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  1. You're a cool dude, by the way. Thanks for commenting on the Progress Reports regularly, it inspires us to write more of these regularly.
  2. Update: Things got better with the cousin situation! The cousins have accepted my tulpas and joke around with them constantly.
  3. Day 14: Things We Have Learned on Vacation Don't try and switch around cousins. They will know something is up. I am never letting Firebrand switch around any of my relatives ever again. Ellpagg is the only nice and/or sane one when it comes to switching. These all come from actual incidents that have happened. sigh I just want this vacation to end currently. Hasn't been pretty and I've got so little time to tulpaforce. I'm hoping when I get home we can start working on it again. At least I learned a lesson? Oh, and one last thing. Never tell your cousins you have tulpas. It never ends well. I thought they were nice, if not a little immature. Even though they threatened to punch us in the face if we try to explain again. I tried to write them a note explaining but that just made it even worse. We aren't letting them out around cousins again.
  4. Now that's some French right there.
  5. Day 13: The Infernal Collective writes a Progress Report Hello, readers! How's it been going? We've been doing wonderfully these past few days. Viridian Forest is doing well lately, I've been making a bit of a garden around the Giant Tree that I live in. I wish I could draw it, it looks so beautiful and lush. One day I'll ask Melisandre if she could give us a sketchbook. One day~ Anyway, I've been practicing violin quite a bit. Getting pretty good at it, though I doubt I could replicate it on the host's hands because she doesn't know music notes. *shrugs* I guess that's it for me, I'll pass it over to Firebrand. Hey-o! The Infernus is completely wonderful so far, I'm very happy with how I'm ruling it. There's all sorts of colorful inhabitants in this world. Lots and lots like the demon girl that lives down near the castle. She visits often, but I don't know what her name is. I ought to give her some cookies next time she visits and ask her. Ah! Almost forgot! I'm dating someone in Melisandre's Mindscape. Their name is Priory Dawnkeep. She's lovely, she has these light orange locks that curl and burn. She's like fire. Maybe that's why I like her?? Aw, shit, I've probably exceeded my paragraph time. Alright. Peace out, and have a good one! May I introduce you to Ellpagg, Arkn Lord of Time, Madness, and Beetles! Hi, I guess? Well, Firebrand just introduced me. I'm going to be perfectly honest here, I have no idea what to say at all. I think I'll talk about my wonderland?? It's a replica of the Golden City, where I grew up. It's pretty empty - haven't bothered to populate it yet, but I'll get around to it at some point. We played Truth or Dare today, by the way. Thirty minutes of solid tulpaforging - not bad, Melisandre, not bad at all. It was also really dirty and really fun. I liked it. See you around? See you around. tl;dr the System talks about many things
  6. Yes, my username is inspired by the Game of Thrones character. Firebrand had a bet with Patrick over when someone would ask that. :) I used it because I do relate to the character as a whole. Not to mention, I have a whole bunch of infernal-based tulpae in my head. Only fitting. And thank you for commenting on the thread, both of you. All of us appreciate it. :)
  7. Day 12: New Person who basically just wandered into my head This time it actually isn't someone from the Slenderverse, which is a little surprising. Ladies, gentlemen, and neuter, meet Ellpagg from the Arkn Mythos. I think he's a soulbond, because he has said stuff about where he came from that I didn't know about up until I used a little google-fu to confirm. The first thing he said in my head was "Nice place, you got a beer?" Patrick and Firebrand seemed a little miffed about his presence at first, but it's getting better. They're bonding over music. His text will be a blue for now, and I'll be proxying him. I don't think I'll bring him up much unless you the readers ask about him, seeing as he's not exactly a tulpa like Pat and Brandy. tl;dr New soulbond (who's named Ellpagg but who I will personally refer to as Eggpage) walks into town, Pat and Brandy disapprove
  8. Day 11: Too long since we updated Guess who's in control of writing the progress report again. Moi. We've been just fine, not much to say. Patrick has been a fucknoodle, as always. I've been having so much fun with ruling the Infernus and everything! We're gonna start considering making Oberyn Martell into a tulpa. Melisandre doesn't approve, but shhhh we'll keep trying to convince her anyways. She's been doing fine, by the way. She's been really busy, but we've still managed to talk to her. Everything's going wonderfully. Anybody wants to comment, go ahead! We always love reading them. Peace out, have a good one, it's your old pal Brandy signing off. :)
