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  1. Vosaiu, prepare for the ride of your life! My all-time favorite game is Tales of Symphonia. Great story, memorable characters, the most "ADVENTURE, GUYS" soundtrack I've ever heard, and beautiful places make this a great game. I've played it through many times and am not at all ashamed that I can recite the opening cutscene by heart. For 100%-ers, some side quests can't be done until your second play through on the same file or later, so that and the depth and layers of the story (early in the game, Yuan, one character, says Lloyd, the main character, resembles something or someone. That ai
  2. I listened to MrCreepyPasta read a creepypasta based on tulpas and Aelita began to take form as I listened. I decided to look up whether tulpas were actually "a thing" (spoiler alert: yes obviously) and tulpa.info was the second result. Then I began purposefully forming Aelita and here we are now.
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    bobbiedot95. I should still be showing up as Llywelyn-Aubrey
  4. This is Aelita. She only wears the giant jacket and leggings when she dances; more comfortable than her skirt for dance, she says, and I agree.
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