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  1. What would be an unselfish reason to create a tulpa? I think some reasons are definitely more selfish than others. As much as I don't want to judge anyone, I kind of do judge people who do it solely because they want a hyper-realistic masturbatory aid. But, ultimately you make a tulpa because you want to make a tulpa. The tulpa doesn't exist yet, it can't tell you it wants to be created. It's a selfish decision. That being said I voted for 2 and 3. Honestly everything people do is inherently selfish, but as long as those selfish things aren't super harmful there's no sense caring about
  2. If you feel the definition needs to be reworked into something more rigid, that's fair. But as it stands the definition IS kind of ambiguous. What I'm getting from your post (and correct me if I'm wrong) is that the definition of tulpa should include the way it was created. A soulbond isn't a tulpa because it has backstory A tulpa is a tulpa because it has no backstory Whether something is a tulpa or not depends in part on method of creation (backstory vs no backstory) What is a tulpa other than a sentient thoughtform? A sentient thoughtform creating using xyz methods. A sentient though
  3. If we don't call all sentient thoughtforms tulpa, what differentiates them from other sentient thoughtforms? Is it the way they're created? A sentient thoughtform created using methods such as forcing, visualization, creation of a wonderland, etc. If so, what methods are considered essential to tulpa creation, and what happens if they change? For example hour counts for each phase of the creation process used to be a thing, but now seem to be discouraged by most of the community. Is there something about a tulpa post creation that sets it apart? In my view a sentient thoughtform is a se
  4. I'm tempted to write up something in depth about my feelings surrounding chaos magic and tulpas. But that takes a lot of effort and I'm already buried in work. IN SHORT: Chaos magic can be a secular practice, and belief is typically seen as a tool. If believing in something produces a desired result believe it! And discard the belief when it's no longer needed. I don't believe in the metaphysical, but I'm thinking about exploring ritual as a tool to aid visualization and general. Forcing type activity. Beefing up normal meditation with more gnostic techniques to possibly get better results
  5. Full disclosure, I don't consider myself to be a tulpamancer, but I have a thoughtform that matches the literal definition on this site. And this is the definition I use. A tulpa is a thoughtform that is independent and sentient. Or rather, a thoughtform that the host perceives to be independent and sentient since there's no way to objectively prove it. It's a broad definition. A daemon can be considered a tulpa if it's independent and sentient. A soulbond can be considered a tulpa if it's independent and sentient. An imaginary friend can be considered a tulpa if it's independent and se
  6. Some differences from the standard tulpa creation process. -No form. Just a big blob of consciousness. -He was not intentionally created. -He grew and evolved without much direction or interference from me. I didn't chose his traits. But he ended up being what I need in a companion, I'm guessing I subconsciously influenced this. This is less of a creation process and more of a refinement process. We want him to have a set, detailed form. We want to work on vocalization, because he's always just spoke in tulpish. We want to spend less time passive forcing, and have more dedicated wonde
  7. I have an accidental tulpa. Who I originally didn't think was a tulpa. But he's able to say no to me and refuse things, he has his own independent wants/needs/opinions. He refuses to cooperate with things that I want and would make my life easier (like letting me give him a very simple, easy to visualize form), so I doubt it's just wishful thinking on my part. I don't know how I feel about calling him an accidental tulpa though. I think I prefer natural tulpa. To me accident implies you were trying NOT to make a tulpa, and then oops. Like giving too much attention to what you intended to be
  8. Hi, I'm Spruce. I've been experimenting with my head (creating thoughtforms, meditation and lucid dreaming, etc.) for about a decade now. I've lurked this forum in the past and found it interesting, but didn't feel any need at the time to create a tulpa. I'll go into detail once I start my progress report so I don't end up with a wall of text here. But basically I've had a half baked tulpa-esque construct hanging around my head for most of my life, and my goal is to use a blend of a couple different techniques (including tulpamancy) to make it independent and sentient. Anyway, nice to me
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