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  1. But that's the thing. I'm not really good at interpreting abstract symbols/representations which aren't logically defined, or, by extension, obvious for that matter...
  2. I'll elaborate a bit more: Several months ago, I created a fairly simple wonderland, a small, trailer-sized house akin to those in AZ, in a superflat desert, with casual kitchen, dining, and living rooms, 2 bedrooms, one for me, one for my Tulpa, Cheetah, a "classroom" so that, when I am able to visit the WL properly (as I can only visually visit it so far) we can study things like Math, or writing for school IRL, a "bathroom" so we could "wash" the stresses of the day away, and an MLP room, as I am a Brony. Looking back, I'm not really sure why I even considered an MLP room, as it serves no symbolic purpose, other than "I'm a Brony", but anyway, a few days after I created the wonderland, because my grades in college were slipping, my parents threatened to stop taking me to the bus stop needed to get to school, effectively dropping me out. My response to this was violently destroying the MLP room, as, again, it served no real importance, and I felt it held me back. After the dust had cleared, a black, 2-shelf filing cabinet with a small gold key appeared in its wake. I have yet to "unlock" and, by extension, open this filing cabinet, because I want to wait until I can visit the WL with all of my senses, for I fear that if I open it too soon, I might negatively affect what may be inside, and the idea still nags at me. Does anyone have any ideas of what it may symbolize, and/or what might be inside it?
  3. Like many communities and fanbases do, I want to see your favorite song(s) with "Tulpafied" lyrics, replacing some parts with Tulpamancy terms, such as "Forcing", "Tulpa", "Host", "Switch", "Impose", etc..., etc... It doesn't have to be a whole song if you don't feel like it, or can't find a way to make the whole song work. For example: Adele's song "Hello": "Hello from the outside! I must have said a thousand times, I tell you 'I'm sorry for forgetting to force'..." We just thought it would be interesting to see what you all can come up with! ;-P
  4. OK, I would like a turntable of my Tulpa, Cheetah, please... Reference here: You can keep the default model pose if you want (i.e. arms stretched to the side, legs spread a bit, etc...) Also, something the original artist forgot (I don't blame them btw) he has eight whiskers on his snout, and has a dimple on his right cheekbone when he smiles... EDIT: On Second thought, could you do a Vitruvian Turntable of Cheetah, That would Really help! Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Also, I had someone else make a simpler picture of Cheetah just by himself. I'll PM it to you for reference! Hope it's not too late in case you may be >50% done with it...
  6. XD I died! We're ghosts now... XP >Slenderman Tulpa >Purely for the sake of Wonderland sex >Wonderland Sex The fuck?!
  7. I believe they do. Because, think about it: now, correct me if i'm wrong, but most times both hosts And Tulpae report that being active, and forcing, possession, etc... takes energy out of them, dep. on the host, tulpa, and activity, so the only way to get that "Stay active, Stay alert" energy back is by sleeping! Also I think it's a good way to keep one's sanity as well! ;D
  8. I would just go to a YouTube video of the song with the lyrics in the description, and play it until I actually know the song, so if it pops up in my head again, I can actually Finish It! XD
  9. Well, when you think about it, going in blindly, he raised his tulpa in a negative environment, with lots of negative stimuli (e.g. the "discordant, ugly and unsettling,... music, punctuated with shrieks, feedback loops, what sounded like an old school modem dialing up, and guttural voices speaking some foreign language...", being locked in a room with people watching for Six hours a day, secluding himself from family, friends, and society in general, etc., etc…) So it only makes sense that the Tulpa came out with a negative personality… But that's just my two sense… :/
  10. Also Broken OP link is Broken... JSYK... EDIT: every episode except... your most recent one... Wow... Why Not YouTube?! I don't even...! Like... What...?! XD
  11. @Vosaiu I'm sorry if I got your gender wrong, this being the internet and all, #1, #2 I was asking for your tips, knowledge, and/or personal experience on the subject. And #3:
  12. @jean-luc I am one of Vosaiu's mentees supposedly. I saw the mentorship program on reddit and thought it was a great idea, so I signed up. But from what I've noticed, and read from, they don't really teach you anything or directly work with you like an actual Mentor should. They just answer questions you may have, and even that's not enough! For Example, I asked Vosaiu if He had any tips on visualization, and he redirected me to someone Else's guide! So I'd say it's not going well, but that's just me, so... :/
  13. Oh! Nonono! XD! I got the link to the DA page just fine! It's just that, in the thread, when I said I "couldn't find the proper clip" I meant that I was trying to find a YouTube video which had the Spongebob reference I was making. You know, in the episode "Artist Unknown" the Art Collector looks at the sculpture Spongebob made, which is basically Michaelangelo's David, and says how amazing all the features are, including a seashell over the private area, to which the collector says "Amazing Censorship!" So I think I should have clarified that in the first place, like "Obvious Spongebob reference is Obvious" or something like that. XD
  14. XD (I can't find the proper clip! XD) "Excellent Censorship!!" XD