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  1. Hey, been lurking here for some months now but just now decided to create an account. So I've been at this for quite some time now, and I thínk we may have reached a sort of yes/no communication with my tulpa giving me some sort of chills on the right side of my body (or face). Also sometimes when I'm narrating I get chills that're usually on my back. I'm quite sure that its my tulpa doing these chills, because I certainly haven't had this many chills before I discovered this stuff. And the last time we had a little 'session' (a couple of days ago) where my tulpa managed to answer my questions went like this: I was just listening to some music and decided to ask if she'd liked it, and I got a "no" answer, then I asked if that was her answering and I got a "yes". Then I told her that it was amazing and got a "yes" again. And then I couldn't get anything else. So I guess I can be pretty sure that it's actually her? But we've only had 2 'sessions' I guess where my tulpa has actually answered my questions, so my question I guess is to you folks who have/had similar yes/no communication with your tulpas. How could we progress with this? How could I get more answers from her and more often?