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    Hi, my name is Fletcher. My Tulpa is called Skimp, and he's been with me since August 2015! I really like making new friends, and I want to be a comedian.
  1. Hi guys, I'm back! I came back with a kind of bad question, I have a friend who has a median system, and he says that Tulpa systems and Median systems are near identical, I was wondering if there were any differences? Thank you!
  2. well i took several tests and every time got chaotic evil if that tells you anything. all of the questions are fucking stupid though i dont give a shit about the government or laws though, i dont see why half the questions were 'durr hurr have you borken da law and do u support anarchists' like holy shit i dont care about them i want to be an asshole in and of myself.
  3. The thing is, it was just a particular person that he didn't like. He's pretty chill with anyone else, despite the fact that he's a little mistrustful of people. He is pretty confrontational, but, he's a sweetheart in small amounts. - lol calling you a shit isnt an insult its a term of endearment obviously. no but im not gonna apologize, the guy was being an ass and pretending to speak in 'code' while being all sad and it was stupid enough for me to call him out on it. but just because i use the word asshole doesnt mean i hate someone.
  4. Matthew was pretty quiet yesterday, I've decided I'm going to let him write the bulk of this entry, I'm curious as how he felt. -- first of all hello, this is like the first time and probably last that ill actually ever talk to any of you shits. so yesterday, yeah yesterday was definitely a day. a fucking miserable ass day. im not sure if its possible to mentally exhaust a tulpa such as myself but jesus fuck you can only go so far. my dumbass host mattie decided to line up on the 'hardcore' side of the hockey game which basically meant he signed up for a world of hurt. he got smacked with st
  5. Granted, the screen is the size of Neptune and the brightness is all the way up. I wish for a good GPA
  6. So, I decided to let Matthew talk with people, just to get a feel of how he actually interacted. Unfortunately, that ended with said person logging off with calling him a brat, he seemed to enjoy it. I have been apologizing to that person for Matthew's behavior and I'm not sure if I should allow him to interact with other people outside of his personal blog.
  7. Male, male. My intentional Tulpa chose his own form and gender, I'm not sure if it's because I'm exceedingly gay, or something else.
  8. Eugh, our room was filled with smoke so we had to ditch that. Edit: To clarify, I'm at school and we were going into a different class and my room was all gross and smokey.
  9. I'm not old enough to get a tattoo, plus I think I'd faint, I'm horrible with needles. I'm a pretty sickly person, so doctor visits are common. I think my fear of needles was when I got rabies. (Note, never ever try to pet wild cats)
  10. I was gonna say Fallout! :D I love those games to death!
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