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  1. Me and my host have had sex before, we enjoy it though we don't do it very often, afterwards we cuddle with each other and i pet my hosts hair. Sex is wonderful but it's not for every tulpamancer in my own honest opinion, it could affect the way some tulpas think, but that's how I see it. i could be wrong.
  2. I let Leo talk to other people on some chat site, he likes to talk and he seems to get along well with other people. Although I had to help him some things.
  3. I see no problem with making a tulpa based on a character. My tulpa is based on Lion Rafale from virtua fighter. however, in my case at least, you have to tell the tulpa that they aren't the character, and don't expect them to be like the character. Let them be their own person.
  4. Leo helps me when i'm sad, he comforts me and tell me everything will be ok, and he helps releases my sexual urges. all in all he's the best friend i've ever had. <3
  5. Leo's feeling a bit better today, he still has a fever but he talks normally now. I wonder if tulpas get sick because i think he s a bit sick.
  6. Leo has a fever and he's been slurring his's like he's in heat or something.
  7. Leo's been acting rather strange lately..
  8. I talked with Leo in the shower, I told him I was sorry for yelling at him, I explained to him why i yelled at him, i forget Leo doesn't understand a lot of things yet. We made up and everything's back to normal.
  9. Is it wrong to scold your tulpa when they do something wrong? I yelled at Leo for how he acted yesterday, and he cried and said "i thought you liked me hannah?", i feel so bad for raising my voice at him now..
  10. Leo's been acting rather devious lately. he's been rearranging the stuff on my shelf and has been acting like a spoiled brat tbh.
  11. yeah, luckily my appointment got moved, however i won't tell them about Leo, i don't want to be labeled as mental.
  12. sometimes i'll find Leo hiding under the covers on my bed or that he move something of mine. he does a lot of silly things like that to me :P
  13. my visualization is in the style of 80s/90s anime because I really enjoy the style of anime in that era.
  14. Most of my dreams about my tulpas wonderland are just me and Leo hanging out and exploring the wonderland. the wonderland is a hodgepodge of all the things i like. we mostly talk about my interests and go on adventures together. sometimes i also have nsfw dreams but lets not discuss that
  15. yeah, because i feel like typing things about my tulpa isn't really cutting for me, plus i feel like it would be good for Leo to meet other people.