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    Hello! I'm the host, Matthew, and I'm just a guy from New Jersey who likes cartoons, anime and what not. I refer to my tulpae as "the collective" and that includes Ryou, Mal, Baku and Marik.

    Ryou is the oldest and the closest to me. He's a big nerd and we watch anime together haha

    Mal is the second oldest and kind of like the mom friend in the collective. We're currently working on possession!

    Baku is like your annoying shitty friend you have to love. I can always do crazy stuff with him lol

    Marik is real stand offish but he has a good heart. He doesn't really talk but that's just how he is.
  1. I'm really excited to say one of my tulpae and I achieved some minor possession!! It was weird and I didn't even notice it was really happening at first haha So I was doing a tarot card reading for myself to get some advice and my one tulpae, Marik, wanted to do it as well so I was like "yeah okay let's do it together" and he started to control my hand! From what I've read on here, it seems similar to other's experience with possession. My (our?) hand was shaking and it took a while to finish my reading but it was super cool and we were both really excited. Hopefully me and him will get more done soon!! I know my other tulpa Ryou was a little jealous lol for some reason even though I'm closer with him, we just haven't connected on a possession level yet. But it's a lot easier to hear him talk to me so I guess they have their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Well, the first time I heard of a tulpa was by a creepypasta by the same name but I didn't think much of it. I actually created my tulpae by accident out of loneliness and one day it just hit me that that's what their existence was! So from their I just went googling and found this site.
  3. My tulpa Ryou is definitely neutral good while I'm lawful neutral haha