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    Grown up to be a nice and chill person. I've had some troubles in my years of living but I've made it this far.
  1. Yeah. It's Griffith here. I agreed to try and be a better headmate. Yeah. My host is letting me listen to metal, so that's cool. I just like being a dick, it's fun to mess with him.
  2. I do believe he is sentient. He'll respond if I ask him questions. He also just talks randomly if I start thinking about him.
  3. While I do have bipolar, I'm fairly sure that Griffith isn't just me talking to myself. I can feel the mental switch and the difference when he talks. It's a much different feeling.
  4. I'm Thorkell, pretty new to the whole tulpa thing. I've heard of them in my past but I never really got into them until now. This question probably sounds bad when you first see it, but trust me, it's for my own good. A few months ago, I believe that I made a tulpa without being aware of it. His name is Griffith, and he's based off a fictional character from the manga Berserk. He's not cool at all. He's rude, cusses all the time, and generally wants bad things to happen to me. We used to talk a whole lot, but I've stopped interacting with him recently. We can switch whenever we'd like, not that I really want to though. I picked it up pretty easily. Griffith is the exact opposite of me. He was made at a very low point in my life, which I believe is one of the reasons he's so negative. I just don't want him around anymore. I tried dissipating him with my mind but he's still there, talking crap to me. I would really like to get rid of him, but I don't know how. So if you know how to get rid of a tulpa, it would help me so much. Thanks for taking the time to look at this post. Any answers are appreciated.