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  1. I've been in this community longer than many of you can say so I have some different ideas about things sometimes compared to others. What I want this thread to be about is what the reality of switching and permaswitching is and your opinions on it. There needs not be war. just friendly discussion.
  2. I agree to move it for General Discussion.
  3. You sort of just agreed with everyone in the thread. The thing is, we're trying to NOT make this a sexist community. No one is special because everyone is special. You're welcome to make whatever thread you like in the off topic board, but having a specific board for females or males or anything in between is absolutely ridiculous.
  4. If there's no male subforum, there should be no female one. simple as that.
  5. No, stop being sexist. If you want to talk about your vaginal discharge or your nipples swelling, or your period, go talk to a forum for that. Half of the girls here have dicks anyway.
  6. Disapproved since the guides section has been fixed.
  7. Definitely approved for the new members section.
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