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  1. I've been narrating to my tulpa a lot and usually my mind is completely focused on what I'm saying, but lately I'm noticing quiet murmurs of some sort. Maybe I'm parroting, but I can't really tell. Is it my tulpa? And if it is, will it speak like this forever?
  2. Had some tea with Himmel. I always drink tea with my friends, so I figured that by engaging in the same activities with my tulpa we'll become closer. I talked to Himmel, but all it did was just murmur something. I felt like we're slowly getting to know each other, tho.
  3. <<< Maybe I understood it differently, but at about 6:45 he says that I can offer food or drink to my tulpa. And yes, I must admit that I am taking things a bit too fast. I am really impatient, that's one of the reasons why I decided to create a tulpa- to become more patient. I am not doing a very good job hehe uwu
  4. How should I bond with Himmel? I want us both to get to know each other better, and I'm trying to think of something we could do. I think that I'm going to watch Vinesauce Joel with my tulpa later, or maybe a movie or something on netflix. Himmel and I could read or do mad libs (I don't know if that would work, though. I'll try it out.). I was watching some videos about tulpas and they said that I have to feed my tulpa??? Of course I know that it's energy they have to be fed, but they were talking about actual food. Okay, if so, I left Himmel a piece of my fave chocolate. I hope it likes it! I would be very happy if you suggested some things I could do together with Himmel, or your opinion on feeding tulpas.
  5. I tried asking questions to determine if I was parroting or not. I asked Himmel to name three colors. It said blue, black and beige, which is really odd, because I don't use the word "beige" at all. So I guess that I'm not parroting, yay! :)
  6. So I've been working on creating Himmel for a week, and I want to record my progress. I started by clearing my mind and focusing on what I want my tulpa to look like. At first I was visualising a dragon of some sorts, but then a big, fluffy wolf with white fur (blue patches) and blue eyes appeared and just didn't leave my thoughts. It felt right to stick with it. I named it Himmel, cause it means "sky" or "heaven" in german. I didn't give it any traits, I want Himmel to develop by itself however it wants. I force for about two hours daily, travelling to a lot of wonderlands, but I have yet to stick to one. I tried talking to Himmel. A voice responded. It sounded like me, but like I was whispering really fast. It even cut my words off. Despite all this, I think that I'm parroting, because isn't it too early for my tulpa to become vocal? It has only been a week! Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong! I would appreciate it very much. Thank you! :D
  7. I like to force my tulpa in different situations to build up its character. Here are some situations and environments, I hope you find this useful! Imagine your tulpa and yourself in a videogame (My faves to imagine are Earthbound, Slime Rancher, Papers Please and Yandere Simulator); A movie. What would you both do different and similar to the script?; A survival situation; In court (you both can be judging a criminal or the other way around etc.).