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    Gamer, Brony, Would like a tulp one day. But currently do not one. got questions, ask them, im offended by nothing.
  1. I'm usin' the default kiwiirc that the website links to. how can i connect using another client?
  2. hey hey. Is there something up with the IRC chat? it keeps telling me "website is offline" anyone else gettin' this?
  3. I would like to know the personal experiences of others when they first started tulpamancing. what did you find most difficult? how did you overcome it? what did you find easy? what was your favorite method of forcing? just personal experiences. Thanks!
  4. I think the name Miyuki is great for a tulpa. Means Beautiful Fortune or Beautiful Happiness.
  5. Seraphina. I love that name. Also the title of a great book. the book actually has a lot of good names now that i'm thinking of it Abdo Miliphrene Glisselda Golya Hilde Dionne Jannoula Josef Eskar Lars Pontheus Nagini Marius Amerta Silas Tessie Amaline Clarissa Fulda What can I say, I like strange names.
  6. Delilah. Otto Eli. Reginald. Methuselah In my MTG groups we call the creatue Consuming Aberration Abby. very affectionately. We should also list names of existing tulpae. i mean, if its already used its gotta be a good name.
  7. I'm completely new to this website so please excuse any noobish errors. Ive known about tulpas and tulpamancing for a while now (since the creepypasta was writen). I've done research and read guides, but none of them help me. My main problem is that it is impossible for me to concentrate on one thing. My mind wanders to any number of other things. Whether this is due to ADD or ADHD I do not know, I've never been diagnosed with either, I just know that its similar. Does anyone else have this problem? How can I work around it? Thanks for answering and helping. Oh, one last question. I read that people have said that you don't need to focus on personality. If not that what do you focus on?