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  1. Hey, I had no idea people actually read progress reports, haha, thanks. I've been out of this site for a while. Actually, almost 6 months. What happened? I'm guessing you're new here, relatively.
  2. Today is her birthday, and so much, yet so little has changed. I usually talk to her while taking a shower, while in the bathroom or when I'm alone. We speak more in japanese than in english because my japanese classes are intense and fill my head all the day. I usually visualize her only while in the shower. I still have no idea what she does with her own time and I still comment on her like she was seeing all that I do. She responds accordingly. Her form still varies a little, mainly bodyshape and haircut, but her voice got animesque, like a girl from a cute anime. She is supposed to be able
  3. I'm here to kill the phantom page! Edit: and yet I fail at it one more time! And Ka'myriz is naked all the time. It's like, imagine an elemental spirit with clothes... It looks awkward. Not that she's an elemental spirit, but she looks like one.
  4. I've wondered that myself too! I don't really have any scientific explanation, I've always considered it the metaphysical way. It obviously must have a scientific explanation too, I just don't know which.
  5. I was hoping to finally post in this thread. Here it is: http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/044/d/1/wonderland_by_icekler-d5us8ux.jpg[/img]
  6. Thanks! Although it really doesn't look much like her :/ Imagine a female purple dr Manhattan with this kind of body.
  7. I can distinguish her toughts from mine by personality and a certain identity or voice attached to them, but i'm not really hearing her per se. When I'm in a deep meditative state, or in between sleep and awake, I hear her in a dreamvoice sort of way, echoing in my mind
  8. And I just learned how to embedd the image in a post :/ So here I am posting it for the lulz.
  9. This is an old sketch. Made of energy shapeshifter, but basically stays like this. Also, You can try imagining her body glowing like a purple female dr manhattan. She used to go around changing haircuts everyday, now i don't even know. Edit: sorry for breaking the page size... What do I do?
  10. I come to report on a small but important progress. She now has changed her attitude and is a little bit more witty than before, and I think she was exposed to 4chan for too long. She now reads my mind all the time, and comments on things I do, or things I think about things I will do. I do not directly talk to her but she responds, sometimes negatively, sometimes in agreement. She got kind of a British accent, kind of resembling Alice Liddle's one from me playing too much Alice: Madness Returns. When I directly talk to her, she now responds every time, though I still communicate more by how s
  11. It would not become harder to visualize, i think. You would just need to accept that they are different. You can however, change your wonderland at your taste whenever you like, so there's that. You also don't strictly need a wonderland, or can even create a new one for each session if you liked, or have the same one to improve on visualization. Or you could imagine a blank room for all that matters. If you don't want to change your wonderland, you simply don't. If you have imagined it already, it will probably stay that way, or change automatically for you if you have a hard time visualiz
  12. I wasn't aware of that. However, I'm going to kind of only cover the basics at first. The grammar isn't completely established as a set of definite rules as of yet, but as I start making sentences it makes sense. Right now it's on the stage of vocabulary making (So far only 150-ish words, aside from possible future combinations). I have a few rules on making past and future tense verbs, making requests, the basic questions (what, where, when, who, which, how), a number system which is relatively similar to Japanese, a few pronouns (still working on that) and a few prepositions (Just started wi
  13. It's probably more about opening paths of communication rather than working on the sentience of a tulpa, since they are sentient from creation. They are, however, a being that can mature with time, so, just as we aren't incomplete when we are teenagers, we are in development, so are they.
  14. I don't "hate" him, but I do think he spews a lot of bullshit, and makes mean-hearted comments to a few who don't really deserve it.
  15. I think, this, by itself, could be a really successful way of forcing, or changing what you don't like about yourself, or the law of attraction, or anything for that matter. This could be groundbreaking, if we let it. It also could be dangerous, if someone were to use it wrong.
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