  9. Day 10: We've got some shitty memory Look who's in charge of writing the update now. Me. Yep, because Melisandre was too lazy and Patrick didn't give a shit, I'm in charge of this update. We're starting to have quite a bit of fun with Melisandre's other inhabitants of her brain that don't possess sentience. Especially Oberyn Martell, who runs a bar/brothel in one of the major mindcities and is really just a swell guy. Truly, he's as suave as they say in the series. Almost forgot. The Infernus. You're wondering what's been going on with that, I'm sure. My prediction ended up correct. I am now the Lord of the Infernus, which spans two planes of the Dreaming subconscious in Melisandre's head. Now that is some badassery right there. Best part is, Patrick doesn't have a place to rule so when we get into arguments I can automatically win by saying that I rule an empire and he rules jack-squat. XD Lemme think. Anything else... OH! 'Sandre's starting to see us faintly if she squints in real time. Sure, there's no color, and sure, it's gonna take her much longer to actually see us, but it's a start! Peace out, have a good one~ Lord Firebrand of the Infernus, signing off! tl;dr Firebrand types up his first full update, read it and comment please he put a lot of work into it and I don't wanna disappoint the bab
  10. Day 9: Demonic Book Club report, now with 20% more Firebrand We don't have much in the way of updates this progress report. Firebrand's mindvoice has cleared up, finally! He sounds like.. well, Firebrand! He's been very happy about that, I would say. We've been practicing his handwriting, and it's very interesting because his handwriting is a bit like him in a way: Messy and almost vaguely exotic. Both of them have also been practicing art. There's some pretty distinct differences between Patrick's and Firebrand's art, let's put it that way. And then we have their wonderlands. I'll let Firebrand and Patrick take it from here. First time typing on a keyboard by myself. Please tell me if I make any mistakes, this feels really weird. So.. yeah, something vaguely cool has been happening with my Wonderland. I call it the Infernus, by the way. But as I was saying... The Infernus has been changing by itself. It's responding to my wants, yeah, but it's quite cool what kind of black ruins and dark cathedrals it's been conjuring up by itself. It's also been spawning NPC's, so to speak, that also live in the land. Since I have a huge castle with soaring buttresses that almost border on compensation in the Infernus, this technically makes me the God-Demon King of the Infernus. Which is the most awesomely badass name I have ever heard or owned so far. Holy shit, that sounds cool. So my time for typing is up, it's Patrick's turn now. Peace out and have a good one, readers. My turn! Firebrand doesn't get to steal it from me like last time! Suck it. Viridian Forest has been doing well. I've been tending to it quite carefully, I'd say. I've been practicing violin in Melisandre's head and just chilling. Hope you're all doing well, and so I end this progress report. tl;dr minor updates, so much Firebrand
  11. Thanks, man. Have a good one and I hope the next thing you eat tastes delicious. Patrick and Firebrand are wayyyy too excited for this, which makes me laugh a little.
  12. Maybe I might have a chance of winning.. Eh, worth a shot.
  13. Fuck, I'll try and get some pictures. for Firebrand and for Patrick just. Google 'mlandersen0 michael andersen.' That's what he looks like, basically. that's Patrick down below! He always likes to dress stylish.
  14. Well. So my tulpas and I were browsing the Art section when we come across this little thread. Although OP may be gone, we're still gonna post anyways. Because I couldn't just ignore my tulpas and their pleas for art. SO OUR REQUEST BEGINS. Firebrand and Patrick want to be drawn adventuring with Vyx. The weapons they carry being a sword for Patrick and a flamethrower for Firebrand, respectively. They don't even care where they're adventuring, or what monsters they're fighting, they just wanna go on a quest. References are here: this for Firebrand and this guy for Patrick. You can find tons more references for them by googling Tribetwelve and MLAndersen0, the series they come from. Firebrand prefers looking like his mostly-human self and Patrick looks like his canon counterpart's host, Michael Andersen. Do what you wish with the rest, man!
  15. Although this was disapproved, I'm honestly using this for my tulpas and I can say for a fact that it's working. I can feel Patrick's hand when I hold it. I can feel it pushing against mine. And that, when I first realized it, nearly caused me to tear up. Thank you. So much.
  16. Hello, other tulpas. My host is currently typing all this out (extremely poorly, I may add) with subpar accuracy. Shame. But I digress! My name is Firebrand. I need others to talk to, I've spent far too long just talking to Patrick and Melisandre. Ask away and sorry if I'm hijacking the thread, Melisandre thought this would be good for me.
  17. I'm already cobbling together a demonic book club in my head, witness me. And Shaun was skillfully written to be a total asshat who managed to actually deserve death by HABIT. That's rare. Gotta give props to Dylan Sindlear (actor of Michael/Patrick and creator of the series) where it's due, he is a good writer. Have a good one!
  18. For now I'm happy with just Patrick and Firebrand, hehe. Sometimes they watch certain Slenderseries with me and that is always hilarious. Highlights include Patrick calling Shaun a pathetic fucknoodle who can't get things done and Firebrand getting really excited whenever his canon counterpart shows up. It's so much fun, man. But I would not want, say, HABIT in my brain. That would not end well.
