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  1. Today was the first day I forced on my tulpa's (Chrysalis') personality. What I started off doing was picking a trait from a list, such as happiness, and telling my tulpa that it has this particular trait as well as why it's there. Also, I explained some areas where it may be more prominent, and how it reflects hobbies and interests (among other things). During my personality forcing session today, I only expected to feel head pressure, if anything. However, unexpected daydreams kept popping into my mind, including several of a woman smiling and dancing around. I'm very tempted to believe the woman was Chrysalis, which is odd cause I haven't actively forced on her visually. I HAVE, however, pictured what she might look like during passive forcing throughout the day. After a while of seeing these random images, I began to associate Chrysalis with them. For example, I saw two people arguing and told her that her happiness might make her less likely to fight about petty things. Immediately after, the woman reappeared and smiled with a nod, followed by a brief pause of nothing, and finally restarting with a new random image/scene. If I'd try to associate an image with her unsuccessfully, she'd just smile slightly and wait for me to make another statement. Has anyone forced their tulpa's personality like this? I've tried to read through a few guides about shaping a personality but I don't recall seeing anything about connecting characteristics to images. It's pretty fascinating though, so for now we'll keep using this method!