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  1. Banned for banning a banner who has banned many more banners for banning someone by referring to a large number of banners.
  2. Banned because (as far as I know) tulpa's can't go into heat.
  3. I guess I'll do a thing. If you are into history, I would suggest checking out Paradox games (I saw someone mention Vic2, so I assume someone understands what I'm talking about), be warned, they require patience, skill and luck, but if you wanted a accurate simulation of feudalism, CK2 is the way to go. There are a lot of major DLC, but fortunately they actually add content and enlighten the game. That being said, it is perfectly possible to play the game without DLC, and the DLC isn't just stuff cutout from the game. Paradox series: Crusader Kings - Medieval Era (starts a few months
  4. Ah. It's not really that bad, my laptop exaggerates colors a lot (saturation settings, fixed now). When I look at them on my tablet they look fine.
  5. I know this topic has passed already, but going to someone saying Christian scientists claim to have cured themselves of Ebola or whatever (which in itself is bull) and that they may watch the ones they love die (which would absolutely suck, my early condolences) due to a distrust of science really makes me think of this line from The Stand (which is a great book, if not for all of the "God believes in you" and other religious stuff towards the end, and is like the grandad for all dystopias involving pandemics) that Glen Bateman says when Mother Abigail leaves, something amongst the lines of
  6. The lighting is a bit weird when you first look at it, but that may just be my laptop. Still, amazing as always!
  7. 1102 makes it 198 years until the Mongols start doing barbarian stuff... IN EUROPE! Unless it's BC(E), in which case, disregard.
  8. Banned for making me read the past page to see why you have been angered.
  9. Such is the game of life. Whelp, I know I've posted here before (probably), but I'm already losing, so I'm just doing this so I can go back to being that new guy who everyone has a neutral opinion of. Sound good?
  10. Friendly Kitties' Fantitalilitiousitiy Fantasy Foods.
  11. Banned for only capitalizing one letter.
  12. Granted, you earn one million dollars an hour. However, in a few weeks/months you own all of Earth's economy. Everyone but you starves to death outside, while you and the 16 girls you saved from death-by-poverty form a harem and repopulate the world. a few hundred years later, due to incest and severe genetic mutation, all of your horrible mutant spawn are too weak to actually build farms. Or a shelter. Or move their legs. And so the last survivors of humanity were mauled to death by a mountain lion. I wish for a hat. A brown one. With a belt buckle. So said the mutant spawn
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