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  1. Yeah, I mean the privacy thing is just something you've got to work out with them, if you want to. Since tulpas are in your mind, what they do and what they don't do is up too the two of you.
  2. Oh I kind of envisioned a golden string connecting us early on, so that I wouldn't lose them anywhere. I mean I don't see them attached by string all the time because that would be odd, but if I ever lost them I know we're connected so I could use it to find them again.
  3. Jean-luc Walking, the novelization!
  4. So, what do you folks do during the holiday season with your tulpas? Anything special? **********
  5. When I created my tulpa, the one of the early traits I specifically gave her was 'argues', so that basically answers the question! xD But I like arguing about this and that, and most of the time it has a playful undertone. So no regrets on my part!
  6. I was first introduced to the concept of tulpas as a facet or simply a different word for the psycho-anima. (I'm not exactly sure what to think of that.) What seems different between a psycho-anima and a tulpa, is that a good deal of people believe that a tulpa is a completely new being that does not exist yet within the mind, and is willed into existence by the host. While on the other hand, the psycho-anima is something much older that exists deep within each and every person, and can instead be awakened. The process of awakening and communicating with your psycho-anima, and the process of forcing a tulpa are similar it seems. Which hints that they are likely connected. Maybe tulpas, anima, and all other head-beings, are just pieces of one gigantic, mysterious phenomenon.
  7. Khronos

    Ask Jean-luc

    My question is, are you planning on recording more Tulpaudcasts in the future? :D
  8. My summer tulpa-goals are to give the elf living in my head a distinct voice. So far we've worked towards her voice by listening to lots of music with female vocals, as was recommended by another user. And so far, I can really feel it helping! That's what I want to achieve this summer in the tulpa section of things.
  9. Khronos

    Jean-luc Walking

    I just finished the first episode, but I'll say I laughed like hell, and I'm going to listening to the rest of them!
  10. Found it from 8chan, on a thread where some guy suddenly appeared and started talking about psycho-anima. I got curious, and after a few searches I came here!