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  1. Alright I guess this makes sense... So basically I should make traits and basic form.
  2. How would I figure out that disassociation though? I don't know really how it's supposed to feel.
  3. I suppose so but it's hard to wrap my head around the concept that my tulpa can and will change.
  4. I just don't want my tulpa to be in a form or have a personality she hates. I don't want her to feel like I'm restricting her.... So I guess at least I got to make a base then, right? Its just when it comes to form I can't shake the belief that it's permanent maybe because I know I can't change my own.
  5. Well I'm lazy I will admit, my mind almost never seems to be clear even when I try to meditate it's like my thought processes are.... Well if my brain was a computer lets just say it feels like I'm using max memory and cpu at the same time nearly all the time. I get sidetracked because it's easier for my brain to handle things that don't require effort which I really hate. I should also mention that I also have two very strong addictions. A small Part of the reason I'm trying to create a tulpa is to try and help me with those addictions. I tried a bunch of different things from parroting to meditative forcing and more. I wanted to create a unique tulpa so I didn't want to give her a form or personality so she could decide what she wanted. I guess I understand what you are saying but how do I change my mindset? I really want to create a tulpa but I just don't know how even after reading countless guides. I don't know, I guess I am used to a "one true path" mindset and with all these guides it throws me off.
  6. Okay like the title says I'm despairing and desperate to find out why none of my tulpaforcing efforts seem to work. I suppose I am too blame because I get sidetracked occassionally but I always return however I never get a response. No strange feelings or foreign presence. What am I doing wrong? I really want to make my tulpa but the more I try and the more I fail the more I think maybe im one of the few cases of people that can't make a tulpa and it's really messing with me. Basically can anyone help me? Is there anyone with a similar experience?
  7. I uh... I tried that. Woke up 5 min ago x.x I really am bad at the while meditation stuff. It just knocks me out lol
  8. When I do get distracted though it becomes harder to refocus. I will admit I tried meditative tulpaforcing and I um... Kinda fall asleep with that. I wake up a few hours later and find I'm not sitting anymore. My neck hurts too.
  9. This may be odd to ask but I was wondering if anyone could help me to construct a sort of guide to help me make my tulpa. A sort of step by step process. Bare with me here I have to explain some things... First, I would like to have an organic tulpa. What I mean by this is, I want my tulpa to decide their personality and form. I would like it to be influenced by the world around it, not by me forcing it into something. If that makes sense. Second, I am a very unfocused person. Its easier for me to do mindnumbing activities then to do things like tulpaforce. Its not laziness, it's just really hard for me to pay attention unless I'm actively doing something. I've caught myself countless times when trying to force, id be thinking of other things. I wouldn't be forcing anymore, I constantly drift into stray thoughts unintentionally. I believe I may have an attention disorder actually. Also I have a phobia that also makes it hard to force, sedatephobia, fear of silence. I always need some sort of sound or I vet really paranoid. However when I try to force with the sound, I get distracted. Anyone have a guide they can point me to or do you think You can help me and my crazy brain?
  10. Okay so basically I've been trying to make my tulpa for about two years now with, well, not much success. Lack of being able to focus most likely. However, I am an art major and a thought occured to me. Could I make a tulpa using the same process as when I draw/create a character? For example I've been wanting my tulpa to choose their own form that they are happy with but I want a placeholder form that I can interact with and maybe use to develop their final form. What about using the standard figure outline as a base form for my tulpa. Its something I work with every time I draw, it's a bunch of simple shapes, and it can later be used to make more complex forms. I'm just not sure if that is a good idea. Heck I'm not even certain on the tulpa creation process or what I'm supposed to feel in my head. Does this even sound like something that would work?
  11. Easy. Listen to a new song. That's how I get rid of it.... Temporarily. Or compile a large list of songs. Mine is over 1000 songs from hundreds of artists. Just switch between them and you generally shouldn't get hung up on one. Variety is the spice of life and with so many spices to try, who can get stuck on just one? :D
  12. That sounds interesting. Did it work with your tulpa though?
  13. Alright but are there any tricks for me not to get easily distracted?
  14. Okay I guess, but that involves visualization, right? I can visualize pretty well but my attention span is very short and I get distracted.
  15. I know this might be in the guide's section but my search thingy isn't working for some reason. I've read that a tulpa's voice can be heard as a hallucination instead of mindvoice. I was wondering how I would go about doing it with a supposed nonvocal tulpa? I say supposed nonvocal because I'm not sure if she's been trying to talk to me and I've just been dismissing it as wishful thinking on my part. I thought if I could somehow get my tulpa to where I can auditorially hallucinate her voice it might work better to distinguish our voices. If that's not a good idea then can you tell me how to distinguish more easily between my mind voice and my tulpas?
  16. I'm still not understanding entirely. I know what the essence is just not what it feels like when talking to it.
  17. What's the essence of a tulpa supposed to feel like? I have no clue what to focus on.
  18. Okay so I thought I had this down but I'm questioning myself about this and so I will ask you. How do i direct what I'm saying/thinking to my tulpa? Like how is it supposed to feel? Am I supposed to focus on a part in my head or what? Please give me as much detail as possible. I feel like I may have just been rambling off thoughts this entire time without directing them to my tupper.
  19. Well there are two more problems. I have Sedatephobia which is the fear of silence. 2nd problem is meditation music puts me to sleep no matter how hard I try lol
  20. I'm not even sure I am meditating when I try lol. I was talking about you, hope you didn't mind. X.x also I am struggling with communication myself.
  21. Okay so I was wondering if I could use basic possession. Like moving my hand. As a way to dispel doubt and begin communication with my tulpa. I read someone else did this and I thought it was a good idea. However my question is, is it a good idea and how would I do it with a nonvocal tulpa?