and I can force for hours at a time, but that's because I'm ALWAYS moving around or changing subjects in Wonderland. Narration keep's me on task more often than wonderland does... its like the Narration plans the forcin' session, and the wait for when I get home to force holds my attention to it.. Or something english.
  10. Well, my tulpa has thing thing with smoking... Kinda started without my consent. He's also a little vain. Flaws are the other side of personality. Like adding shadow to a painting to balance out the light.
  11. This is Vital. He's changed a bit since I drew this. He is not Shota. I am not a Shotacon. That is a cigarette. Shota don't smoke.
  12. Well, the majority of my time invested in my Tulpa is narration, and I'm moving along fine. Slushie's right, though. You are a human being with needs and one of those needs is a little bit of freedom :P
  13. Force in the shower. Every little bit helps. Narrating is a good thing to do -- wake up and tell her good morning, and then tell her goodnight at night. Say random things in the day. It works. As long as you don't completely forget her, you should be fine... Just work when you can. It'll take you longer than most people, I suppose, but if she's worth it to you, than go for it.
  14. I have a few questions for you guys, but first I'm going to talk to you about my wonderland. It started out as a room filled with books and tea -- One night I fell asleep forcing and had a dream about my Tulpa and I in a van, and after that my wonderland became and remained a van for quite some time. Recently, its taken the form of a house -- a semi-traditional Japanese house, glass windchimes and everything. Around this house there is nothing but what seems to be an endless lake of water. It's not shallow, but we can walk on it just fine. It reflects the sky, which always seems to be partly cloudy. As for the house, I'm not allowed in. My questions are: - Has your Wonderland changed? How many times? How drastically? - Can you control what your Wonderland contains? (I cannot seem to.) - Has anything ever changed while you were gone? Perhaps, as happened to me the other day, a pair of sandals appear out of no where on the porch? Or a window is left open? What do you think this means? And, another question: How do you and your surroundings appear in your wonderland? For me, everything including myself appears like a very well animated anime.