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  1. It was one of Chi's first words: ball bath (I also don't know why, but it's funny :P)
  2. Chi's first word was a quiet "yes".
  3. I had an idea but don't know if it is good. I want to visualize my tulpa all the time, while I'm not distracted or when I have to do other things. We just want to reach our destination faster.
  4. My tulpa is now about 9 months old. He's looking forward to his Birthday on 20th of September. [i want cookies!!] yeah, you can have some cookies then. ^^ We'll celebrate with candles and maybe a present. I don't know what - I'm still looking for. But I think the party will be awesome. :)
  5. Because of the instrusive thoughts I have. I also wrote a thread about this. But slowly it gets better with the trust. And I hope one day it's perfect.
  6. Well, I think it's the first one and the second one, too. The problem is... I sometimes think Chi is evil, and when I think so, I often see offensive gesture when I vizualize. But Chi always says that he doesn't do something like this. And normally I believe in it. But sometimes not :/ The second one could hold true, too. Because I often feel still overwhelmed with my situation. And I know, I should be more relaxed, but... It's difficult ^^'.
  7. So, I have the feel that imposition is getting worse. Someone experience with this, or a statement? I don't know how I should progress now. Info: I was just taking a break (two days) at vizualisation.
  8. Hello guys and tulpas! This is some 'little' update to my old progress report "Chi and Ly". As always, I can't speak English very well, but I will do my best. :) The beginning of this story is on the September 2015, the 20th. On this day I've created Chi. This was my first tulpa. He looked like a cute young cheetah with dark red eyes and a long, fluffy tail. Chi and I had a lot of fun, and in this great time we've collected experience in tulpamancy - how we have to force, what's important for vizualisation and imposition. And we get best friends. Already, about after 2 weeks, I could see him: a white, transparent thing, a kind of.. snowball. But no matter. Sometimes, before he began to speak, I could hear some noises: Cheetah-like noises... And after a short time, he began to speak. His first words were modest. But hey, this was a good start for us (I think he's first word was a "yes", btw). And then, from the words were full sentences. Today, imposition works much better than earlier. But in the first months I felt a bit overwhelmed with this. Now, I can see his body, and slowly it gets better and better. :3 even with the face :D 8 months later, I've created a snow leopard called Yuki. She selected this name, because her old name - Lia - wasn't the best name, she said. Yuki is japanese and means "snow". Yuki was shy. Especially shy in front of me. But I really liked her. She was my tulpa after all. Also when she liked Chi more than me. But: today, we are good friends, and it gets better, too. As it turned out, Yuki was a little flower freak. And she loved the peace and the happiness. However, Chi was a little more 'heatedly'. Well, every tulpa's different to others. ;) Strange was the fact that Yuki was immediately vocal. Her first word was "Hi!", followed by " "oh, I see", after she asked Chi or me something. She was very inquisitive, like Chi at the beginning... On 2nd May, Shadow was born; a big, black jaguar with a deep voice, but as good-natured as Chi and Yuki. He loves climbing, running and talking with us. And he wished peace for this world, like Yuki and me. Chi too, but he doesn't really deal with it. Well, and then (this was at the beginning) Chi and Shadow had a little fight, because Chi wasn't really happy about Shadow. He meant that a 3rd Tulpa was a bit too much. Now it works better. They aren't best friends, but hey, we will make it, I'm sure. That's all for today. See you later! :D
  9. So, how long? And who can see his/her tulpa perfectly? I'm not very good at imposition yet, but slowly it gets better ^^ I can already see a few body parts, sometimes.
  10. Good luck with your tulpa. And hey, I'm from Germany, too! :D
  11. So, sometimes my tups say something, for example, Chi says "I'm angry with you" and then after a short time "I never said something like this." What is that? Someone experience with this?
  12. Hello, it's me again. The thing is the following: I can see my tup for only a few seconds, usually one second. Someone an idea why or an advice how I can change this?
  13. I know, it's a silly question, but the thing is: i created a second tulpa - a snow Leopard called Lia - yesterday which was able to speak after a short time... I was confused O.o but Chi said, he can feel her presence and "she's here". What do you think?
  14. At the beginning of forcing, Chi visited me 2 times in my dreams. I think he just wanted to say "hello, I'm your tulpa!" or so :D
  15. Hey guys, I'd like to ask which games are the best to improve the independent thinking of my tulpa, because my tup's individual initiative isn't very well yet. thank you in anticipation :)