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  1. Oh... my. Uh, I hope she doesn't conform to the GLaDOS-Chell thing.
  2. Holly is starting to remind me of GLaDOS. .__.
  3. Oh my god, that might be the sweetest thing ever.
  4. Makes me wonder, when Holly said she was practicing all week to be ready for your surprise, what was she practicing on?
  5. I don't think it would harm them really, if anything, I think it might benefit Chell (maybe she'll learn a bit faster under Holly's "wing"?). If she can't talk to you in the first place (and she understands that), then I don't think she'll be mad about it, because it cannot be done for now. Just my thoughts.
  6. >Lyra is trying to tell me a bunch of stuff That made me sad. But it's also really interesting: it provides a different perspective to the "teaching your tulpa how to talk", as with this case at least, Holly pretty much knew how to talk then to my understanding, but couldn't get the message across.
  7. If Fillyfooler doesn't know what you do when he's not there, then what do you do when Filly's not around? What's the most interesting thing you've read in Filly's "library" (I hope this isn't compromising (too personal))? If you can remember, what were some of your thoughts when you were first "brought into life"?