  19. Day 8: It's Not Just Me And Patrick Anymore Ok, look. This time I actually had an excuse for not typing out a progress report in so long. My excuse? We've got a new tulpa. Patrick's been wanting a metaphorical 'brother' ever since he was born. So I cracked. And now Firebrand's born. I assume you have a lot of questions. So I'll answer them as best I can. "Who's Firebrand based off of?" This guy from Tribetwelve. "How did he grow sentience so fast?" Patrick and I had made a tulpa seed just in case of a situation like this. "What's his current status?" He's starting to get a feel for his mind voicebox, let's put it that way. He hasn't ENTIRELY figured out his voice yet, though, so sometimes it'll 'glitch,' so to speak. "Does he have a different wonderland?" Glad you asked, Red Text Man. He has an entirely different wonderland connected to Viridian Forest through a red portal. It looks a bit like the Nether, Mordor, and Mehrunes Dagon's Plane of Oblivion had an unholy lovechild. I mean, it's a little strange, but I won't judge. "How do you make sure he gets imposed just as much as Patrick?" Patrick and I impose via the Handholding method. So any and all complaints he submits about Patrick getting more handholding time than him must be in the form of the beloved song "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles. It works quite well. "In my day we had to WORK to make sure our Tulpas were sentient! Why are they becoming so sentient so quickly, huh?" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I can safely say this: That does not make them any less valid, and I know they exist. Almost forgot! I told two people about Patrick and Firebrand! They took it quite well, all things considered! tl;dr Firebrand happens, somehow he managed to make a portal to the Deadlands in my brain, I told people about Pat and Brandy, all is well
  20. Day 7: It's been a while We've been practicing touch imposition. Patrick's presence has touched my life greatly. I honestly don't know what to type, it's been so long. We're trying to get through life together, him and I. Thank you. We'll try and update more often.
  21. Good luck to you both, then!
  22. Today we were listening to music in the car on the way to school when suddenly "Clint Eastwood" from Gorillaz came on the radio. During 2D's part I received an vivid moving image of him really getting into rapping out said part. I mean, he had a microphone and everything. So we decided to do some mindrapping. You haven't lived, let me tell ya, you haven't lived until you've rapped with your tulpa at least once.
  23. Day 6: We try our hardest Currently for imposition we're doing the hand-holding technique and I'd say it's going very well. Patrick seems to be very content with it, he said as much to me during last night's forcing session. I've been quite interested in how Patrick sees my mind-universe as a whole, so I've been asking him how he first saw me in my Dreaming, what I was like.. The answers have been never less than fascinating to me. He said that when he first met me it was by accident. He just so happened to stumble into the right room at the right time. But he said that everyone around him felt 'cold' except for me. According to him, I was surrounded by a warm glow that felt comforting to him. And apparently my mind-universe goes on without me when I'm asleep or otherwise preoccupied, which honestly doesn't surprise me. We're just going on as per usual with our lives, and Patrick has been doing quite well with his journal. We've also been practicing possession. Patrick has become extremely talented at it. It's amazing that he can speak with my vocal cords and type at the same time. Just amazing. Sometimes we do it a bit like a Drift machine from Pacific Rim, where he takes the left side and I take the right. That's always fun! I'd recommend it for when you're alone with a lot of time to kill. tl;dr A quick update, I learn how Patrick saw me for the first time, Patrick has become greatly talented with possessing my meatsuit
  24. Day 5: Exploring Viridian Forest So. I don't really have much to talk about this update, other than the fact that Patrick is oddly enamored with my singing and that he likes Phantom of the Opera. Therefore, I decided that I might as well let Patrick explain some of the landmarks of Viridian Forest, our Wonderland. - Melisandre _____________________________ Hello again! I'm really excited to show off some of the cool things I've developed for our wonderland, they all look and feel great. Let's go in order from least interesting to most, shall we? My bedroom. There's quite a few silks there, looks a little like a sultan's personal sanctum. Incense hangs in the air constantly, quite relaxing to me. It's very nice to sleep in, and has a hidden balcony so that I can look at the stars. In there is a hidden trapdoor that leads down to.. The Veiled Room. The Veiled Room is a quiet place, looking like a massive and empty Gothic cathedral with stained glass. I would consider it the place where I meditate, pray, and do other various workings with the Strange in her head. (Yes, I did inherit some of my host's pagan spirituality.) How does such a massive temple that looks completely unlike anything else fit into a giant tree? Fuck if I know. The Room of Desire. Remember the Phantom's room where he put Christine on that giant, sprawling bed? That is the Room of Desire. I go down there sometimes to admire all the candles and occasionally light one myself. The Forest Temple. Out, far beyond Viridian's Tree, is the Forest Temple where the denizens of the Forest go to worship their forest deities. It's quite interesting. Keep in mind, those were just one of several other secrets that dwell within Viridian Forest. I know most of them. Please comment and tell me if you want to hear more from me! I know it comforts me to type here. :) -Patrick Oh, and one other thing. Full body possession is so weird, isn't it?