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  1. I've been in this community longer than many of you can say so I have some different ideas about things sometimes compared to others. What I want this thread to be about is what the reality of switching and permaswitching is and your opinions on it. There needs not be war. just friendly discussion.
  2. I can't say anything that hasn't been said by everyone else. 1. this is not a switching guide. 2. you're kind of shitting on other guides. 3. it's a "just do it" I must Disapprove.
  3. I vote to put it into the tips section, after a short discussion with another member I thought people did this already without needing to know how. I've been doing this from the start.
  4. Approved for guides, I like this idea even if I have no trouble doing this anymore.
  5. Disapproved if Irish doesn't show up to format and fix. Also this information is easily found in other guides I believe.
  6. I agree to move it for General Discussion.
  7. Disapproved for me. it propagates a correct way and an incorrect way to do things and I don't like that.
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