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  1. Sorry to dissapoint you, Doc Thompson, i'm TheGermanSnob on YouTube. I did a Let's Play of Pony Platforming Project once before i moved on to other, more substantial games.
  2. Somehow i managed to never run into anyone who has a tulpa. Wacky, isn't it? I'm not too big on community meetups either, to be perfectly honest. I mean, i'm sure you're all very lovely people but this community is neither big nor diverse enough to make a meetup interesting. I mean, what could we possibly talk about that we can't talk about right here in this forum?
  3. Yeah... Slowpoke sounds about right. I've been doing it since September now and our progress is slow. She's... kinda vocal but her voice is not very distinct yet. Imposition is still pretty far away for us.
  4. The simple answer: To see if it works. The more honest answer: My girlfriend left me and i didn't want to be alone.
  5. Can you also write a song called "Ode to a big concrete sticky outy bit"? So are humans.
  6. That's the picture i based her appearance on. She deviated slightly... she has a shorter and more catlike tail, usually wears a black T-Shirt and blue Jeans and her fur is a slightly darker shade of gray.
  7. I think i might have skipped Step 1.
  8. At least as far as i can tell imaginary friends and tulpas are different. An imaginary friend is, i guess, more of a servitor... you still have to consciously control what he does.
  9. Making Tuppers mainstream is a nice thought but it's most likely not gonna happen. Even when we finally get some actual science done it's still going to be a niche-thing. And i can only repeat that it's going to be hard to convince people that tulpas are more than just childish imaginary friends as long as most of them look like magical pastel-colored cartoonponies.
  10. I wouldn't mind doing the narration. I don't want to brag but i think i have a pretty good voice for this kind of thing. I once did an audioguide for visualization.
  11. 's far as i know the supernatural is far more ingrained in russian culture than it is in western culture. Shamanism and similar things are still pretty popular there.
  12. I'd go with videogame character. On topic: I'm a Brony and yes, i found out about tulpas on /mlp/. Not making a pony tuloa though. Being a fan of My little Pony was never a lifestyle thing for me, you know?
  13. Actually, yes, you totally could. And i think something like that could be genuinely funny and heartwarming. I'd watch it.
  14. No sir, i'm straight edge... we are gonna do this the hard way. What's your favourite movie?