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  1. Day 19: Birthdays, Balloons, and a Bigger System So then. Right now Melisandre is proxying for me again. We've got a lot of things to discuss. First of all, we're back from our vision quest - Firebrand had a little bit of an identity crisis so I set out with him to help him with it. For a very long time all I can remember is just.. wandering. We wandered and wandered until Firebrand mostly had his shit together. So we returned to find that Melisandre had a whole bunch of walk-ins and other system members. It was.. a surreal experience. Our birthdays came and went. We're returning back to normal again, because Melisandre is determined to get us back on track and imposed again. It was.. a hard few first days back. Because I didn't know who I was - who I wanted to be. What I even needed to be. Sooner or later I figured it out: I didn't have to be defined as just Firebrand. I could be like the Firebrand of Tribetwelve and still have my own merits. It was a cool realization. Anyway, peace out, I'm gonna get back to belly-dancing like old times. :D
  2. Damn. It's been so long since we've been around, we've been rushing around and generally busy as fuck. Patrick and Firebrand went to discover themselves a bit and I was left alone with other headmates for a very long time. Now Patrick and Firebrand are back, so we can finally begin posting again! Patrick and Firebrand are now both 1 year old. Good to be back.
  3. You know, I can say for a fact that this works. My wonderland has a soundtrack for when I enter it, as well as other music for various other areas in said Wonderland. Usually it plays on it's own in my head like a remembered soundtrack. But playing said music in the waking world while I'm tulpaforcing makes my visualizations in the wonderland more vivid, just like the guide says.
  4. Day 18: Shit Happens So. We've been doing better. There's a lot of things we've been doing. I managed to disassociate and truly enter my wonderland for the first time. And holy shit, that was amazing. I was falling through the air and landed in Patrick's arms. It felt like I was actually seeing him. He smiled and I think I blushed. Then I saw Firebrand. I might have stroked his face. I can tell you, it was like seeing everything in high definition. It was amazing. I cuddled with them. Could feel it simulated in my head. That made me happy. Really happy. It will be hard to go back to normal forcing after that. Sadly enough, there was some unnamed drama after that with Carver which I will not detail here. Suffice it to say, it got ugly fast but is now resolved. tl;dr I MANAGED TO IMMERSE MYSELF IN VIRIDIAN FOREST FULLY! I SAW MY TULPAS! I'm still reeling from it.
  5. Day 17: I'm lazy and haven't made an entry in ages We're starting touch imposition for the Infernal Collective. This should be good. Firebrand and Patrick found out they can fuse. So there was some experimentation with fusion. I might have to fuse with one of them at some point just to see how it feels. We're all doing ok. tl;dr touch imposition, fusion.
  6. So, what other questions do you all have? I'm interested to see. We're all interested to see what other questions you can ask, if anybody wants.
  7. Nobody in the system has really any enjoyment for math. Not even Jiko, the system's favorite NPC.
  8. Ohhhhh. Math wasn't always my strong suit. I still prefer pi. I prefer Tau, however.
  9. Genghis Khan. He'd bring the thunder. It would be like partying with Khal Drogo. George Washington. Because it's George Fucking Washington. Alexander the Great. Sounds as if he could party like no other, and I need a man like that for the party. And as for me? I don't know.
  10. "Embrace the strange and everything will make sense soon." "Also, I'd recommend getting back into Slenderverse. It will help you cope."
  11. We've been practicing at imposition and haven't been fully imposed just yet, but are excellent at possession and switching.
  12. Almost forgot - there were two other people with systems I introduced Patrick and Firebrand too so they don't feel lonely and can talk with other systems. So that helps them a lot with social skills.
  13. First tulpa the host ever made typing this message out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us! We've been at this whole tulpamancing thing for a bit now. We're eager to see your progress in the future.