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    I'm artistic, i love manga, i'm a mangaka, i'm love tulpamancy, i have (S.A.D.) social anxiety disorder.
  1. If this helps she isn't sentient, maybe slightly, i'm usually able to feel her presence but every since last night i can't feel her and when i narrate it feels like i'm talking to nothing even when i intend thoughts to her.
  2. It feels like she isn't there anymore when i try to communicate, is she gone, she's only 7 days old.
  3. I keep having intrusive thoughts about dissapating saeko i think i accidentally did it and now i'm scared i can't ask her if she's still there because this is only day 3 and she isn't vocal yet. How can i stop these thoughts???
  4. If my tulpa is based of a real person/fictinal character could i just take a picture of the person/fictional character and narrate to that, Will my tulpa know i'm talking to her?, or will it not work?,has anyone else tried this??
  5. I named mine from the beginning, i'm still trying to create it i'm a beginner.
  6. So i've visualized my tulpa (my second day) and i've decided that i want the tulpa to decide it's own personality so that it can be as free as possible and i gave her no rules, but know that i visualized it how do i get her to be sentient? And how would i know if it was my tulpa trying to talk with me?