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    Tulpa Focus Group

    I'm interested too. Please send me the pm!
  2. Actually some consumer EEG devices are very cheap. I wouldn't be surprised if someone in the community has one.
  3. What you're saying is: when something reminds you of your tulpa, do you start working on them? stevie how the hell did you even get that from the question like seriously. my interpretation is that she is asking if having your tulpa be a mystical entity, like a god or demon (or at least their 'base' being that) will affect you. maybe. (and how does it affect your belief system / religion) honestly op i think it might be more understandable if you write in your first language and then use google translate. not meaning to insult you though. also its pretty interesting how you saw your tulpa in astral travel.
  4. where is the second thread?
  5. btw hosts if you want a 3d model you can also use makehuman. it lets you customize a lot, like breast size, firmness, pointiness, volume, nipple size, and nipple point! I really love it! btw use blender to render it the makehuman renders look like fucking shit
  6. Your post is too hard to understand. I don't know what you mean by "process visualization" and "visualizing the results". I will try my best, however. The way I see it, you might use "process visualization" to visualize yourself cooking an egg. "Visualizing the results" would be used to see the final product, the fully cooked egg. I also don't know what you mean by "different effects on me" or "divide those two while visualizing". I would elaborate more if you want people to reply to your post.